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Your Child Now Has New Problems Every Day!

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Your kiddo now will come home with a new set of problems every day, complaining about food, friends, foes and what not. You are sure to run out of time and energy to sort them out. Looking for an easy way out? Simple. Let him or her give you the solution.

What you need to know
Problem solving skills are high order intelligence prerequisites which constitute the foundation for future life skills. As a parent, you may first have to listen to your child and help him or her label their feelings such as sad, disappointed, angry, excited, etc. Later, you need to rephrase the incident from a neutral perspective. For instance, if your child says “Arnav broke my pencil by sharpening it too much”; you need to say, “Your pencil broke while Arnav was trying to sharpen it for better writing.” Ask your child what can be done.
Remember your little one is very disappointed and will not respond positively initially. Give alternative solutions and see if he or she agrees at least partially. In the above case, maybe next time, your child can ensure that the pencil is sharp enough before sharing with a friend and seek parents’ help in sharpening if need be. Better understanding of problems and trying to solve them critically will go a long way in helping your child survive tougher times as he or she grows up.



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