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Travel Insurance for Ireland from India

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Are you planning a fun getaway to Ireland? If so, you should ensure that you are properly insured before you embark on your journey. Travel insurance keeps you financially safe and secure while you're away from home, so it's a must-have for any trip. Get ready to dive into the details of travel insurance for Ireland from India! Make sure to read to the end to see our bonus content on Ireland's top tourist destinations.

Why do I need travel insurance for Ireland from India?
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You need Ireland travel insurance to stay financially protected against unforeseen events while visiting Ireland. Here are a few examples. 

Key features of Ireland travel insurance policy
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Generally, travel insurance for Ireland comes with the following features. Make sure to go through the applicable policy wordings for exact coverages, benefits, and features.

Key features

Ireland travel insurance benefits (as per policy terms)

Accidental coverage

If you suffer injuries due to an accident, this feature will cover your medical costs for treatment.

Medical emergency coverage

While on the trip, if you suddenly require immediate medical support, this feature will take care of the costs.

Adventure sports coverage

Planning to take part in an adventure sport while in Ireland? This feature has got you covered!

Flight delay/cancellation coverage

This feature financially compensates you for cancelled/delayed flights.

Baggage delay/loss coverage

If the airline delays or loses your checked-in baggage, this feature will offer monetary compensation.

Trip rescheduling/cancellation coverage

This feature comes in handy if you have to cancel your trip for a reason permitted under the policy.

COVID-19 quarantine coverage

Coverage against trip cancellation/rescheduling due to observing a COVID-19 quarantine.

Loss of passport coverage

If you lose your passport, this feature will cover the costs of getting a replacement.

Loss of travel fund coverage

With this feature, you will receive compensation if your travel funds are misplaced or stolen.

Benefits of travel insurance for Ireland
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An Ireland travel insurance can be invaluable in the following instances.

Medical emergencies
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It is impossible to predict a medical emergency. If one arises while you are in Ireland, your travel policy will help you manage the associated costs.

Trip cancellation & interruption
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It is possible for your trip to be cancelled for reasons like disease, natural disaster, political unrest, etc. In such cases your travel insurance can save the day by safeguarding your travel investment.

Personal belongings
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It is not uncommon for personal belongings to be misplaced or stolen while travelling. Possessing a travel policy can save you the financial stress of enduring such losses.

24/7 support & assistance
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Your insurer may be in India, but they are just one call or text away. So, you can enjoy your trip knowing that you have the necessary insurance support at all times.

What has covered travel insurance for Ireland from India?
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The following situations are typically covered by your travel insurance for Ireland from India.

What is not covered?
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Most policies may not cover you in the following situations.

Note: We have only listed the usual inclusions and exclusions found under travel insurance for Ireland. Kindly refer to the fine print of a policy’s terms to know its exact coverages and limitations.

Tips to buy the best travel insurance for Ireland from India online
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In this section, we will share a few tips on how to get the best deal on your Ireland travel insurance.

Purchase online insurance
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An online policy can be bought directly from the insurer via their website. As a result, there are no extra costs (for example, commissions) associated with obtaining an online travel policy.

Compare multiple policies
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There are numerous travel insurance companies on the internet that offer travel policies with various coverage and cost options. This allows you to compare the offerings of multiple policies and select the best. You can go about this by comparing online policies from different websites. Alternatively, you could refer to a third-party website to see how the policies offered by different insurers match up against each other.

Tailor-make your policy
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Travel insurance plans tend to have a lot of flexible elements. That is why it's important to tailor a policy to your specific requirements before buying it. By doing so, you can prevent paying for coverage that you don't actually need.

Select adequate coverage
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Sum insured is the insurance term used to refer to the maximum amount you can claim under a policy. When buying a policy, choose a sum insured after considering the maximum financial support you may require in a worst-case scenario.

Best places to visit in Ireland
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With your travel insurance keeping you financially protected, here are some places you can visit in Ireland worry-free.

Ireland visas for Indians
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The following categories of visas are available to Indian citizens travelling to Ireland.

Indian Embassy location in Ireland
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If you require emergency assistance while in Ireland, you can contact/visit the Indian Embassy in Ireland

Embassy name

Embassy of India, Dublin, Ireland


69 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin-4, Co Dublin, Ireland

Telephone number

00353-1 2604806

Working hours

09.00-17.30 hrs

International airports in Ireland
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The table shared below contains the list of some of the key international airports in Ireland.



Dublin Airport

On the east coast, south of Dublin City

Cork Airport

On the south coast, south of Cork City

Shannon Airport

On the west coast, north of Limerick City

Belfast Airport

West of Belfast City

Knock Airport (Ireland West Airport Knock)

In County Mayo

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Here are responses to some of the most typical queries about travel insurance in Ireland.


Why do I need travel insurance for Ireland?

You need travel insurance for Ireland so that you have a layer of financial protection against unanticipated events that may occur while you’re in Ireland.

Is travel insurance mandatory for visiting Ireland?

No, travel insurance is not mandatory for visiting Ireland. Nevertheless, we highly recommend it for your own financial security and peace of mind while on your trip.

What does Ireland travel insurance cover for Indians?

The coverage offered by Ireland travel insurance may vary depending on the type of policy. But typically, it covers things like trip cancellation, medical emergencies, lost or stolen luggage, and more.

How much does travel insurance for Ireland cost for Indians?

The cost of travel insurance for Ireland depends on several factors. These generally include the length of your trip, your age, and the coverage you need.

Where can I buy Ireland travel insurance as an Indian citizen?

You can buy Ireland travel insurance from certified insurance companies, travel agencies, or online platforms.

Can I buy travel insurance after I arrive in Ireland?

Yes, you can. But it's always best to buy it before your trip in case an unexpected event occurs before you have a chance to purchase insurance.

Can I get travel insurance for a specific activity, like hiking in Ireland?

Yes, many travel insurance policies offer coverage for specific activities, like hiking or adventure sports. Make sure to check the policy details and choose one that covers the activities you plan to engage in.

What if I need medical attention while in Ireland?

If you have a medical emergency while in Ireland, your travel insurance can cover the cost of medical treatment and transportation depending upon the policy’s terms and conditions.

Can I add or change coverage once I have purchased my Ireland travel insurance?

This depends on the insurance company and policy. Some companies may allow you to make changes, while others may not. Be sure to check with your insurance provider for their specific policy.

Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and changes. Please check the applicable policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions.