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Car insurance in Kolkata

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Car insurance in Kolkata

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Kolkata aka Calcutta, is the capital of West Bengal and one of the most busiest cities in India. Owing to this, car accidents can be quite frequent here. Fortunately, buying car insurance will give you the financial support you need to manage such accident-related expenses. So, if you are looking to buy car insurance in Kolkata, read ahead to know your options.

Car insurance plans in Kolkata
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Buying or renewing car insurance in Kolkata, via ACKO, is simple and seamless. You can do so via our website as well as our mobile app. Here are the car insurance options offered by ACKO.

Third-party Insurance
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As per Government mandates, all car owners must buy Third-party Car Insurance in Kolkata. This plan offers financial compensation to a third party if involved in an accident with your insured car. This plan covers injury, death, or property damage occurring to a third party.

Own Damage (OD) Cover
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An OD cover offers financial safety against theft/total loss and accidental damage to your car. Accidental damages include damages caused by road accidents and natural or manmade calamities. This plan is also popularly referred to as a stand-alone OD policy.

Comprehensive - Basic
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The Comprehensive - Basic offers the integrated benefits of the Third-party Insurance Policy and the Own Damage Cover. So, in case of an accident, you will be covered for both third-party liabilities and damages to your own vehicle.

Comprehensive - Super Saver
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This plan offers all the coverages of a Comprehensive - Basic Plan. In addition to that, you also get free pick up and drop off of your car for claim-related repairs. This plan has one condition, however. If you fail to inform us before getting any damage-related repairs done, you must put down Rs. 5,000 as a deductible.

Zero Depreciation - Basic
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This plan is otherwise called “bumper to bumper car insurance” in Kolkata. As you may know, car parts depreciate over time. However, if you buy a Zero Depreciation - Basic Plan, you need not worry about depreciation costs during related repairs. It will be covered along with all the coverages available under a Comprehensive - Basic Plan.

Zero Depreciation - Smart Saver
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Unique to ACKO, this plan offers all the coverages of a Zero Depreciation - Basic Plan at a lower premium. However, if you raise an accident-related claim, you will have to contribute Rs. 5,000 from your pocket. So, if you are confident that you are unlikely to submit any claims, this plan is perfect for you!

Zero Depreciation - Super Saver
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Available only with ACKO, this plan offers the integrated financial protection of a Comprehensive and Zero Depreciation Car insurance Cover. Additionally, you can also avail the service of free pick up and drop off of your car for claim-based repairs. Nonetheless, failure to inform ACKO before availing claim-related repairs will incur a deductible of Rs. 5,000.

Personal Accident Cover
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Although not a car insurance policy, this cover is mandatory as per law, along with a Third-party Car Insurance. It offers financial support if the insured incurs unfortunate accidental disability or death.

Note: The plans and features mentioned above are subject to availability. Please check availability and details while purchasing car insurance.

Need for car insurance in Kolkata
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Home to several industrial units, colonial architecture attractions, and art galleries, Kolkata is one of the busiest cities in India. Consequently, road traffic is high in this city. Unfortunately, according to the 2021 Annual Review of the Kolkata Traffic Police, there were a total of 1,717 accident cases recorded in the year 2021. 

Thus, driving your car on Calcutta roads exposes you to the possibility of accidents. And driving without possessing adequate insurance coverage can lead to incurring frequent repair costs resulting due to the accidents. These costs can mount up and turn into a significant financial burden for you. So, it is wise to buy sufficient car insurance coverage in advance to avoid paying for accidental-damage costs from your own pocket.

Apart from the fact that car insurance is mandatory (Third-party Insurance is a legal requirement), a wide-ranging policy (Comprehensive Insurance) can also help you keep your savings safe by offering financial assistance during unfortunate car-related mishaps. 

Difficulties faced by car users in Kolkata
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Here are some of the common problems faced by car owners in Kolkata.

How to buy car insurance in Kolkata
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You can easily buy ACKO car insurance in Kolkata by following the below-mentioned simple steps.

Step 1: Go to our official website or mobile application and enter your car’s details.

Step 2: Based on your requirements, choose from our collection of insurance plans.

Step 3: Make an online payment for the selected plan and you will immediately receive your policy document in your email’s inbox.

Benefits of buying ACKO car insurance in Kolkata 
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If you are looking to insure your four-wheeler in Kolkata, here’s why you should consider buying ACKO car insurance.

Affordable car insurance
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Car insurance in a city like Calcutta can be expensive. However, due to our direct-to-customer model, you don’t have to pay middlemen commission. Also, our digital infrastructure reduces operational costs. The resulting savings help us provide affordable plans to customers.

Fast claim process
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At ACKO we value your time. So, we try to make sure that minor claims are settled on the same day, usually within a few hours. Nonetheless, if the damages are significant, the claim may take a little longer to process. It is important to note that claims will be settled as per the terms listed in the respective policy document.

Unique plans & discounts
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ACKO offers unique plans with different combinations of coverages. So, based on your car insurance requirements, you can choose a suitable plan. This will help you save costs on unnecessary coverages. In addition to this, seasonal discounts are also offered intermittently.

How to file a claim with ACKO
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Filling an ACKO car insurance claim is simple. Here are the steps to do so.

Step 1:
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Sign in to your ACKO account through our website or mobile app.

Step 2:
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Head to your car’s policy card and click on “Claim Now”.

Step 3:
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Then, enter and submit the requested accident-related details and documents.

Note: Inform ACKO as soon as possible regarding the accident and consequent damages to avoid the chances of your claim being rejected.

How ACKO car insurance can financially protect your car in Kolkata
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As mentioned earlier, just like other top cities in India, Kolkata’s roads are also accident prone. Thus, it is crucial that you are financially protected against potential accidental scenarios involving your vehicle. ACKO has several unique car insurance plans, fine tuned to cater to different requirements. So, as a four-wheeler owner and driver in Kolkata, you can choose an insurance plan that perfectly suits your needs. Furthermore, ACKO also offers car insurance add-ons that provide coverage beyond what is already covered under the car insurance plans. So, you can enjoy wholesome coverage and drive stress-free on Kolkata roads. The claim process is also very simple. So, if your car is involved in an accident, you can benefit from receiving speedy claim settlements.

Reasons you should buy/renew car insurance in Kolkata
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The following are some of the prominent reasons why you should buy/renew car insurance in Kolkata.

Frequently asked questions
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Here are some commonly asked questions regarding obtaining car insurance in Kolkata.

Which is the best ACKO car insurance coverage available in Kolkata?


As discussed in the article, there are a host of ACKO car insurance plans available for you. Nonetheless, the best and most cost-effective car insurance plan would depend upon your insurance requirements. However, as a Comprehensive - Basic Plan offers coverage for third-party liabilities and damages to your insured car, it can be a good fit.

How do I go about ACKO car insurance renewal in Kolkata?


You can renew ACKO car insurance online in Kolkata by visiting the ACKO website or using our mobile application. You just have to enter your vehicle’s details, choose a plan based on your requirements and pay online. After that, you will instantly be emailed the policy document.

Is it mandatory to buy car insurance in Kolkata


Yes, it is mandatory to buy car insurance in Kolkata and everywhere in India. As per The Motor Vehicles Act of India, it is illegal to drive on Indian roads without valid car insurance. Penalties for the same may include paying a fine and/or serving jail time.