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Your Kiddo's Communication Through Speech, Sound, and Gestures is Getting Stronger

Team AckoFeb 4, 2024

At this stage, your child will communicate by seeing their siblings, or most near and dear ones. Their communication skills through broken words, gestures, and sounds are getting stronger now. You should pay a lot of attention when your kid is talking with you; though they may not be clear in their speech, even then they will express their feelings with their tiny talks. You have an important role in understanding your child’s broken words.

What you need to know
Most children learn to communicate to get a need met or to establish and maintain interaction with loved ones. Your child communicates from birth, through sounds, facial expressions and gestures, etc. Most children of this group age (2 to 3) continue to develop communication skills when you respond to their efforts to “tell” others about what they need or want.



    They grasp very soon and adopt a few words by listening and taking them into their routine, such as if they want to go for potty or urine. Sometimes your child will make you understand by their sign language. Respond to your child’s gestures, looks and sounds. When your child puts their arms out to you, pick up your child, kiss him and use simple loving words. Listen to your child before you talk.

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