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Signs of Bad Parenting: 5 Ways Parents Embarrass Their Kids In Public

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Signs of bad parenting aren't that hard to spot, especially when you can easily spot some parents embarrass their kids in public! Parents love their kids and kids love them back. But there are a number of things parents do to embarrass their kids. Whether these acts are intentional or not, parents have the uncanny ability to humiliate their kids at given moment.



A study has revealed that parents embarrass their children more than ten times a week. Research has also found that the average youngster is left red-faced twice a day by their embarrassing acts of their parents. Some even believe that parents actually go out of their way to embarrass them in front of their friends.

Bad parenting signs: How parents embarrass their kids in public

Here is a list of some of the embarrassing things that parents do:

The kisses that never have misses

To a kid who is growing up, getting a sloppy kiss from mom or a bear hug from dad can be quite embarrassing especially in front of their friends. So save the affection for the privacy of your home.

''Aww, poochie-pumpkin!''-- The nickname calls in public!

It is okay for parents to call their kids by their nicknames. But it is not so sweet when you call your kids by those names in public or in front of their friends. It is embarrassing for them, especially when outsiders start teasing them by their nicknames. So the next time, don’t call your kiddo a “Pumpkin” or “Bobo” in public! Your kid will thank you!

No, no, you can’t do it!

For parents, their kid will always remain like a two-year-old baby in diapers no matter how big they are grown. You would wipe their face because they could not do it themselves. But when you do that and other babying things like that, you make them feel like they aren’t big enough to do things for themselves. So control yourself and resist the urge to treat them like kids in public.

The yell and the telltales!

It won't be wrong to say, we have all yelled at our kids in public, haven’t we? When we yell at our kids, it does a great deal of damage to their young hearts and mind, apart from being embarrassed. Instead of becoming confident adults, they could go on to become weak, depressed and dysfunctional. So maintain your composure. Take some deep breaths and excuse yourself.

The hand-holding habit

You can start to avoid this bad parenting sign in public! As a parent, you will want to hold your kid's hand for the rest of your life. It was okay when they were small and were not allowed to go across the street without holding hands. But as they grow up, there comes a day when they are not cool with it. It’s an awkward transition for everyone. But it’s time to let go and see your child walk with confidence.

No one said parenting was easy. The good news is that most kids outgrow that shameful feeling towards their parents when they enter adulthood or become parents themselves. And lastly, it is okay for you to take one day at a time. You are doing good, so don’t worry!

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