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Renault Triber Car Insurance

Car insurance for Renault Triber

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The Renault Triber is a car designed to redefine your driving experience with features like bump absorption and Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT). With a robust design, modern interior, and stylish looks, this Multi-unit Vehicle (MUV) makes a strong statement on the road. Therefore, you will need car insurance as solid as this vehicle is. This article has all the information you need regarding Renault Triber insurance, including policy types, add-ons and process of buying etc. So, read on.

Benefits of buying online car insurance for Renault Triber

If you are looking for insurance for Renault Triber, the search and purchase become easier online.

Compare all policies

You can use the online platform to obtain information and compare car insurance policies. From Renault Triber insurance price to policy features and services, everything stays in front of you to compare and make an informed decision.

No paperwork needed

The online approach saves you from a lot of hassles related to buying and renewing insurance or raising claims. You can buy/renew or raise claims online without any physical paperwork. The process of buying car insurance online only requires a few details related to your vehicle and previous policy (if applicable).

100% digital process

Buying and renewing car insurance is much easier online than offline. You can use the 100% digital infrastructure to submit vehicle and policy details to purchase or renew your insurance policy. Even raising claims against damages takes much lesser time than traditional offline methods.

Types of car insurance plans for Renault Triber

You can choose between two primary Renault Triber insurance plans.

Third-party Insurance Policy

In order to drive any vehicle on Indian roads, you must purchase a Third-party Insurance policy as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. This type of policy safeguards you financially against any third-party liabilities such as death, injury or property damage of a third party. Driving a vehicle without this insurance coverage will result in penalties. One important factor to remember is that a Third-party Insurance policy does not offer any coverage against accidental damages to the insured car.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy

If you are looking for wide coverage insurance for Renault Triber, a Comprehensive Insurance policy would be a perfect choice. This kind of insurance policy provides coverage not only against third-party liabilities but own damages as well. So, you can receive compensation if your car gets damaged due to an accident, natural or man-made calamities, fire or explosion, vehicle theft, etc. Moreover, you can adjust the Renault Triber insurance cost to purchase relevant add-ons for better coverage and services.

What’s covered in Renault Triber insurance? (Inclusions) 

A Comprehensive Triber Insurance will cover all the following liabilities.

  • Injury or death of a third-party

  • Damages to a third-party property

  • Damages to the insured vehicle due to accident

  • Theft of the insured vehicle

  • Man-made or natural calamities (like strikes, cyclones, riots, floods, etc.)

  • Fire or explosions

Please note that it is mandatory to have a Personal Accident (PA) cover along with your car insurance. A PA cover is separately bought when buying a Third-party Insurance policy or a Comprehensive Insurance policy. It offers insurance to the policyholder against both temporary and permanent injury or death caused due to an accident.

What’s not covered in Renault Triber insurance? (Exclusions)

There are conditions when a Comprehensive Insurance policy does not offer coverage. Such scenarios include the following.

  • Driving the Renault Triber without a valid Driving Licence, Policy document, etc. 

  • Driving the Renault Triber when you are intoxicated 

  • Using the car for racing purposes

  • Neglecting traffic rules and driving recklessly

  • Regular vehicle wear and tear that incur over time

  • Damages caused by mechanical or electrical problems

  • Damages to the Renault Triber while driving outside the geographical boundaries mentioned in the policy.

Add-ons for Renault Triber insurance

Add-ons help you extend the range of coverage while keeping the Triber insurance cost under control. The following add-ons can help you enhance the coverage, services and features of your Renault Triber insurance plan.


Here are the benefits of choosing ACKO for Renault insurance.

Low-cost insurance

ACKO follows a 100 per cent digital process and a direct-to-customer approach. This results in lower operating costs, which keeps the Renault Triber insurance price low while maintaining the variety of services and quality of features you prefer.

Claims without hassle

With ACKO, you can raise claims via the official portal or mobile application. Log in to your ACKO account, provide damage details and raise a claim in minutes. You won’t have to wait for more than a few hours for minor claim settlements.

Pickup and drop

For select cities, ACKO also offers pickup and drop services for repair-related claims. The vehicle gets picked up, repaired, and delivered to you within 3 working days.

ACKO’s claim process

Submission of a claim takes just three simple steps at ACKO.

  • Step 1: Use ACKO’s official website or mobile application to log in to your account.

  • Step 2: Search for your Renault Triber policy card, then click on ‘Claim Now’.

  • Step 3: Upload images of your Renault Triber to show the damages along with the damage description to submit your car insurance claim request.

For minimal damages to your Triber, we will try to settle the claim within a few hours. But if the damages are severe, our support team will help you with the process.

Frequently asked questions

Let’s answer a few common questions related to buying car insurance with ACKO.

How can I renew car insurance online for my Triber with ACKO?

The process of renewing Triber insurance is similar to buying one with ACKO. You just need to provide details related to your vehicle and your previous policy via ACKO’s official portal or mobile application to renew the policy. 

Which is the right insurance policy for Renault Triber?

A perfect insurance policy for your Renault Triber would be the one with wide-ranging features and benefits. Such a policy at ACKO is called a Comprehensive Insurance plan. It offers coverage against third-party liabilities and damages to your Triber. At the same time, you can select add-ons such as Zero Depreciation car insurance cover, Engine Protection Cover and others to extend the coverage. 

What are all the documents needed to buy a Triber car insurance policy at ACKO?

ACKO lets you purchase car insurance in a paper-free manner. Hence, there are no physical documents involved in the process. You simply need to enter vehicle details along with previous insurance policy information (existing or expired) to get the car insurance quote. The best part is that the whole process can be done online using the ACKO mobile app or website. 

Car insurance for other Renault car models/variants

About car insurance for Renault Triber

You need vehicle insurance to get financial coverage against third-party liabilities, which is mandatory by law. Nowadays, you can purchase third-party car insurance online without any hassle. However, this type of insurance does not cover the damages to your insured Triber. For that, you will need a Comprehensive Insurance policy, including relevant add-ons. 

A basic Comprehensive Insurance policy covers third-party liabilities as well as OD Insurance or Own Damage cover. Then, you can pick add-ons to strengthen the Renault insurance further as per your requirements. 

Why should you buy Renault Triber?

Renault Triber is a stylish MUV designed with practical features and elements. The exterior looks fuss-free with subtle design elements. The vehicle offers seating for 7 people and comes with features like an all-digital instrument cluster and an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system. The engine is known for its peppy performance, making it a perfect car for people who look for a reliable MUV.

Specifications of the Renault Triber

Here are some of the specifications of the Renault Triber you might be interested in.

Details Specifications
Engine 1.0-litre (Petrol)
Power 71 bhp @ 6250 rpm
Torque 96 Nm @ 3500 rpm
Gearbox Manual and automatic
Fuel type Petrol
Seating capacity Petrol
Fuel tank capacity 7
Boot space 40 litres

Renault Triber variants, fuel Type and ex-showroom price

Take a look at the Renault Triber price for all variants.

Triber variant Fuel type Triber price (ex-showroom, Delhi)
Triber RXE Petrol Rs. 5.50 lakhs
Triber RXL Petrol Rs. 6.13 lakhs
Triber RXL EASY-R AMT Petrol Rs. 6.63 lakhs
Triber RXT Petrol Rs. 6.68 lakhs
Triber RXT EASY-R AMT Petrol Rs. 7.18 lakhs
Triber RXZ Petrol Rs. 7.28 lakhs
Triber RXZ Dual Tone Petrol Rs. 7.45 lakhs
Triber RXZ EASY-R AMT Petrol Rs. 7.78 lakhs
Triber RXZ EASY-R AMT Dual Tone Petrol Rs. 7.95 lakhs

CIN: U66000KA2016PLC138288

IRDAI Registration No: 157

Category: Non-Life Insurance

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