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Woo Hoo! Your Preschooler Has Climbed Another Stair on the Growth Ladder!

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Your little one at this stage will no longer be your baby but an active, energetic kid. Visible differences in height and weight can be noticed in your champ at this stage. Wow! Your four year old is a grown up already, isn't it?



    Be prepared, because by the end of the fifth year, his milk teeth of the child may start falling to be replaced with permanent adult teeth. However, it might get delayed until the sixth year for some of the kids. Your child will now have better hand-eye co-ordination and will be able to do the following:

    • Walk with stable steps
    • Climb up and down the stairs putting one foot at a time
    • Throw, catch, kick, bounce a ball
    • Jump higher
    • Hop on one leg
    • Run faster
    • Swing by himself/herself
    • Ride bicycle with support wheels
    • Try playing outdoor sports like cricket, badminton, etc.

    Enjoy all the aspects of his daily growth, he's a stunner in the making!

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