Renault Car Insurance

So you own a Renault Car? Hats off just to that!

Planning to renew the insurance of your good old Renault KWID  or looking for the best car insurance for your brand new Renault Duster – you’ve landed in just the right place.

Let’s dive into the car insurance basics for your Renault car.


Understanding Renault Car Insurance

Must-know Coverage for Your Renault Car

You can get following kinds of insurance policies for your Renault Car:

Third-Party Car InsuranceComprehensive Car Insurance
Only covers third-party injuries and damages, and not those to your own vehicle.Gives third-party policy + coverage for losses and damages to your own car
Mandatory by Indian Motors Act.It’s not mandatory to buy coverage for your own car’s damages, but then we all know the state of Indian roads. And, who doesn’t love their Renault car?
Additional coverage like bumper-to-bumper cover, engine protector is NOT available.Additional coverage, like engine protector, bumper-to-bumper cover, no-claim bonus protector cover are available, at a slightly extra premium cost.

Why You Should Insure Your Renault Car?

Most Renault cars drive well on Indian roads and are priced to match affordability and mileage. With a suitable comprehensive affordable car insurance, you can:

  • Be sure that you’re rightfully compensated if your Renault car was stolen or damaged beyond repairs.
  • Get coverage for a third-party if your car caused an accident and the third-party was injured or their property damaged.
  • Get comprehensive coverage, in case damages were caused to your car [during an accident or because of natural calamities].
  • Be sure that no traffic policeman heavily fines you for not having a car insurance policy. Strictly, say no to bribery!

Good-to-Have Insurance Add-ons for Renault Cars

Zero Depreciation Cover:

Irrespective of the model of Renault you have, depreciation is applicable on all kinds of metal, plastic, and fiber glass parts. In case of repairs / replacement claims, you would have to pay for the depreciation cost. However, with zero depreciation add-on, you can get that covered. Read more on how to claim insurance for car in case of theft.

Return to Invoice Cover:

So that, if your car was stolen or completely damaged, the claim settlement amount from the insurance company is not as little as the current market value of the car. Instead, it would be as much as its invoice value. This is possible even in a case where your car was two years old, with a 20 percent lower current market value.

Engine Protector Cover:

A regular comprehensive car insurance policy does not cover the damages to your engine. With an engine protector cover you could claim for those damages too. Whether you own a high-end car like Renault Duster or Renault Lodgy or regular hatchback like Renault KWID, it makes sense to buy this add-on. This add-on is also suitable for cars located in flooding prone areas.

No-claim Bonus Protector Cover:

If you are a good driver and have a tendency to claim less, you would certainly know about the no-claim bonus that you can earn for every claim free year. This bonus helps you in earning as much as 50 percent discount. However, a single claim can reduce the accumulated NCB to zero in the next year. The solution to safeguard that NCB is to buy this add-on. High-end Renault cars have higher own-damage premium. So if you have accumulated enough NCB and don’t want to lose it for a claim, this is a good-to-have add-on.

Passenger Cover:

This personal accident cover for passenger is a must-buy for any Renault car owner. A lower end model of Renault may not come with safety features like airbags or child safety locks. If you use your Renault car to drive your family on a daily basis, it makes sense to buy this add-on.

A lot of insurance companies offer specific add-on coverages at an additional premium cost. Depending on the model of Renault you have, do enquire with your insurer about these coverage options. Key replacement, roadside assistance, personal accident cover of passengers could be a few such options.

Things a Car Insurance Covers For Any Renault Car

  • Personal accident coverage for owner-driver
  • Accident-related damages to your car
  • Damages caused during a natural calamity like flood or storm
  • Loss because of fire, explosions
  • Compensation for Stolen car

Things a Car Insurance Does Not Cover For Any Renault Car

  • Wear and tear caused over the years [including flat tyres]
  • Losses caused when the car was driven without a driving license
  • Damages caused when the car was being driven under the influence of alcohol
  • Driving outside the geographical limits
  • If the car is used for anything beyond it’s legal purpose [racing, illegal activities, organized crime]

Questions you might ask about Renault Insurance:

How can I renew my Renault Insurance online?

Your Renault Car Insurance Policy can be renewed online very seamlessly through your insurer’s online portal or your broker’s portal.

  1. If you have already selected an insurance company you can go to the insurer’s portal and renew it online by filling in the details.
  2. All you need to fill are your car details (like Vehicle Registration Number, Engine/Chasis Number), your previous insurance details and your contact details. Once done, you can then renew the policy online by paying via netbanking, wallet or credit/debit card.
  3. Also, it is not necessary to continue your insurance policy with the same insurance company as the previous year. You can easily purchase insurance policy from a different insurer, as long as you are aware of the benefits and features being offered

The car insurance of my Renault Duster has already expired. Is vehicle inspection mandatory?

Yes. Inspection is mandatory if the insurance for your car has already expired. You need to schedule an inspection before purchasing the policy. Once the surveyor approves, you can purchase the plan immediately online.

Is an online insurance policy valid for car?

Of course it is valid. You get a valid car insurance policy by renewing the policy online. All you need to do is fill in your previous policy car details and get a valid insurance policy emailed to your registered email id. A printout of that would suffice.

How do I get no-claim bonus at the time of renewal?

If you have not claimed in the preceding year, then you can avail a No-Claim Bonus (NCB) at the time of your next renewal. Keep one thing in mind: your car insurance renewal has to happen before the previous policy expires. If your policy lapses, you lose your NCB.

At the time of renewal of your Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy, you need to mention your last NCB and whether you have made any claim in the last year or not. You get discount on the own-damage premium as per the NCB grid provided by IRDA.

All vehicle Type NCB Grid% of discount on own damage premium
No Claim in the last 1 year20%
No Claim in the last 2 consecutive years25%
No Claim in the last 3 consecutive years35%
No Claim in the last 4 consecutive years45%
No Claim in the last 5 consecutive years50%

How much more do I need to pay for comprehensive car insurance?

The premium for a simple third party only insurance is fixed by the IRDAI. A comprehensive insurance policy includes own-damage premium too. The own-damage premium varies slightly from one insurance company to another and is dependent on a lot of factors, including your car insurance claim history and the age of your car. The overall premium for comprehensive insurance is slightly higher, but highly recommended if you are looking for complete coverage for your Renault car.

Models Manufactured by Renault: Which One Do You Drive?

Brand NameVariantsEngine CCMileage(kmpl)BHPWt. (kgs)Price Range(in Rs)
Renault KWID1.0 RXT Optional99923.170699402,000 to 440,000
Renault KWIDStandard79925.1753.3660265,000 to 290,000
Renault KWIDRXL79925.1753.3660332,000 to 370,000
Renault KWID1.0 RXL99923.167670354,000 to 380,000
Renault KWIDRXT79925.1753.3660367,000 to 399,000
Renault KWIDRXT (O)79925.1753.3660380,000 to 410,000
Renault KWIDAMT RXL99924.0467690384,000 to 420,000
Renault KWID1.0 RXT99923.167699389,000 to 425,000
Renault KWIDClimber 1.0 MT99923.167699427,000 to 470,000
Renault KWID1.0 RXT(O) AMT99924.0467699432,000 to 480,000
Renault KWIDClimber 1.0 AMT99924.0467699457,000 to 510,000
Renault Duster110PS RXL146119.6108.4518061,127,000 to 1,225,000
Renault DusterRXE Petrol159813.06102.531770865,000 to 975,000
Renault DusterRXL Petrol159813.06102.531770945,000 to 1,020,000
Renault Duster85PS Standard146119.8783.81248945,000 to 1,050,000
Renault Duster85PS RXE146119.8783.81777965,000 to 1,070,000
Renault Duster85PS RXE Adventure Edition146119.8783.81777975,000 to 1,090,000
Renault Duster85PS RXL146119.8783.818061,046,000 to 1,120,000
Renault Duster85PS RXL Adventure Edition146119.8783.818061,056,000 to 1,170,000
Renault Duster85PS Diesel RxS146119.8783.818061,075,000 to 1,190,000
Renault Duster85PS RXZ146119.8783.818891,167,000 to 1,270,000
Renault Duster110PS RXL AT146119.6108.4518061,187,000 to 1,290,000
Renault Duster110PS RXZ146119.8783.818891,253,000 to 1,350,000
Renault Duster110PS RXZ AT146119.8783.818891,313,000 to 1,410,000
Renault Duster110PS RXZ AWD146119.72108.4518891,384,000 to 1,490,000
Renault Duster110PS RXZ AWD Adventure Edition146119.72108.4518891,389,000 to 1,505,000
Renault LodgyStepway 110PS RXZ 7S146119.98108.513601,156,000 to 1,240,000
Renault Lodgy85 PS STD146121.0483.81299788,000 to 860,000
Renault Lodgy85 PS RxE146121.0483.81299886,000 to 970,000
Renault Lodgy85 PS RxE 7 Seater146121.0483.81299886,000 to 948,000
Renault LodgyStepway 85PS RXL 8S146121.0483.81299973,000 to 1,050,000
Renault Lodgy85 PS RxL146121.0483.81299973,000 to 1,060,000
Renault LodgyWorld Edition 85 PS146121.0483.81535974,000 to 1,060,000
Renault LodgyStepway 110PS RXL 8S146119.98108.513601,039,000 to 1,120,000
Renault LodgyWorld Edition 110 PS146119.98108.513151,040,000 to 1,150,000
Renault LodgyStepway 85PS RXZ 8S146121.0483.812991,047,000 to 1,150,000
Renault LodgyStepway 110PS RXZ 8S146119.98108.513601,126,000 to 1,190,000
Renault PulseRxL ABS146123.0863.11060624,000 to 680,000
Renault PulseRxL (P)119818.0674.93940508,000 to 570,000
Renault PulseRxZ146123.0863.11035695,000 to 775,000
Renault ScalaRxL Diesel146121.6484.81080899,000 to 980,000
Renault ScalaRxL Petrol149816.9597.61005794,000 to 880,000
Renault ScalaRxZ Diesel146121.6484.81080939,000 to 1,080,000

Differently-abled Customers to Receive Discount Benefits from Renault

– December 04, 2020

An announcement from the French automobile company, Renault states that the brand is offering discounts to differently-abled customers. These discounts are concerning concessional GST rate, dealer network, and internal corporate discount. Renault will offer concessional GST rate at eighteen per cent for differently-abled customers. This is pertaining to the directives of the Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Heavy Industries. It will be concerning sub 4-metre petrol vehicles (lower than 1200 cc engine capacity).

The corporate discount offered by the brand shall be concerning all models. The discounts will be offered upon processing of necessary documentation. The discount for Renault Duster will be a maximum of INR thirty thousand. The cash discount will be INR nine thousand in the case of Renault KWID and Renault Triber. Such discounts will make Renault cars even more accessible to those who want to associate with the brand.

RNAIPL Touches One Million Exports

– November 24, 2020

While some businesses in the automobile industry are focused on domestic sales, some look at the country as an export hub. Renault Nissan Automotive India Private Limited can be classified in the second category. They have a plant in Oragadam in Tamil Nadu that manufactures vehicles for the domestic as well as the international market. Renault, Nissan, and Datsun vehicles are manufactured at the plant in southern India. The Renault-Nissan combination has resulted in the export of the one-millionth car. Renault and Nissan have been in the mix for a long time whereas Datsun has been a recent member. The domestic sales are spearheaded by Renault followed by Datsun. Nissan lags there but is set for a resurgence with the launch of the new Magnite. The Nissan Magnite is poised to launch in late 2020 while Renault Kiger is set for an early 2021 release.

Renault Launches Service Campaign During Indian Winter

– November 24, 2020

If you are a Renault owner, you can service your car at a discounted price and avail a bunch of features thanks to the brand’s Winter Service Campaign. This campaign will be active in India from 23 November 2020 to 29 November 2020. It can be availed by visiting the brand’s more than four hundred service outlets. The campaign is targeted towards offering an enhanced ownership experience of the Renault car. The discounts and offers as per this campaign are related to after-sale services. The Winter Service Campaign offers discounts on certain accessories, spare parts, extended warranty, replacement of oil, and cleaning treatments. Renault India offers three cars namely Renault Kwid, Renault Triber, and Renault Duster. The brand’s latest model, Renault Kiger is set to be launched in 2021.

Renault Introduces A New Edition Of Kwid

– October 1, 2020

French automaker Renault has introduced a new edition of its popular Kwid hatchback. Yes, Renault has launched the new Neotech Edition of the Kwid, and it is available in three variants. The prices for the new edition of the Kwid start at Rs. 4.30 lakh and the top-spec model carries a price tag of Rs. 4.84 lakh. Note that all prices are Delhi ex-showroom. Another highlight of the Neotech models is the dual-tone colour options. Renault has introduced two new colour options, blue body/silver roof and silver body/blue roof. The new colours look flashy and give a new look to the funky looking hatchback. Other notable features of the new edition of the Kwid are touchscreen display for the infotainment system, blue accents on the steering wheel and seats, chrome treatment for the gear lever and blacked-out pillars. On the mechanical front, the new edition of Kwid draws power from the same 800cc and 1-litre internal combustion petrol engines. The 800cc engine is good for 53Bhp and 72Nm of torque while the bigger engine produces 67Bhp and 91Nm of torque. Both the engines are mated to a 5-speed manual transmission, and the 1-litre engine also gets an optional Automated Manual Transmission. The new Neotech edition of the Kwid gets only cosmetic updates, and the mechanicals remains the same, but it gives an all-new look to the hatchback. The new colours make the Kwid sportier, and it should boost the sales of the hatchback in India.

Renault Updates The Price Of Triber MPV

– September 28, 2020

The Indian arm of French automaker Renault India has updated the price of the Triber in the country. Yes, with the new price update, the Tiber becomes expensive by Rs. 11,500 – Rs 13,000, depending on the variant. With the price revision, the starting price of the Triber stands at Rs. 5.12 lakh for the entry-level model and goes up to Rs. 7.34 lakh for the top-of-the-line model. All prices are ex-showroom. Renault has updated the price of Triber for the fourth time since its launch, and this time even the base variant of the MPV gets a price hike. The Renault Triber is an affordable MPV, and it comes loaded with features such as projector headlights, LED daytime running lights, touchscreen display for the infotainment system, automatic AC controls and much more. The safety features of the Triber include four airbags, ABS, EBD and rear parking camera. Renault Triber draws its power from a 1-litre internal combustion petrol engine which is good for 70Bhp of maximum power and 96Nm of maximum torque. Renault offers a 5-speed manual or a 5-speed AMT gearbox option on the Triber. The latest price hike from Renault will not make much of a difference to customers, as the MPV is priced competitively.

India: Renault Launches Duster 1.3 Turbo Petrol

– August 18, 2020

17 August 2020 marked the launch of the new Renault Duster in India. The powerful Sports Utility Vehicle comes with a 1-3-litre Turbo Petrol engine. Its specifications include a power of 156Ps and 254 Nm. The Sports Utility Vehicle’s engine benefits from Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) and Dual Variable Valve Timing (VVT) technologies. These technologies help to improve performance and reduce emissions. The vehicle features Kayak roof rails, ground clearance of 205 mm, and Waterfall LED tail lamps. Safety features of the Renault’s Sports Utility Vehicle meet the front, side, and pedestrian crash norms as stated by the national authorities. Its safety features include rear parking sensors, an alert for not wearing the seat belt, an alert for over-speeding, and airbags for the driver as well as the passengers. The Renault Duster also comes with Hill-Start Assist and advanced braking systems.

Renault Partners with Google Cloud for Transformation

– August 6, 2020

An announcement from Renault Cars confirmed that they have joined hands with Google Cloud. This technology partnership aims at transforming Renault Car’s industrial system and encourages 4.0 transformation. This move is a huge boost in digitizing the French auto company’s system. The teaming up is concerning Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It is also about Smart Analytics. All this will help Renault Cars to take its Supply Chain to the next level and increase the efficiency as far as manufacturing is concerned. Overall production quality will also be improved. This huge partnership will also prove beneficial for the environment in a way thanks to energy savings. Both companies aim to create a unique program, which is scalable and aims to improve the auto manufacturing brand’s processes by coworking, training and enablement sessions. Google Cloud’s CEO, Thomas Kurian mentioned that they were proud to partner with Renault.

Renault Launches BS6 Kwid 1.0-Litre RxL Variant in India

– July 7, 2020

Renault, the French car manufacturer, has launched a more accessible BS6 Renault Kwid in India. The new model is the RxL variant of the Renault Kwid 1.0-litre which is priced at Rs. 4.16 lakh for the manual gearbox variant, while the AMT model of the RxL variant of the BS6 Kwid is priced at Rs. 4.48 lakh. Both prices are ex-showroom. The Renault Kwid has been the mainstay of sales for the company and has crossed 3.5 lakh sales since it was launched in India. The RxL variant is now available in both the 0.8-litre and 1.0-litre models. The BS6 Renault Kwid 1.0-litre RxL variant comes with features such as 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, LED digital instrument console, lane change indicator, AMT dial, speed-dependent volume control, etc. The Renault Kwid draws power from a 1.0-litre petrol engine which is capable of producing a maximum power of 67bhp and a peak torque of 91Nm which comes either mated to a manual gearbox or an AMT gearbox.

Renault Launches New Affordable Kwid in India; Car Reaches a Significant Milestone

– July 6, 2020

French car manufacturer Renault has launched a more affordable BS6 Renault Kwid in India. The more accessible Renault Kwid is the RxL variant which is powered by a 1-litre petrol engine available in both manual gearbox as well as the AMT automatic gearbox. While the former is priced at Rs. 4.16 lakh, the latter is priced at Rs. 4.48 lakh. Both are ex-showroom prices. The company also announced that the Renault Kwid, since its launch, has crossed the milestone of 3.5 lakh vehicles on the road. Apart from the launch of the new variant, Renault has announced several offers for customers. Among them is the ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ offer, in which customers can buy a car on finance or loan and begin paying the EMI from the third month onwards. Customers can avail the offer at the company’s dealerships, their website or through their website. Customers can also avail exchange benefits, cash offers and finance at a special interest rate. The company has enhanced its digital presence and its portfolio with the online mode of buying cars. Customers can book a new car and avail finance options through the company’s digital platform.

Renault Discontinues Sale of Captur SUV in India

– June 22, 2020

French automaker Renault has discontinued the Renault Captur in India after it was launched three years ago. The SUV didn’t make inroads into the Indian market even though it is one of the best selling vehicles in Europe. Since it was launched three years ago, the company was able to sell a little more than 6,500 units until March 2020. The BS4 Renault Captur was based on the M0 platform and derived power from 1.5-litre petrol and diesel engines. This was expected to be replaced with a BS6 compliant 1.3-litre turbocharged petrol unit, but it looks like the company has decided not to launch the BS6 variant. The 1.5-litre petrol unit of the Captur produced a maximum power of 105 bhp and a peak torque of 140Nm which came paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox. As for the 1.5-litre diesel engine, the motor was able to produce a maximum power of 108bhp and peak torque of 240Nm and was paired to a 6-speed manual gearbox. Renault currently has the Kwid, Duster and the Triber in its portfolio in India.

Nissan-Renault Partnership To Share Technology, More Parts

– May 29, 2020

The Nissan-Renault alliance said that both automotive manufacturers will share more parts, technology and models to reduce costs amid the struggle during the coronavirus pandemic. Jean-Dominique Senard, Alliance Operating Board Chairman, said that the group, which includes Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, will have each company focusing on different geographic regions. He asked the group to adjust to the unprecedented economic change in an effort to seek competitiveness and efficiency. In the alliance, Renault owns 43% of Nissan, Nissan owns 15% of Renault and 15% of Renault is held by the Government of France.

Renault Launches BS6 Triber AMT in India

– May 19, 2020

Renault has launched the BS6 Renault Triber AMT in India. Prices for the small MPV start from Rs.6.18 lakh onwards. The MPV is available in three variants. The company has opened bookings for the BS6 Triber AMY through its official website, its My Renault App and at its dealerships across the country. The BS6 Renault Triber AMT draws power from a 1-litre three-cylinder petrol engine which is capable of producing a maximum power of 72hp and peak torque of 96Nm. The engine is paired with an AMT gearbox. Among the features, the Triber AMT comes with four airbags, LED DRLs, an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a rear camera, rear fogger and wiper, keyless entry, power-adjustable side view mirrors, among others. While the Renault Triber does not have a direct rival, from the price point, it competes with the likes of Maruti Swift, Hyundai Grand i10 and the Ford Figo.

Renault Launched BS6 Duster in India

– March 17, 2020

French automaker Renault launched the BS6 Duster in India with prices starting from Rs.8.49 lakh to Rs.9.99 lakh ex-showroom. The new Renault Duster BS6 1.5-litre petrol engine which churns out 105hp and 142Nm of torque. This unit comes mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. The new Duster comes in Rxe, Rxs, and the Rxz variants. During the Auto Expo 2020, the company showcased both the Duster and the Captur with a 1.3-litre turbo petrol unit. The Renault Duster competes against the Hyundai Creta, Ford EcoSport, Maruti S-Cross, among others.

Renault Unveils BS6 Triber With AMT at the Auto Expo:

– February 11, 2020

At the 15th edition of the Auto Expo held in Delhi, French carmaker Renault unveiled the BS6 Triber MPV with AMT gearbox. The company said that the Triber AMT will be launched in India later this year. The Renault Triber AMT draws its power from the BS6 999cc three-cylinder petrol unit which churns out 72PS and 96 Nm of torque. Except for the ‘Easy R’ badging, Renault has kept the exterior of the Triber AMT same as the manual variant. Inside, the MPV gets the rotary knob seen in the Renault Kwid AMT. The Renault Triber continues to get all the features that its manual cousin boasts of. This includes an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, digital instrument cluster, push-button start/stop, keyless entry, projector headlamps with LED DRLs, etc.