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Renault Duster Car Insurance

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Renault Duster Car Insurance

Duster is a successfully selling SUV from Renault that was a huge hit when it was first introduced. The vehicle is a crossover between a hatchback and an SUV. This makes it compact like a hatchback yet power-packed with SUV-like features. In this article, we have detailed information on Renault Duster Car Insurance. Take a look.

Benefits of Buying Online Car Insurance For Renault Duster
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Following are the benefits of buying an online car insurance policy for your Renault Duster.

24x7 Availability
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Digital insurance companies are available all the time. You don’t have to make an appointment to buy car insurance. You can simply use your smartphone to buy the most suitable insurance policy for your Renault Duster.

Online Experience
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Buying car insurance online is faster as compared to the traditional offline process that involves insurance agents. Most of the processes are done online, be it purchasing car insurance, online car insurance renewal, or making a claim.

No Physical Visits
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Traditionally, buying a car insurance policy would be an event on one’s calendar as they had to meet with insurance agents or visit the car insurance company personally to apply for a new policy. Buying/renewing online insurance does not involve personal visits.

Types of Car Insurance Plans for Renault Duster
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Following are the main types of Car Insurance policies you can choose from.

Third-party Liability Insurance
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The mandatory requirement of buying vehicle insurance is fulfilled by this type of policy. You get a cover for events like third-party death, injuries, or property damage. Other coverages include legal liabilities arising from an accident with a third party.

Comprehensive Insurance
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A Comprehensive Policy will cover damages to your Renault Duster along with Third-party Liabilities. Situations like floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, vandalism, theft, fire damage, and accidents are covered. You also have an option to set the right Insured Declared Value and buy a customised plan with more coverage. The Renault Duster insurance price can increase with add-ons.

What’s Covered in Renault Duster Insurance Car Insurance Policy? (Inclusions)
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The following situations are covered in a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy of Renault Duster at ACKO.

What’s Not Covered in Renault Duster Car Insurance Policy? (Exclusions)
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The following situations are not covered in the Comprehensive Car Insurance policy of Renault Duster at ACKO.

Add-ons for Renault Duster Car Insurance Policy
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Car insurance add-ons help you get additional benefits and value-added services with a Comprehensive vehicle Insurance Plan. Here are a few provided by ACKO.

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Take a look at the following benefits of buying your Renault Duster Car Insurance Policy from ACKO.

Go Paperless

No Paperwork
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You can buy or renew your Renault Duster Car Insurance policy from ACKO with absolutely no paperwork. All you have to do is quickly create your ACKO account and buy the desired coverage without documentation.

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Quick Claim Settlement
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ACKO is a digital-first general insurance company and claim operations are done online. Not only the purchase, but you can even raise a claim through ACKO’s website or app. The team will assess your claim & try to settle the minor ones within a few hours.

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No Agent Commissions
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You can buy Renault insurance directly from us. There are no insurance agents involved in the purchase process. Thus, the car insurance quote reduces as you are not paying that extra share of the premium as an agent commission.

Claim Process
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ACKO follows a straightforward claim process. You don't have to fill confusing forms or submit physical documents to get approvals. You can simply raise a car insurance claim online by submitting soft copies of documents. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Download the ACKO app and log in to your profile. Or visit and log in.

Step 2: Scroll down to find your Duster Car Insurance Policy and click on ‘Claim Now’.

Step 3: Upload necessary documents and submit the claim for assessment.

ACKO will get in touch with you and get an in-depth understanding of the claim. The process can be completed faster in case of minor claims and you can expect the claim amount within a few hours.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here are some common questions about Renault Insurance. You can contact us at [email protected] in case of more queries.



Does it take a long time to buy car insurance for Renault Duster from ACKO?

No, buying car insurance at ACKO is a simple process. You can buy the policy within a few minutes from the website or the mobile application.

I have 50% NCB on my Renault Duster car insurance policy. Will I get the same when I switch car insurance companies?

Yes, the new insurer will calculate the applicable NCB on your new policy.

How expensive is Renault Duster Car Insurance Policy?

The Duster Insurance cost depends on various factors like the age of the car, make/model, accessories, type of car insurance policy,  the number of add-ons, Insured Declared Value, etc. The cost of your policy will not be high if you choose suitable coverage.

Car Insurance for Renault Car Models
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