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Problem Solving In Action- What Your Child Does!

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

So, your little child collected all their art work and tried displaying them on the table. But the table wasn’t large enough for all their art-work, so they selected the ones they thought were the best.

First Attempts at Problem Solving

While this might seem something way too simple, it is actually your 3 year old’s attempt at problem solving. In fact, when they use glue for the first time to paste those leaves on a sheet of paper, they learn an important aspect of problem solving! Your child, as little as 3-4 years solves problems. Their solution is usually imaginative and focused. So, they may press the phone back button too many times to get to the home-screen or open a game. At the same time, they may feel frustrated as well. For instance, not being able to pull up a zipper might be frustrating because they don’t know how to solve it.

Teaching Strategies

This is where you as a parent come into the picture. Using different strategies, you can teach your child problem solving. For instance, you can be a model. If you see your child struggling with a zipper, wear a jacket and act as if the zipper is stuck. Then, use different motions to open it. Your child will copy that and solve the problem!



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