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Your Child Needs To Know How To Handle Failure

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

By this stage, your child is likely to have a competitive spirit and would love the idea of winning always. However, he must also realize that one must handle failure with equal dignity. There are a few life lessons that every child must be taught right from the time they begin to understand what is good and what is bad. Failure is certainly one of those things that makes or breaks a person in many ways.



    What you need to know 
    It may sound clichéd but as a matter of fact, kids who take failure well at this age are the ones who will make it big in the later years. Yes! Failure is important, perhaps little more than success is. And, as a parent you must ensure that your child takes failure in his own stride and moves on.

    This is not easy. A child is bound to feel down after he loses. But, in your own special way you must ensure that the child understands that failure is indeed the first step to success, and certainly not the end of the road.

    What you need to do
    Also, a kid has this tendency to believe that you will not love him if he doesn't do well. Do make sure that you shower all your love and make him feel secure no matter what. Kids take no time to feel insecure and defeat makes them more insecure. Their confidence and self esteem both take a beating. So, take all possible measures to comfort him and make him understand that failure is just a part of life. Never ever think of reprimanding the child, you will probably lose him forever. Make your child understand failure, and he will perhaps never fail in life!

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