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THE BEST PLAY IDEA FOR KIDS Boxes Game (Dots or Squares)

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Boxes (also known as Dots or Squares) are a simple pen and paper game for 2 or more players.



    You Will Need: • Pen and Paper   • Template - Download (optional)


    1) Either create your own grids or print off our template. Grids can be made to any size depending on how long you wish the game to last or the age of the children.

    2) Players take turns to connect any two dots by drawing a horizontal or vertical line but not diagonally. Whenever a player sees a place in the grid where 3 sides of a square have been completed, child may draw the fourth side on and claim the box as their by entering their initial, child then draws the next line.

    3) When the diagram is fairly full of lines he may be able to find that child is able to complete several boxes without stopping. But, for their last go it maybe that child gives the next box away by drawing the third line on a box for their opponent giving child the opportunity to fill some boxes.

    4) The game ends when all no more lines can be placed and all the boxes have been filled the player with the most squares filled is the winner.

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