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10 Ways You Can Raise Happy Kids

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Raising happy kids is a part of parenting journey that is a must but at times, also difficult to achieve! All parents want their kids to be happy, to grow up to love and be loved, to follow their dreams, to find success.



In the process, many parents wonder, ‘’Is it really in my hands to make my kids happy?’’ Well, to a great extent it is! Both my kids are different, Jade, 7, is a somber child from birth while Ria, 5, is lively. Jade always wakes up grumpy while Ria wakes up with a smile. Genes play a significant role in our happiness, but research has shown that genes can also be tackled with a loving environment.

Raising happy kids with simple tips

Well, here are 10 ways you can contribute exponentially to raising happy and healthy kids:

1. Make your child feel connected

Try to get your sweetie pie to connect with you and other family members. This is because connecting with family members is a feeling of being loved, understood, wanted and acknowledged. This is a big protector against the emotional distress, negative thoughts, and other risky behaviors.

2. Try to be happy yourself

Studies show that the mood of your child is the reflection of your own mood. It is because your kiddo absorbs everything from you, your mood matters the most. Happy parents are likely to have happy kids, while children of depressed parents suffer twice the average rate of depression.

3. Praise your child whenever you can

Always praise the good stuff done by your cutie pie. This means, always praise the hard work, the persistence and the creativity that goes into mastering the task, rather than focusing more on the achievement and success.

4. Let your child try, try again

If you really want to bolster your sweetie’s self-esteem, let him try, try again. In this way, you are providing your kiddo with ample opportunities to learn new skills. This is a challenge for you to step back and see your little one struggle to achieve. It’s only practice that can make your kiddo perfect.

5. Let your child experience both success and failure

Little ones will never know the thrill of mastery unless you allow them to risk failure. Explain to your kiddo that failure is also a part of life and they should not be disheartened, but try again. And through repeated experiences of failure and trials, they will develop the can-do attitude.

6. Allow your child to have some responsibilities

Some parents do everything for their kids and don’t give any responsibility to the child. Studies show that to be happy, it is very important to know that you are worthy of something and your presence is essential. So try to give your little one some responsibilities like fill up the cat food, arrange their toys, etc.

7. Support the ‘shy’ ones

If you have a shy kid, be as supportive as you can and don’t let your child feel like an outcast among extroverts. So, how can you support a shy kid? The key is to get him out of his comfort zone without trying to change his nature. Research has shown that shyness is a part of some children’s character and a very difficult trait to change. So, it’s better to work with shyness than against it.

8. Always be polite with your little one

Politeness is essential for building relationships, personal or professional. Always try to be polite with your little one, and this way your child too will return the same gesture. Your kiddo follows your footsteps, so try to be polite to everyone you meet.

9. Practice and preach ‘optimism’ to your kid

If you want to avoid dealing with a surly teenager, then teach your preteen to look on the bright side of every situation. Many studies show that happiness is closely related to optimism and the two can practically be squared.

10. Teach your kid ‘self-discipline’

Self-discipline is necessary for all to live a happy and successful life. Teach your kiddo how to resist temptation. Studies show that the kids who overcome their temptations go on to lead much better lives years later and are happier compared to those who don’t. Help your little one by telling him to learn to distract himself from temptation.

The most important work to make your sweetie pie happy can only be done by you and within the walls of your own homes.

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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