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Correct Posture While Writing - Very Important

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Good habit formation at the early stages of development will lay a stronger foundation for the future of your child. This is the age when your child is forming habits that will last for a lifetime and it is important to be vigilant to ensure that wrong habits don’t get ingrained. Habits once formed are difficult to undo and this holds true for your child’s posture as well.

Benefits of Correct Posture

When your child sits down to write, the posture is very important not only for good handwriting but also from the health point of view. Often handwriting is attributed to only fine motor skills but posture also plays a huge role in it. A child sitting with a good posture at the writing desk will have more core strength, better muscle tone and will experience less fatigue even after sitting for long. A bad posture like slouching, keeping eyes too close to the notebook or keeping the neck rolled to one side will put extra effort on the skeletal muscles and eyes, leading to pain, discomfort and weak eyesight.

It is important for you to emphasise the importance of correct posture to your child both in school and at home. Correct positioning of the paper, secured with one hand and a body balanced and straight will help your child have better handwriting and good health as well.



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