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Increased Motor Abilities: Your Child Will Have Better Grip On Scissors Now

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Your child is now 5 years old, and has started holding scissors. He understands its use and tries to cut things by himself. His motor skills have gradually developed which will enable a better grip in cutting.



    What you can do

    At first, you should select a good scissor which fits your child’s hands. Begin with a plastic scissor. Help your child in proper hand placements so that his first step to cut with scissor is correct. Sit beside him and supervise.

    Cut with another scissor as he can have a visual experience and will follow it. Cutting will strengthen your child’s hand muscles and the efficiency of the use of his tripod fingers. Practice regularly starting with a straight line cut. Side by side stress on the safety rules which should be followed while using scissors. Also, tell him that scissors are only for cutting papers and he should never walk with scissors or keep it on bed or chair. Encourage as well as enhance his cutting skills.

    Give him shapes to cut. Gradually, he will learn to give a smoother finish to his cutting skills. With your supervision and guidance your child can enjoy it and develop his motor skills to a much higher level. This particular task involves hand and eye coordination which will help your children to progress in studies as well sports and make a mark for themselves. 

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