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How to Make Your Child Obey You: 5 Effective Ways

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Are you often wondering about how to make your child obey you? Are you having a hard time getting your children to follow directions? Well, you are not the only one!



A few days ago, my sister came to see me. “ I am facing the most frustrating parenting problem that I ever had,“ she said. It was because of her 4-year-old son Oliver, who stopped listening to her and started ignoring her.

So she had to tell him everything 4–5 times, each time her pitch going louder. ‘’It’s so frustrating as this is not the kind of parent I wanted to be,” she added. But her son’s inability to obey made her feel powerless. And this is not the case with just my sister, but many parents out there.

How to make your child obey you?

On that account, here are 5 effective ways through which you can make your child obey you —

1. Make your point clear

You can make yourself clear by telling your kiddo the consequences of not being obedient. As you can say, “Please sit properly in the moving car or you can hurt yourself.” If there is no response then tell him to sit properly or you will leave him behind in the car when you go out to the market for shopping.

2. Get some perspective

Yelling at your kid to gain his attention won’t do either of you much good. Instead, try to take a step back and understand that your child isn’t trying to undermine you purposely. He is just acting his age. So try to work on a better strategy. You can try a little tap on his shoulder or can also place yourself physically between him and whatever it is, that’s distracting him.

3. Avoid repeating yourself

Avoid telling your kiddo the same instruction again and again. You can tell your kiddo, “Stop watching the T.V. at the count of three or you will not be allowed to watch T.V. again.’’ Another option can be by telling,”Stop watching the T.V. at the count of three and then put your clothes away, for this, you will be rewarded as 15 minutes on the computer after dinner tonight.”

4. Choose the best message

Studies have proved that kids only follow your instructions every time if they feel that you always tell them the important ones. So try to concentrate on the things that really matter. But if your little one is not listening to the least important ones, then let it go and concentrate on the important ones, before you get yourself embroiled in a battle of wills.

5. Treat your kiddo the same way you want to be treated

Sometimes, kids don’t pay attention because they feel like no one’s paying attention to them. You are often so busy that you don’t always focus on things you consider to be insignificant, but those may be the very things that matter most to your child.So try to listen to your child. This is the best way to make your child listen to you.

These are the best ways to make your cutie pie to obey you. Yes, they definitely work. Never forget, that your kiddo is not doing this intentionally, so handle the little one with patience and care.

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