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Fire Your Child's Imagination!

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Imagination! The very word seems to sparkle with possibility, and brings to mind a childlike energy and spontaneity, even if you don't always know how. You know you should foster your child's imaginations, but our busy lives often don't seem to have a place for creativity that isn't tied to productivity. Try this!





    1) Each child begins by drawing the head of an imaginary creature at the top of a blank sheet of paper, being sure to include a neck.

    2) When each child is done, they folds down the top of the page to leave just the edge of the neck visible, then passes the paper to the person on the left.

    3) Everyone then takes the sheet of paper just received and continues to draw a body from the neck down with arms and middle.

    4) When this part is finished, again each child folds their paper leaving just the bottom of the middle visible. Once more, papers are passed to the left.

    5) Players then draw the bottom part of a body, including legs, on the piece of paper just received. When done, unfold the papers to see the monsters that were jointly created.

    Amazingly creative group activity that you can engage your kids and friends with.

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