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Ford Figo Insurance

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Ford Figo Insurance

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Importance of Buying Online Car Insurance for Ford Figo
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Here are the top benefits of insuring your Ford Figo with a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy.

Avoid Fines
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You can be fined by the police for driving your Ford Figo without insurance. However, by buying and renewing car insurance, you can avoid such fines.

Save on Repairs
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Repairing car damages can be a costly affair for vehicles such as Ford Figo. With a wide-ranging cover, you can save a lot on car repairs as your policy will cover most of the repair bill.

Peace of Mind
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Knowing that you have a Customer Care team to assist you in troubling times like a car accident or post car damage can offer peace of mind. For example, ACKO offers a seamless insurance experience while buying, renewing, and claiming car insurance.

A wide-ranging Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy offers more than just the law-demanded third-party cover. Choosing such a plan can help you save money on car repairs arising due to accidents, flooding, or other instances. It also covers car theft. If you are contemplating buying or renewing your Ford Figo’s car insurance policy, read ahead to understand the basics so that you can make an informed choice.

What’s Covered in Ford Figo Car Insurance? (Inclusions)
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Here are the inclusions of a Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover for your Ford Figo.

What’s Not Covered in Ford Figo Car Insurance? (Exclusions)
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Here are the exclusions of a Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover for your Ford Figo.

Benefits of Buying ACKO Car Insurance Policy for your Ford Figo Car
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You can receive the following benefits on buying or renewing your Ford Figo’s car insurance policy from ACKO.

1) Online Insurance Process
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Insure your car anytime and from anywhere by visiting You are not required to submit a long list of documents or fill endless forms while buying car insurance online. Simply visit the website to share your car’s details, pick a plan, and make the online payment to buy it.

2) Low-cost, High-value
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You can insure your Ford Figo at a low premium without compromising on the coverage or the services.

3) Quick Claim Settlement
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ACKO’s car insurance claim settlement process is quick and hassle-free because claims for minor damages are settled within a few hours.

Insurance Plans for Ford Figo
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Here are the two categories of insurance plans for your Ford Figo.

1) Third-party Car Insurance Policy
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Third Party Car Insurance Policy  is a basic, liability-only plan that is mandated by the law. It only covers third-party liabilities and does not cover damage to your Ford Figo.

2) Comprehensive Car Insurance
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This plan offers the above-mentioned liability coverage as well as covers damages to your Ford Figo. Thus, it is a superior insurance plan and an ideal choice for your vehicle. You can also pick relevant add-on covers with this policy.

Add-on Covers for Ford Figo
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By paying a bit of extra insurance premium while insuring your car or going for car insurance renewal, you can get the benefits associated with car insurance add-ons. These are specific covers that can help you in getting higher claims payout or assist in the form of services. Here’s a list of some popular add-ons.

Claim Procedure
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Here’s the straightforward claim process offered by ACKO.

Step 1: Visit and log in to My Account using your mobile number.

Step 2: Click on ‘Claim Now’

Step 3: Share details

Step 4: Sit back and relax as the claims team will take over from here.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here are some common car-insurance related questions and answers.



Q1) Do I need to upload any documents to insure my Ford Figo from ACKO?

ACKO operates on a No Paperwork model where you are not required to upload documents to insure your vehicle.

Q2) Can I renew my Ford Figo’s insurance from ACKO if I have purchased it from an offline insurer?

Yes, you can renew car insurance online from ACKO even if you had purchased it initially from any other insurer. Simply visit, select the preferred coverage, and receive a free car insurance quote. Make the payment and your car shall be insured.

Q3) I sold my old car and purchased the new Ford Figo. Will my old No Claim Bonus be considered or did it end with the old car?

No Claim Bonus is for the driver/owner and not the vehicle. Thus, you can benefit from your accumulated NCB from your old vehicle (that has been sold) while insuring your new vehicle.

Q4) Which documents do I need to claim against my insurance cover?

The exact list of documents needed to raise a claim will depend upon the reason for which you want to claim. For example, a First Information Report (FIR) is not needed for a claim against flooding, but it is needed for a theft claim.

Q5) Should I buy add-ons with my Ford Figo’s car insurance plan?

Buying add-ons is subjective. It is suggested to purchase add-ons if they add value to your car insurance policy.

Q6) How can I get a free insurance quote for my Ford Figo?

You can get a Ford Figo insurance quote for free by visiting Share basic details, select a cover, and check the quote. If you are comfortable with the ford Figo insurance cost, go ahead and buy the policy by making the online payment.

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