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Let’s Make A Torn Paper Collage

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Does your child already enjoy tearing up paper? This activity enhances your child’s ability to distinguish colours. It is also going to be a fun pass time for your child and you. Gear up and try this out on a lazy afternoon when your child is in need of some excitement! You are going to love performing the activity with your child as you see that it is also going to be a super cool learning experience for her. 



    Requisites: A printed picture of a shape or an animal (outline only), colour paper- about 5 to 6 colours, glue stick, cardboard- red colour, glue, punching machine, a piece of string


    1. Print out a big picture of an animal or anything that your child might fancy. Make sure the printed picture is not coloured. It should be just an outline.

    2. Tear up the colour paper into tiny bits and keep each colour of torn paper bits in separate containers.

    3. Help your child learn to stick the torn paper bits onto the printed picture by doing it yourself. Use a glue stick as it will be less of a hassle compared to the liquid glue.

    4. Encourage your child to stick the torn paper bits onto the printed picture as you have shown.

    5. Play with different combinations of colours to make it more interesting and colourful.

    6. Using a red coloured cardboard sheet, make a frame by cutting out a rectangle as per the size of the printed picture. Stick the frame onto the picture using glue.

    7. Punch a hole at the centre of the picture and pass a piece of string through the picture.

    There you have it! A super colourful picture collage that can be hung on a wall! This activity helps your child learn different colours and also improves her eye-hand coordination! 

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