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Ford Endeavour Car Insurance

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Car insurance protects you against unforeseen financial losses arising due to accidents, theft, third-party losses and/or man-made/natural calamities. Insuring your car not only helps you to adhere to the rules and regulations, but it also covers you against potential financial liabilities against accidental damages. Here is a detailed guide about Ford Endeavour Insurance and the benefits of buying car insurance online.

What’s Covered in Ford Endeavour Car Insurance (Inclusions)?

Insurance for your Ford Endeavour should be extensive and the Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan offers the same. It includes both the mandatory Third-party Car Insurance as well as Own Damage cover for your SUV. Mentioned below are the coverage details of the comprehensive plan:

You can also opt for the multi-year coverage (2 and 3 years) to avail of low-premium insurance. Also, you should buy the Personal Accident (PA) cover if you have not opted for the same.

What’s Not Covered in Ford Endeavour Car Insurance (Exclusions)?

All types of insurance plan come with certain exclusions. Here is what is not covered in the Ford Endeavour car insurance:

Benefits of Buying ACKO Car Insurance Policy for Ford Endeavour

ACKO sells car insurance through online mode. This means you can buy and renew insurance policies without any paperwork. You can also raise claims online without submitting physical documents. Here is how you can make the most of AKCO car insurance for your Ford Endeavour SUV:

1. Complete Online Experience
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Whether you want to buy, renew the insurance policy, or raise a claim against your policy, visit our website or mobile app for 100% digital experience. You do not have to fill lengthy forms for the car insurance renewal or raise claims, making it completely hassle-free and easy.

2. Low-Premium
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You transact directly with ACKO without the need of agents or middlemen. Since there are no agents, we save on commission and the savings are passed on to you through low-premium plans; hence, the Ford Endeavour insurance cost is competitive in the market.

3. Instant Claim Settlement
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For minor damages such as a dent, broken rearview mirror, you can opt for the ‘Instant Claim Settlement’ option. Through this option, ACKO will settle the claim by transferring money to your bank account. You can repair the damages at a garage of your choice.

4. Get Expert Guidance
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Whether it is our customer service team or our claims team, they will guide you on all queries about your vehicle insurance.

5. Discounts/Offers
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Avail discounts or offers during special occasions and festivals, and you get to buy car insurance at a discounted rate.

Insurance Plans for Ford Endeavour
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Car insurance is of two types. These types are Comprehensive Car Insurance and Third-party Car Insurance. Below are the details of each plan for your Ford Endeavour:

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy
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This is an extensive coverage for your vehicle as it provides financial protections against damages arising due to accidents or losses due to the theft of the vehicle, or due to fire and/or natural calamities such as floods, riots, etc. Additionally, you have the option of including add-ons which add value to the basic plan and make it more exhaustive.

Third-party Car Insurance Policy
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As per The Motor Vehicles Act, the Third-party Car Insurance is mandatory and will invite penalties if you are caught driving the vehicle without this plan. This policy protects you against financial liabilities arising out of third-party losses. While this is mandatory in nature, it does not cover your vehicle. You can opt for the Comprehensive Insurance Plan which offers both the types of car insurance.

The below table offers a comparison between the Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Plan and Third-party Car Insurance Plan:

Inclusions (Coverage) Comprehensive Bike Insurance Third-Party Bike Insurance
Damages to third-party property or losses to third-party life. Yes Yes
Accidental damages to your Ford Endeavour Yes No
Losses due to man-made calamities (riots, etc.) Yes No
Losses due to natural calamities (floods, etc.) Yes No
Theft of the SUV Yes No
Personal Accident cover (PA) for the policyholder (To be taken if not previously bought) No (Optional but mandatory to buy with either one of the policies) No (Optional but mandatory to buy with either one of the policies
Optional add-ons Yes No
Choose/modify sum insured (IDV) Yes No

Add-ons for Ford Endeavour Insurance

Add-ons are small coverages and can be bought with a comprehensive plan and adds value to the basic car insurance plan. Here are the car insurance add-ons that you can choose from:

1. Zero Depreciation Cover
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Car parts depreciate over time and during claims, this is taken into account before the claim is settled. This add-on helps you avoid the depreciation factor so that you get the full value of the repairs.

2. Roadside Assistance Cover
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Get access to 24x7 emergency roadside assistance such as fuel fill, towing service, minor repairs during car breakdowns.

3. Key Replacement Cover
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Get cover for expenses arising from replacing a damaged, lost or stolen car key. You also get coverage to repair the lock, if needed.

4. Outstation Emergency Cover
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This add-on offers protection against breakdowns/accidents outside a 100 kms radius of your residence. Additionally, if the repair takes more than 12 hours, you get reimbursement of Rs. 2,500.

5. Consumables Cover
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Get paid for consumables items such as engine and gearbox oil, nuts and bolts, lubricants, etc. which are not covered during claims under the basic plan.

6. Engine Protection Cover
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In case of water leakage into the car’s engine or in case it is damaged due to non-usage of the car for a long time, the add-on will cover such losses.

Claim Procedure

Filing a claim against your car insurance policy for your Ford Endeavour is simple through ACKO’s digital experience. Mentioned below are the steps you need to register a car insurance claim:

Benefits of Buying Car Insurance for Ford Endeavour

Insuring your Ford Endeavour ensures you are financially secure during losses arising due to damages to your vehicle as well as that of the third-party life or property. Here are the benefits of car insurance for your Ford Endeavour:

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here are the frequently asked questions about car insurance for your Ford Endeavour:



1. What is the procedure to buy Ford Endeavour insurance online?

You can buy car insurance for your Ford Endeavour through our website or mobile app. You can also scroll up to the top of this page and enter a few details about your vehicle to insure your vehicle in a matter of minutes.

2. How to renew my Ford Endeavour insurance online?

You need to log in to your account either through or ACKO app. Select the policy against your vehicle and renew the policy instantly without the hassle of filling lengthy forms. The policy will be emailed to you immediately.

3. My car insurance has expired. How to renew the policy?

Renew your expired policy through the website or mobile app by logging into your account. An inspection may be initiated before the plan can be renewed. Please note that any No Claim Bonus earned will be valid for a period of 90 days from the expiry date. Also, you cannot file any claims until the policy is renewed.

4. What is the renewal discount provided by the insurer known as No Claim Bonus and how does it affect the car insurance premium?

No Claim Bonus (also referred to as NCB) is the discount awarded by the insurer to the policyholder for not filing any claims during the policy period. It is a reward for driving safely which led you from not raising any claims. You get 20% for the first claim-free year and goes up to 50% if you do not file a claim for five consecutive years.

5. What documents are required to insure my Ford Endeavour insurance?

To insure your vehicle through ACKO you do not have to submit any physical paperwork. It is completely paperless. Visit our website or scroll up to the top of the page to enter a few details about your Ford Endeavour to insure your vehicle in a few minutes.

6. How to file a claim against my car insurance through

Raising a claim against your car insurance policy is simple and easy through Login to your account, select the plan and click on ‘Claim Now’. Answer a few questions and our claims team will help you with the next steps to settle your claim.

7. Which factors influence the car insurance premium for my Ford Endeavour?

The primary factors which influence the Ford Endeavour insurance price are the age of the vehicle, the location, the fuel type and the approximate market value of the SUV. However, factors such as No Claim Bonus (NCB), which acts as a discount, also affect the premium.

8. What is Insured Declared Value (IDV) and how does it impact my car insurance premium?

Insured Declared Value is the sum insured amount of the car insurance policy. It is the approximate market value of the insured vehicle. In case the vehicle is stolen or is damaged beyond repair, the insurer will pay the IDV as compensation after deducting the required depreciation. Since it is the value at which you are insuring your vehicle, you need to choose the right IDV so that you get the right compensation during claims.

9. Can I buy only the Third-party Car Insurance Plan instead of the Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan to reduce the premium?

The car insurance premium for your vehicle is lower if you opt only for the mandatory Third-party Car Insurance Plan; however, it does not protect you against financial losses arising due to damages to your vehicle in case of accidents, theft or damages due to man-made and natural calamities. The Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan offers the benefit of the combination of both Third-party Insurance and Own Damage, thereby, offering complete coverage for your vehicle.

10. Can I renew my Ford Endeavour car insurance policy from third-party to comprehensive?

Yes, you can renew the policy from third-party to comprehensive. At the time of the renewal of the policy, you can opt to include the Own Damage component to protect you against financial losses due to damages/losses to your vehicle.

11. Can I correct the wrong information provided while insuring my Ford Endeavour?

Yes, you can write to us at [email protected] to rectify the error. Based on the updated information of your vehicle, the premium may be affected and a revised policy will be sent to you.

12. Can I use the existing No Claim Bonus (NCB) for my newly purchased Ford Endeavour?

Yes, you can use the NCB rewarded for driving your previous vehicle safely and not raising any claims. Since the NCB is awarded to the driver for driving safely, the NCB can be transferred to your new Ford Endeavour.

13. What documents are required for Ford Endeavour car insurance claims?

You do not require any documents to file a claim against ACKO’s car insurance policy. Log into your account and answer a few questions about the damages. In case of minor damages, you can opt for the ‘Instant Claim Settlement’ feature. ACKO will settle the claim through in-account settlement. You can use the money to repair the damages at a garage of your choice. For major damages, our claims will help you with the next steps.

Car Insurance for Other Ford Car Models/Variants:
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