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Top 5 Manners You Should Be Teaching Your Child

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

There's a list of basic manners that you should be teaching your child. There is no right age for children when it comes to developing their social skills and inculcating social manners. A child learns to speak words like ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ as early as they are around 2 years of age. This is the right age for laying the foundation for developing your child into a confident and well-behaved adult. Introducing positive words and vocabulary will make your child optimistic, appreciative and thoughtful. Teaching right language and words from early childhood pay off in the long run.



Important manners you should teach your child

Other than ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You,’ you should teach your child these 5 important social manners to bring out the best in them:

1. I’m sorry —

It is very important that your child knows when to apologize and how to apologize. Children at a young age may not want to apologize because they don’t want to accept their mistake. However, this should never be done in the heat of the moment. If your child pushes or hits another child, instead of demanding an instant apology, step back and take a deep breath, explain to your child that this might have hurt his friend. Then get your child to say ‘Sorry’ politely and without any anguish.

2. Excuse me —

Children just love to talk. Talking while eating, studying, playing and doing everything. What you have to teach your child is not to interfere when adults are talking. Teach your child to politely interrupt by saying ‘Excuse me’ during the conversation and when allowed, he should say what he has to. This will make your child a great communicator and develop clarity of thought. Tell your child about using ‘excuse me’ when he bumps into someone or wants to walk out of a room full of people. Teaching a little courtesy to your child will enhance his social skills.

3. You’re welcome! —

Using and teaching polite words and phrases to your child will build an environment of mutual respect within which your child will thrive. Tell him to use simple and polite phrases at every opportunity. Whenever your child or any other member in the house thanks you for anything, respond with ‘you’re welcome’ without fail; even when you are in a hurry. Modelling is the most effective way for parents to help their children to extend their new social skills beyond home or classroom.

4. Hello or Hi! —

Teach your child to greet people with ‘hello’ or ‘hi!’ Kids love the idea of becoming, acting and being treated like adults. Their pretend games mostly revolve around things that grown-ups do in their day-to-day lives. Explain to your child that greeting someone in a friendly and polite manner shows respect for the other person and makes your child appear more grown-up.

5. No, thank you! —

Your child should know expressing his displeasure or rejection politely. At the same time, you must also realize the importance of expressing these emotions. Saying just a plain ‘no’ sometimes can be seen as rude but adding ‘thank you’ will make it sound polite. Teach your child the difference between using ‘no’ and ‘no, thank you’ by demonstrating this at home or wherever your child is, with you.

Practice what you preach

Your kids look up to you and model your behavior. Your children will learn well when you also demonstrate good manners repetitively and praise. Children need lots of repetition. Rather than forcing good manners and correcting their early or incomplete efforts, choose another opportunity on another day. Teaching manners right from the time your child starts speaking and reinforcing their use will ensure that your child takes these important social skills into adulthood.

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