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5 Signs Your Child Has Fallen Into Bad Company

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

As a parent, you should always be on the lookout to find signs that say your child has fallen into bad company! A seemingly simple challenge but virtually demanding more than a cop’s brain and putting parents in a quirky maze is to secure their dear little one from falling into bad company. If not curbed in early years it might hamper the growth of positive things in them and a neglect of which you may consider as petty might take a toll on your child’s future. Intervene judiciously and sensitize your child about the consequences of losing his good reputation.



5 Signs your child has bad influence these days:

Your child tends to exhibit these covert and overt behaviors under bad influence —

1. Purposeful pompous portrait of his new pal

You can now see that your little one loves to hang out with his new friends and cracks a good picture of his so-called superhero. He doesn’t want his pleasure to be snatched away as he finds him to be some real fun. He now prefers to play with his pal out of your sight. Your child can presume well that you can judge his company in no time. Allured by bad influence, he will start throwing tantrums if you don’t allow him to spend time with his new set of friends.

2. Frequent come up with white lies

For instance, my neighbor’s son, in his 3rd grade used to retort with frequent white lies for not doing his homework. He had hidden his homework diary and lied to her that it got lost. She could sense that something was going wrong. He was unable to look into her eyes and talk. He used to pause a lot when he was asked to give explanations. After examining to her utter despair, she found that her son’s classmate was suggesting “Facing punishments is the sign of a real hero.” She brought to his attention that people judge him by the type of company he is with and how badly it can affect him. It helped him to revive his lost self-discretion and secured him from infectious behavior.

3. Emerging anti-hero

Use of foul words and calling names are cues that pop out first. The deviant kid gets to boast about his upper hand over vulnerable kids, as he imagines himself to be a superhero (sadly an upcoming anti-hero). The kid becomes defiant, deliberately hurting people around and becomes very argumentative. Behavioral clues encompass disobeying elders, picking up quarrels and bully soft targets to feed on his illusory heroism.

4. Succumbing to the daredevils

A bad company need not be just people of his age group. It might be any significant individual irrespective of age group or even media has a tremendous influence on your child’s behavior. An abrupt shift in their favorite entertainment, television programmes or recreational activities is a good pinpointer to gauge them. People see what they like to see; and so is the pathogen gaining momentum driving the child to watch programmes telecasting violence and hostility.

5. Ethics disabled; child’s moral compass suffers a beating

Kids under bad influence surprisingly refuse to participate in rituals or practices inculcating morals, which they customarily do with delight. It’s a sign showing how the child got deviated due to the bad company. Skipping prayers or restlessness while praying, a dislike to hear morals, etc. reflects red alert for parents to act upon. They boycott to be with good company as their inner voice pricks.

Your patience and perseverance packed with tactful timely talks play a pivotal role to get your child back in your safe hands. A prolonged exposure to such bad influence would be detrimental to the already nurtured good values leaving a further way for other vices to conglomerate. Exercising Conscious and careful counsel which is “child and situation specific” works.

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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