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Ford EcoSport Car Insurance

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Ford EcoSport Car Insurance

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Driving a car is usually a pleasant experience, especially if there’s no traffic and the road is scenic. However, there are certain responsibilities associated with it as well. Car insurance is one such responsibility. Insuring your vehicle with a car insurance policy is a legal requirement. Failing to do so can get you in trouble with the law. In case of damages to the car, you will have to pay from your pocket. All this can be avoided by opting for a Comprehensive Ford EcoSport Insurance Policy. Read ahead to know about Ford EcoSport insurance price, coverage, and other details. 

Why Choose Online Car Insurance for Ford EcoSport?
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Here’s why opting for online car insurance is a good choice as compared to the old-school way of buying insurance.

Buy Anytime
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With online insurance, you are not confined by time. As websites function 24x7, you can buy or renew car insurance online at your suitable time. Thus, there’s no need to seek appointments or visit insurance offices for insuring your vehicle.

Buy Easily
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Unlike a decade back where purchasing car insurance involved a lot of paperwork, things have changed in the current decade. For example, you just have to visit, share car details, pick a plan and make an online payment. Your car is insured!

Buy with Knowledge
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While buying car insurance online, you can browse through the features of the plan, compare car insurance with other plans, and make an informed choice. All inclusions and exclusions of the policy are in front of you so that you can buy with knowledge.

Types of Car Insurance Plans for Ford EcoSport
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The two basic types of car insurance plans for your Ford EcoSport are mentioned below. Note that Your Ford EcoSport insurance cost depends upon the chosen cover. Also, you can get a Ford EcoSport car insurance quote for free by visiting

Third-party Liability Car Insurance
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If you choose a third party insurance plan, the policy will cover you against liabilities arising due to injury/death to a third party or damage to their property via your car. This plan is a legal requirement and does not cover damages to your vehicle. The liability-only plan is a minimalistic policy.

Comprehensive Car Insurance
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If you choose this plan, the policy will cover you against third-party liabilities and Own Damage. This means your car will be insured against theft and damages due to fire, calamities, accidents, etc. You can also pick add-on covers with this plan. This plan will increase your Ford EcoSport Insurance price.

What’s Included in Ford EcoSport Car Insurance? (Inclusions)
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Here’s what’s a part of a Comprehensive Ford EcoSport Insurance Policy. Note that you are required to buy the Personal Accident Cover separately as it has been unbundled.

What’s not Included in Ford EcoSport Car Insurance? (Exclusions)
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The following points are a part of Ford EcoSport Insurance Policy’s exclusions.

Add-on Covers for Ford EcoSport
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You can opt for the following car insurance add-ons with the Comprehensive Plan to increase your SUV’s insurance coverage.

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Read ahead to know prominent reasons why you should buy Ford EcoSport insurance from ACKO.

Low Premium

Low Premium
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ACKO offers Comprehensive Car Insurance for your Ford EcoSport at an incredibly low premium without compromising on the offered coverage. Plus, you get to choose from a host of add-ons to increase the coverage.

Go Paperless

Zero Paperwork
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ACKO is a digital-first insurer and therefore offers a digital insurance experience. You do not need to fill offline forms and submit car-related documents to insure your car with ACKO. You can do so in a paperless manner via ACKO’s website/app.

Same Day Claim Settlement

Value-Added Services
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Car trouble? ACKO to the rescue! We offer free pick up and drop services (in select cities) to ensure you have a hassle-free car insurance claims experience. There’s an instant claim settlement process for minor claims as well.

ACKO’s Claim Process
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Here’s how you can raise a claim on ACKO’s website. You can also do so via ACKO’s app.

Step 1: Visit and log in to your account using OTP verification.

Step 2: Share details about your car insurance claim after clicking ‘Claim Now’.

Step 3: Follow the stated process for a zero-trouble claims process.

Frequently Asked Question
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Common queries about Ford EcoSport Car Insurance.



What are the key benefits of opting for online car insurance for my Ford EcoSport?

The major benefits of online car insurance are as follows: save time, save money, save effort. 

Which factors impact the Ford EcoSport Insurance Price?

Your vehicle’s engine capacity (cc) shall be considered to determine the payable premium for a Third-party Liability Policy. For a Comprehensive Plan, it’s the cc plus the Insured Declared Value, and the add-ons. There can be other factors like the need for inspection, available discounts, etc. that impact the final Ford EcoSport insurance price. 

Is car inspection necessary to renew my Ford EcoSport’s insurance policy?

Visit and answer the questions asked during the policy purchase journey. You shall be notified if a car inspection is required.

Do I have to submit any documents to include NCB while renewing the policy?

If you are applicable for NCB, it shall be included automatically while renewing the policy online. For queries, you can reach out to the Customer Care team by emailing at [email protected].

Can I renew my Ford EcoSport’s insurance policy from ACKO on a Sunday?

Yes, you can buy or renew car insurance from ACKO’s website/app at any time on any day.

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