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Your Kiddo Will Find Simple Art And Craft Activities Interesting

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Your bundle of joy can now do activities which will enhance his hand-eye coordination. Art and craft activities provide practical exposure to improve this skill. Your child is now able to draw lines, simple shapes like circle, square and a few letters. He will create drawings that are more real in nature. For example, drawing a person, a house, a tree. He will use 2 or more shapes to make simple drawings. He can trace over simple shapes and simple forms using tracing paper. He will love working with colours, paints, crayons and other art media. 



    Besides art, another activity which will keep him engaged is craft. Stringing beads and macaroni to make patterns, making alphabet tree, paper flowers, etc. are crafts where he gets to use scissors, glue, tape, colour papers and other materials.

    What you need to know

    Create an art and craft corner in his room which is inviting for him to explore his imagination with the art and craft supplies. Keep the supplies handy in his room.

    Praise your child’s efforts and creativity. Don’t look for perfection. Give him the required material and let him explore. 

    Get your child’s work displayed in his room. It will boost his morale. You can also make an art book collection of his drawings. 


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