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Travel Insurance for Italy from India

Ensure a safe trip with Italy travel insurance plan.

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Italy is a country that has some of the most beautiful cities in the world, like Rome, Naples, Tuscany, Venice and more. Its natural landscapes, ancient ruins, and fascinating cuisine and culture attract tourists from all over the world. But did you know that a travel insurance policy is mandatory for visiting Italy? Read ahead to understand why and how you need to buy travel insurance for Italy from India for your trip.

Why do I need travel insurance for Italy from India?
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You must purchase travel insurance for Italy for these reasons.

Key features of travel insurance for Italy
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These are the main features of international travel insurance for Italy.

Key features

Italy travel insurance benefits (exact benefits will be as per your policy terms)

Medical emergency coverage

Hospitalisation or daycare coverage if required while travelling to Italy.

Accidental coverage

Hospitalisation or daycare coverage if required after an accident during the Italy trip. 

Flight delay/cancellation coverage

Monetary coverage in relation to cancelled or delayed flights.

Adventure sports coverage

Monetary coverage in relation to injuries after participating in an adventure sport that causes hospitalisation.

Trip rescheduling/cancellation coverage

Monetary coverage in relation to trip cancellation or rescheduling.

Baggage delay/loss coverage

Monetary coverage in relation to the delay or loss of checked-in baggage.

Loss of passport coverage

Monetary coverage in relation to losing your passport. 

COVID-19 quarantine coverage

Coverage regarding trip cancellation in relation to COVID-19 quarantine restrictions.

Loss of fund coverage

Monetary coverage associated with loss or theft of travel funds.

Benefits of a travel insurance plan for Italy
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The following are the main benefits of buying a travel insurance policy for Italy.

Health coverage
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A health-related emergency on a trip to Italy may lead to financial burdens. But you can protect yourself from financial burdens by purchasing a travel insurance plan to cover against accident or illness-related expenses.

Baggage coverage
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Travel baggage contains all your essentials, so you can’t afford to lose it. But if an airline misplaces your luggage, you can have monetary assistance through a travel insurance policy.

Journey coverage
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On your trip to Italy, you may need financial assistance in case of losing your cash, misplacing your passport, etc. Such scenarios can be covered financially with an Italy travel insurance plan.

What is covered?

What is not covered?

What is covered?
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The following situations are usually covered in an Italy travel insurance policy.

  • Medical emergencies that involve daycare treatment or hospitalisation

  • Financial loss associated with a flight delay or cancellation

  • Financial expenses related to accidental treatment requiring daycare or hospitalisation

  • Financial burden after an airline loses or delays your checked-in baggage

  • Loss of travel cash in robbery, theft, etc.

  • Loss of passport resulting in expenses to get a duplicate passport

  • COVID-19-related restrictions leading to the cancellation of your Italy trip

What is not covered?
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These are the situations when Italy travel insurance usually won’t offer coverage.

  • Visiting the country without a valid visa

  • Travelling to Italy for some medical treatment or consultation

  • Going on an Italy trip even when you are not fit medically 

  • Death or injury related to suicide or suicide attempt

  • Loss or damage associated with alcohol influence or some other type of intoxication

  • Loss or damage when you indulge in criminal activity on your trip

  • Loss or damage related to indulging in a hazardous activity on your trip

  • Health issues related to pre-existing medical condition 

  • Health issues related to pregnancy

Note: Please go through the policy document provided by your insurer to understand what is included and not included in your plan.

Tips to buy the best travel insurance for Italy from India
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The following tips will help you buy the best travel insurance for Italy from India.

Know more about Italy before you visit
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These are a few things that will help you on your trip to Italy.

When should you visit Italy?
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Italy looks astonishing all year round, but the seasons of autumn and spring feel most blissful. In the summer, you will find it too crowded and hot, resulting in higher rates for hotels and other facilities. Similarly, if you go during the winter months, it may feel extremely wet and cold, especially in the northern parts of the country. 

What to do in Italy?
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Italy has its own charm with a wide range of things you can do on your trip.

Italy visa for Indian tourists
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People coming to Italy outside of Europe require a Schengen visa. Based on the categories mentioned below, you can apply for a visa to Italy.

Italy entry information for Indians
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The following is the key information for Indians to enter Italy.

Italy visit: Safety precautions 
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Italy is one of the most loved countries among travellers. While it is a tourist-friendly destination, you should note the following for your safety. 

Italy-based Indian Embassy
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Here are the contact details of the Indian Embassy in Italy.


Via XX Settembre, 5, Rome, Italy


0039 064884642-3-4-5


0339 064819539


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Here are a few common questions and answers about travel insurance for Italy from India.


Is travel insurance mandatory for Italy?

Travel insurance is mandatory for Italy as it is one of the Schengen countries in Europe. 

What will be the cost of an Italy travel insurance plan?

The cost of travel insurance for Italy will depend on multiple factors like the duration of your trip, coverage type, number of insured travellers, etc.

Does travel insurance cover sudden sickness while travelling?

Depending on the insurance provider you choose, a travel insurance policy will cover the cost of hospitalisation or daycare due to sudden sickness while travelling in Italy.

Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and changes. Please check the applicable policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries.