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Pune is one of the most populated cities in Maharashtra. It is host to popular tourist destinations and leading IT companies. This has led to a high number of cars plying the roads. A higher number of vehicles can lead to car accidents affecting you, your car, and others. Thus buying car insurance in Pune is a must.

Car insurance plans in Pune
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Thanks to our online process, buying car insurance in Pune is easy. You can get the car insured from us via our mobile app or through the widget at the top right corner of this page. ACKO offers the following car insurance plans in Pune.

1. Third-party Car Insurance
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Buying this basic coverage is mandatory in India. It covers costs related to third-party property damage, death or permanent disability, etc. Some coverages like protection against legal liabilities and a Personal Accident Cover (need to purchase it separately) are useful for you but your car is not insured under this plan.

2. Own Damage Cover
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Own damage refers to the damage suffered by your car. It can get damaged due to accidents, floods, fire, vandalism, etc. Own Damage Insurance helps with the cost of repairing/replacing the damaged car parts.

3. Comprehensive - Basic
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The ACKO's Comprehensive Basic Plan comprises coverages like Third-party Liability Cover and Own Damage Insurance. You can raise a claim against events like third-party death, damage to your car from natural calamities, accidents, total loss, fire, etc. Coverage for theft is also included.

4. Comprehensive - Super Saver
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ACKO's Super Saver Plan offers features like more discounts and services. If you opt for a Super Saver Plan, you must inform us about the car insurance claim as soon as possible, and we will send the car for repairs to a network garage. Failing to intimate ACKO and getting the repairs done from a non-network garage will lead to a deductible amount of Rs. 5,000.

5. Zero Depreciation - Basic
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The features of a Comprehensive Basic Plan paired with a Zero Depreciation Cover make up the Zero Depreciation - Basic Plan. You get the benefits of Third-party Liabilities coverage, Own Damage Cover, and Zero Depreciation Add-on under this plan.

6. Zero Depreciation - Smart Saver
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The cost of buying the Zero Depreciation Smart Saver plan is lower than buying a Super Saver Plan. This is because you need to bear a voluntary deductible of Rs. 5,000 in case of a claim. This feature is useful to safe drivers who drive and avoid making claims.

7. Zero Depreciation - Super Saver
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The Zero Depreciation Super Saver Plan is like Comprehensive Super Saver. The difference is you get benefits of the Zero Depreciation Add-on as well. If you buy this plan, you must inform ACKO in case of damage. Then the car must be sent to a network garage for repairs. If not, you need to pay a deductible of Rs. 5,000.

Note: We offer tailor-made plans, so some plans might not be visible while buying or renewing car insurance. Remember that purchasing the Personal Accident Cover is mandatory if you still need to be covered under it. Also, services like free pick up & drop, etc., are available in select cities only. Please go through the respective policy wordings in detail; before insuring your car, to know the exact coverages and applicable terms and conditions.

Benefits of buying car insurance in Pune from ACKO
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You get the following benefits by buying vehicle insurance from us. So, if you are looking for car insurance in Pune, we are just a click away!

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Stress-free claims
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Every process, from raising a claim to receiving the approved claim settlement amount, is conducted in a stress-free manner. With services like claim tracking, fast repairs, free pick-up and drop, etc., you are in for a smooth claims experience.


Lower premiums
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We can offer low-price car insurance due to our digital infrastructure and no-middleman approach. The savings we get from low operational costs are passed on to you as discounts on car insurance premiums.

Easy Claims

No physical paperwork
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ACKO is a digital-first insurance company. You don't have to worry about extensive paperwork as you can submit all the necessary details online without sending hard copies.

Frequently asked questions
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Here are some common questions related to buying/renewing your car insurance policy in Pune. If you have specific queries, please write to us at [email protected].

Can I buy a third party car insurance plan online from Pune?


Yes, you can buy a third-party car insurance plan online from Pune. In fact, you can buy any available insurance plan from our mobile app or through our website.

Do I need to input the Pune location while using the car insurance calculator?


Yes, you need to input the Pune location while using the car insurance calculator. This will help you customise the insurance quote.

Is the process of car insurance renewal in Pune similar to buying a new policy?


Yes, the process of car insurance renewal in Pune is similar to buying a new policy. Also, do check if you are eligible for a No Claim Bonus while renewing the plan to avail applicable renewal discount.

I live in Pune. How do I compare car insurance plans from here?


If you live in Pune, you can compare car insurance plans by going online and checking out the available options. Compare coverages, car insurance quotes, and services offered. Choose the most suitable option and get your car insured.