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Your Child May Have Behaviour Problems- Should You Be Strict?

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Disciplining your child begins at a very young age. At this stage, your child better understands the reasons put forth for why something is wrong. If disciplining has been started earlier, they would be in a position to understand right from wrong and also listen to their parents and look up to them for guidance. But at the same time if as a parent you are strict in disciplining them it might lead to them having low self-esteem. This way deprives your child of self-discipline and responsibility and thus, they may have problem behaviour.

What you need to know
As you might have known by now, kids follow their parents. If you shout or are very authoritarian, they listen to you out of fear and seem to be controlled for a short period of time, but they will not want to be like that always. They learn to shout at you and eventually lose the self-esteem to own any responsibility. They might also become more aggressive and rebellious as they grow into adults.

In spite of your being a reasonable parent, kids this age might sometimes tend to back-talk. Teach them that words have powers and should not be used in that way. Address their back-talking with showing the consequences of their words rather than yelling or debating with them. Cutting out on their play activities might be one way of disciplining the kid this age. But once the time-out is over, behave normally with them. One way to discipline them is to let them relax. Enrol them in non-academic classes which interest them. This will help them to unwind, and give an outlet for their additional energy in a more structured manner.



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