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Honda Brio Car Insurance

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Honda Brio Car Insurance

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Owning a car is a matter of pride in India. A car insurance policy will cover you against the financial losses in case of damage to your prized possession. A motor insurance policy also makes sure that you comply with the legal requirements. Do you own a Honda Brio, or planning to buy one? Then read on as this article throws light on all aspects of Honda Brio car insurance.

Why Online Car Insurance for Honda Brio Cars?
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Here are benefits of purchasing car insurance online for your Honda Brio car.

Instant Policies
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Get your Honda Brio car insured in a few minutes when you opt for online four-wheeler insurance. There is no waiting as you can get the policy document instantly after completing the purchase process. The same applies to renewing the insurance online.

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You need not visit the insurance company or any agent when you buy online car insurance. You can log on to the insurer’s website, for example,, or download the mobile app to purchase, renew, or apply for a car insurance claim.

No Agent
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Nobody mediates between you and ACKO when you buy car insurance online. You can make an informed choice when purchasing the policy. Also, you need not pay any commissions. Hence, you get to buy the policy at a low premium.

Insurance Plans for Honda Brio Car
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There are mainly two types of car insurance plans available for Honda Brio: Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan and Third-Party Car Insurance Plan. Below are the coverage details of both the insurance plans.

Third-Party Car Insurance Plan
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A Third-Party Car Insurance Policy is a basic insurance plan for your Honda Brio. Purchasing a Third-Party Insurance Policy is compulsory to meet the legal requirements. The insurance policy provides coverage against third-party liabilities such as vehicles/property property or loss/injury to life. But the major disadvantage of the Third-Party Policy is that it does not cover damages to your Brio car.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan
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A Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan provides extensive coverage of your Honda Brio car as it comes bundled with Third-Party and Own Damage Insurance cover. The insurance plan covers damages to your car caused due to fire, accident or natural/man-made calamities. The Comprehensive Policy also covers the losses such as theft or total loss of the insured vehicle. If you wish to enhance the scope of coverage of the Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan, you can do so via add-ons.

What’s Covered in Honda Brio Car Insurance? (Inclusions)
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Honda Brio Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan covers the following.

Exclusions of Honda Brio Car Insurance
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Honda Brio car insurance does not provide coverage against the following circumstances:

Add-ons for Honda Brio Car Insurance:
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An add-on is an individual cover, which enhances the coverage benefits of the Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan. You can opt for add-ons when buying/renewing car insurance online. Below are the available car insurance add-ons for Honda Brio car insurance.

Advantages of Purchasing ACKO Car Insurance Policy for your Honda Brio Car:
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Below are the advantages of purchasing Honda Brio car insurance from ACKO:


Hassle-free Claims
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ACKO offers a hassle-free experience when it comes to filing a claim. Apply for a car insurance claim online via ACKO’s website/app. You will receive an instant on-account claim settlement for minor damages.

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Instant Repairs and Free Doorstep Delivery
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ACKO will take care of the repair works, and you can also track the repairs via website/app. The repaired vehicle will be delivered to your doorstep for free within 3 days!

Low Premium

Low-Cost Insurance Plans
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ACKO offers low-cost car insurance plans, thanks to the robust digital process. There is no agent involved during insurance purchase. ACKO saves on operational costs due to the digital process, and hence, the Honda Brio insurance cost is low at ACKO.

Claim Procedure
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The car insurance claim procedure is simple and hassle-free at ACKO. There is no paperwork when raising a claim against your car insurance. Here are the steps to raise a four-wheeler insurance claim on the ACKO website/app

Frequently Asked Questions
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Below are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Honda Brio car insurance:



How can I purchase car insurance for my Honda Brio car?

You can purchase car insurance online. You can buy car insurance online at ACKO without any paperwork. Just log on to the ACKO website or ACKO app and enter your vehicle details such as make/model, year of purchase, city, etc. Select the car insurance plan and add-ons and make the payment online. The car insurance policy will be sent to your email address.

How much time does it take to buy Brio car insurance online from ACKO?

It just takes a few minutes to buy car insurance online from ACKO. All you have to do is enter a few basic vehicle details on the ACKO website or app. That’s it. There is no documentation or paperwork required. You can choose your car insurance plan and make payment online.

Can I renew Honda Brio car insurance online?

Yes, you can renew the Honda Brio car insurance online at ACKO. Just sign in to your account on the ACKO website/app, select your plan and pay online. There is zero paperwork, and the renewed policy is sent to your email address.

The car insurance policy of my Honda Brio expired a few months back. Is car inspection necessary to buy a new insurance policy?

Yes. A car inspection is required to buy a new car insurance policy if the previous policy expired a few months ago. Because the vehicle might have suffered loss/damage after the policy has expired. So, the insurer will conduct an inspection before issuing a new car insurance policy.

Which documents do I need to submit to renew Honda Brio car insurance?

At ACKO, there is no need to submit the hard copy of the documents. The renewal process at ACKO is 100% digital. But, if you are renewing the car insurance policy offline, then you need to submit the following documents:

- The previous insurance policy certificate

- Vehicle registration certificate

- Driving Licence

- Identity proof

Can I transfer the No Claim Bonus benefit when I buy a new Brio car?

Yes. The No Claim Bonus benefit applies to the policyholder and not the vehicle. So, as a policyholder, you can transfer the benefits when buying a car insurance policy for your new car. For instance, if you are buying a new car insurance policy for your vehicle, you will continue to get the NCB discount, which you have earned on the previous policy.

I am buying a second-hand Brio car. How does NCB work here?

If you are buying a second-hand car, then the No Claim Bonus cannot be transferred to you. The NCB is earned by the previous owner of the car and not the vehicle. The previous owner can use his/her NCB while buying a new car insurance policy for a new/old car. The NCB is not passed on to you when the sale is made, and the previous owner of the car can retain the No Claim Bonus benefits.

Why is Honda Brio discontinued in India?

Honda Brio was discontinued in India due to the new emission norms and safety regulations. Honda did not update the Brio to meet the BS6 emission norms and the new safety standards. So, the Honda Brio was discontinued in India in 2019.

Car Insurance for Other Honda Car Models
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