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Your Child Is Likely To Have Constant Boredom

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

After a day at school, doing homework, attending classes and outdoor play, your kid may still say "I am feeling bored Mom". Surely, after a day’s hectic schedule, the time left will be less. You can spend quality time with him and look for ways to deal with his boredom and connect positively with both indoor and outdoor activities.

What you need to know

Playing with your 7+ year old can be fun and learning. At this age, your child can be involved in games outside the house. For instance, going for hikes, walking along the beach, riding bikes together on weekends, going for walk, etc. Such trips once a while can be amazing.
If its indoor games, you can play with him pictionary, kerplunk. Once in a while, you can also have a picnic in the backyard of your home. While playing with him be involved and let him guide you in what and how to play. This will boost his self esteem and sense of pride.

What you can do



    Another magic weapon where you can bond with your child is reading. Set time during the day dedicated to reading. With practice and consistency, he will look forward to spending the time reading with you and also will develop into a voracious reader. When you and your child play together, both benefit. The end result is highly rewarding. Both of you enjoy positive learning experiences together while having fun. Above all, it will minimize your child’s screen-time watching.

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