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10 Ways Of Positive Parenting

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Everyone wants to be a good parent, but most of the parents feel that raising kids is one of the toughest jobs in the world, for which they are least prepared. Parenting could be precious and cheerful, while it can be exhausting and challenging at the same time. You can very well say PATIENCE is the key word for positive parenting. No matter how much tantrums your kids throw on you, if you deal patiently with the matter, you will surely raise a disciplined, happy and focused kid for the future.



    However, you can definitely take help of these 10 ways that will support you in your journey of positive parenting. But before that, let’s figure out what exactly is positive parenting.

    What is positive parenting?

    Positive parenting is a way of raising kids with good self esteem, healthy emotional intelligence and plenty of love and support with a set of rules along with discipline. It is where the parent doesn’t focus on punishment or yelling at kids, instead they show them better alternatives.

    Why is it necessary?

    Positive parenting is very essential for kids, as it develops a better understating between parents and kids; also it helps in making their bond stronger. And thus, it automatically brings up a socially and emotionally healthy individual in future.

    1. Positive role model

    Your child is a living copy machine, so please make sure you are getting a positive xerox of yourself. Kids try to copy every single thing they observe; hence, you need to put all your effort, so that she can see you as her role model. Just behave the way you want your child to behave. For example: You can teach table manners to your kids by showcasing them the same. Also if you want them to speak softly and politely, then first you need to stop shouting at them. Similarly you need to show them how to keep the room clean, in order to expect the same from them. And most importantly you need to be positive in your words as well, because your way of speaking, positive or negative, can become your kid’s thought process.

    2. Set limits and be consistent with rules

    Setting rules and regulation in a firm manner is the most important milestone for positive parenting. You have to put up certain limitations for them and it’s always better to start it from very tender age. For example: Set a strict bedtime rule for your kid and make her follow it strictly. Also, you can motivate your kids to follow that by telling it’s advantage, like a regular bedtime will help her to get enough sleep, also an adequate amount of sleep will improve her concentration. Likewise there should be a fixed time for playing, overall there should be a good and a consistent routine for kids so that they will get time for the activities they need to do.

    3. Praising and encouraging them

    Sometimes praising your kids for all his good deeds works wonders on them. A child feels acknowledged and noticeable if we practice the habit of praising and automatically they try to improve their flaws just to get praising from parents. For example: You can even praise your kid if he ties her shoelace by himself, as this will make him feel more independent and the next time you say, ‘We need to go out,’ he will try to get ready hassle free and quickly. Similarly, encouraging kids is another magical tool of positive parenting, which can help them to grow smarter. For example: Encourage them to participate in any activity, like dancing, drama or singing, but never compel them that they have to win it, instead, make them understand that their willingness to participate is a big deal for you and you enjoy every bit of the practice session and the final show. It will definitely help in increasing her self esteem.

    4. A daily one on one communication session

    A good communication can fill up all differences and gaps between the parent and the kid. Also, it will help parents to know and understand the problems that the kid might be facing in her day to day routine. You do not have to spare a particular time for it, you can speak to them casually anytime during the day. For example: You can speak to them on the way back from school like, ‘How was your day? Or what all you did today?’ Likewise you can speak to them, while watching TV.

    5. Make your bond stronger and show your unconditional love to them

    Parents and children can be best friends for life, if parents try a little harder to make the bond stronger with their kid. The connection should be strong enough that kids must not be scared to tell the truth, and should be able to freely share their problems to seek advice and solutions from their parents.

    Similarly unconditional love and support from the parent could be a child’s best stress buster. A stress free child is more emotionally and physically happy, when compared to other stressed children. Showering unconditional love can be a powerful way of positive parenting. Unconditional love doesn’t mean that you pamper your child out of the way, but it means to make a happy and cheerful environment at home.

    6. Give them time

    Time is the best gift a parent can give to the kid. Parents should always spend some quality time with their kids. Take some time off from your busy schedule and enjoy this time with your kid — laugh, play, dance, sing with them, narrate stories. Some portion of your day, should be entirely dedicated to your kids, no matter how busy you are.

    7. Criticize the behaviour, not the child

    Always stand beside your kid and give them faith that you are with them no matter what the situation may be. This will develop the quality in them and they will not lie to you. But of course if they are wrong it is the parent’s duty to make them understand where they are wrong and correct them. You can always criticize your child’s behaviour not your child. For example: Never say ‘You are bad,’ instead say it is wrong to fight with your little sister. Also, avoid public humiliations, instead of it, speak to them privately.

    8. Develop an optimisitic outlook

    An optimistic child will always try to be happy no matter what the situation is. Always teach your child to find good things in any circumstances they come across, it can be good or bad. For example: You can go on a ‘Happiness hunt with kids’ — take a small walk with your kid and ask them to notice those things that bring a smile on their face, it can be her favorite flower or a bird or the sight of an ice cream shop. This activity teaches your child to notice good things that surround her; also it builds optimism and will surely make her happy.

    9. Develop emotional intelligence

    Raising an emotionally intelligent child can be the most tedious task in the journey of positive parenting. Start with accepting all emotions of your child and name them positive and negative. Share your emotions as well (not too serious issues) with the kid and ask them to advice you. Advising will definitely improve her intelligence and capability of thinking towards that particular emotion. Most importantly, give your child a safe and supportive space to share her emotions.

    10. Be a good listener

    Always be a good listener to your children, hear them patiently without interrupting them in between. In this way kids become less argumentative, defensive and they develop more emotional maturity. Also, if they observe you, being a good listener, they will get the habit of listening to you attentively when you speak to them.

    Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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