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Your Child Has Reached The Age Of Complex Thinking Process

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Your 7+ year old child has a great urge to know and learn new things. Children this age are genuinely interested about the outside world. You will notice that your child is very enthusiastic about knowing different things and is able to absorb and recall remarkable details about events. Children this age also start developing individual interests and start showing preference towards particular subjects. This will also become evident in their school work.



    What you need to know 
    At this age, your child’s thinking process is directly connected to emotions. If, for whatever reason, your child is unhappy, then they will not be able to think properly. If your child’s emotions or self-esteem has been hurt then they will not be able to concentrate. They are still too young to control and overcome their emotions and will sulk for a long time. Children who have low self-confidence will be reluctant to try and learn new things. Your intervention and encouragement will be needed to overcome these thoughts and make them think in a positive direction.

    Children at this age are able to think up complex ideas and also express them. They would get upset by little things, and help in sorting out their worries is much required. Children this age have started understanding the concept of money and time and also have the ability to plan ahead. You will also see your child getting obsessed about collecting certain things like coins, stones etc and getting very possessive about them.

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