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Woo-hoo! Your Child's Active Hours Are Now More Than His Sleeping Hours

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

By this age, your child takes only one nap per day. So now, your child has probably given up his morning nap, sleeping only for an hour or two after lunch. Any more than that may be too much and cut into his night-time sleep. The brighter side of this is he is now more active during day time and gradually stepping into the threshold of becoming a big boy!



    What you need to know

    Sleep schedule shifts are very natural in your child's growth and development. In fact, as he grows up, by their third birthday, most children are down to a single one to two hour afternoon nap after lunch, a pattern some keep until they are 5. Your child may feel sleepy sometimes before noon, they sometimes become cranky for lack of sleep, and as they grow older, your child will be interested in playing rather in sleeping.

    Nap routines

    Have your child nap in the same place that they sleep at night. A set naptime in a set place will ensure that your child gets the sleep they needs. The best time for naps is the early afternoon. Don't let your child nap past 4 p.m., or they will have problems going to sleep at bedtime. At least three hours should elapse between the end of a nap and bedtime.

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