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Your Child Is Now Ready To Write Stories & Essays In A Competent Way

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Your child’s language skills are more advanced now. He is able to express more complex ideas and uses variety of words and correct grammar while communicating with his peers, friends and adults. He is able to comprehend what he reads and can also write phrases and sentences. 



    You will find him making efforts to develop a story wherein he uses his language, imagination and  creativity.

    What you need to know

    Initially, encourage your budding writer to have fun writing about anything. For instance, his recent trip to the Zoo or his favourite movie.

    Teach your child about the basics in developing a story. 

    •        Pick up 1 of his favourite books and read aloud.

    •        Ask him, to identify all the characters in the story. You can write them on the white board.

    •        Ask him to identify the start, middle and end of the story. You can write them as pointers on the board.

    •        Summarize, the elements of the story discussed so far.

    You can refer to the book “How to Write your Best Story Ever” by ‘Christopher Edge.’

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