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Your Child's World is Still A Blend of Real and Imagination

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

This year of development is one of high emotions as your child begins to test the limits of the world around including, and most especially, you. More so, because their world is still a mixture of both reality and imaginary.

What you need to know

This important year of your child’s life will be one of amazing growth and frustrating limitations for their needs and wants. For example, most children are able to string short sentences together and can communicate their needs more clearly than before. However, your child’s world is still a mix of real and imaginary, and they may become upset because their favorite television show is not on right now or because the characters of the show can’t come to your house to play.

Your child will probably be interested in everything and everyone, especially if it’s new or different. Your child is listening and taking in everything around. Your child will also insist on trying to do many things by their own as they become more capable and independent. Your child will discover that ‘no’ is a powerful word and will probably use it often.



    What you need to do

    Calmly explain to them why a behavior is not safe or not OK in the moment but don’t overreact when your child says no to you. You want your child to develop a sense of their own independence and learn boundaries. Saying ‘No’ will be appropriate and will help your child build confidence and problem-solving skills later in life.

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