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5 Top Table Manners For Kids

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

It is extremely important on your part to teach basic table manners to your kids. Table manners are more than just eating properly at the table. It is about being kind, well versed and considerate. It’s a socially acceptable behaviour. To inculcate good table manners in your kids, you should start working from their childhood. At this stage, your cutie pie is ready to adapt to new habits and with practice, gradually it will become a part of his behaviour. 



Top 5 table manners for your kids

The following are the main table manners that every child should learn, and hence, you should make this a part of habits of your little one too-

Wash your hands before coming to table

This is a very basic and important lesson to teach your child. It’s not only an important table manner but also plays a major role in their health and hygiene. It is fun to do it together; set a table and ask your little one to come and wash his hands, show him how to wash it properly and let him repeat the same. After a few days, he will be able to do it on his own.

Stay seated and sit upright

This is another important facet of table manners and hard for kids to follow. Being seated throughout the meal is not easy for them, ask your little bee to follow it, though it may take some time. Initially, you can allow him once to get up and gradually restrict that as well. Now, come to the posture. This is significant while not only eating but also for standing, sitting and studying. Teach him to sit straight, preferably at a 90-degree angle, keep his back adjacent to the chair’s back. The best way of teaching is to model the same. This will also take time to learn but keep reminding and keep trying.

Chew with your mouth closed and don’t talk until you’ve swallowed

Teach your child to chew with his closed mouth and tell him not to make sounds while chewing. This will also help in strengthening his digestive system. Not talking till the food is swallowed will prevent any spillage and embarrassment during social dinings. Tell him to take small bites and don’t stuff mouth with food, it can choke him. Tell him that making rude sounds like burping and slurping is also not good at the table.

Don’t make bad comments about food

This is common in children. Teach them to respect food even if it doesn’t taste good. Make them realize the importance of food, how hard it is to earn and grow it, bedtime stories can play a significant role in this. Recite stories about the importance of food, farmers, how we earn and cook it. It will be fun to give some kitchen experience. You can make your own. Teach them to thank the person whosoever prepared the food, whether it is you, an aunt or a maid.

Say ‘Please pass’ instead of reaching out

Tell your child to ask the dish to be passed if he wants it instead of reaching out to it while it is far away on the other side of the table. It looks bad and may result in an accident at the table.

These small habits will surely make your child more socially acceptable and well versed with others.

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