Motor car insurance is about protecting yourself from financial losses with regards to car accident or other such unfortunate events. However, people are not completely aware about the claim process works. You might be disappointed if you think that every damage to your car will be covered by your insurance company. Yes, they are there to support you during tough times but you have to follow a procedure in order to raise an auto insurance claim and receive the claim amount. Auto insurance claim inspection is an integral part of the insurance claim process for car.

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Read ahead to know important aspects of the car insurance claim process in motor car insurance. Let’s consider an example where your car is damaged in an accident.

1. Before the Accident

In order to raise an insurance claim for damages to your car, it is imperative to hold a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy. A basic Third-party Liability policy will not safeguard you against financial losses in case of damages to your car. Apart from this, you should have followed basic rules such as holding a valid driving license, driving without consuming any intoxicating substances, etc. Your claim won’t be entertained if it is found that you have not followed the law.

A Comprehensive Car Insurance policy is not only beneficial in case of damages to your car due to an accident, but also insures your car against perils such as calamities and car theft. Injuries to self are also covered. Moreover, you can also enhance your car’s insurance cover by purchasing relevant Add-ons. Auto insurance companies approve your claim based on the extent of your insurance policy.

2. At The Time Of Accident

Health concerns need to be addressed on priority in case of an accident. If you and others involved in the accident are not hurt, it is time to look into the damages to your car. Nowadays, almost every mobile phone has high-quality cameras. Click pictures and shoot a video covering the damages to your car. This is considered as crucial evidence by auto insurance companies while lodging a claim.

Inform your auto insurance company about the accident. They will most probably advise you to take the car to a garage if the vehicle is functional or send a claim inspector to the accident spot if it cannot be driven to the garage. Alternatively, they can also arrange for the damaged car to be towed to the garage. This garage can be a part of the insurance company’s network garage or your preferred garage.

3. After The Accident

The claim inspector will check your vehicle for damages. The verification for motor vehicle insurance claim process will include checking proper documentation and hearing out everyone’s side of the story. The inspector might ask you some questions regarding the accident. Make sure to answer them with complete honesty. Once the inspector has carried out the inspection process, a report will be sent to your insurance company based on which your claim shall be approved or rejected.

If it is rejected, you will be given an appropriate reason for the same. If it is approved, you shall receive the mentioned amount as compensation. The claim amount can be settled between the insurance company and the garage if the car is taken to their network garage. If you choose to take it to your preferred garage which is not a part of the insurance company’s network garage, then you have to get the repair amount reimbursed from the insurance company.

4. Claim Inspection

You have to coordinate with the inspector and not lose patience regarding your claim application. There is no point getting agitated about the inspector’s questions, it is their job to verify the documents and check the authenticity of the claim. Be supportive and you shall receive your claim amount sooner than later.

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