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Ten Reasons Why Bike Insurance Claims Get Rejected

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

Buying insurance is slightly different from purchasing other financial products and services. This differentiation is primarily because of the intangible nature of the service. Insurance is a promise. You do not get anything tangible; apart from the policy document; after paying the insurance premium. This makes a lot of consumers wary of insurance. Primarily, such averseness to insurance is because of a lack of awareness. Being unaware of the policy’s inclusions is one of the prime reasons why policyholders get dejected, and often furious, when their bike insurance claim gets rejected.


What they fail to understand is the reason why their claim was rejected. Fuelled by the thought of being cheated, ill-informed policyholders let out their angst on social media. This creates further confusion as more and more people perceive insurance as a flawed concept instead of using it as a financial cushion in case of unexpected circumstances. Therefore, it is suggested to make an informed decision when it comes to buying any form of insurance.

If you are wondering why do insurance companies reject claims, read ahead. The following points will help you to increase your awareness quotient to avoid shocks at the time of claim settlement.



Policy Lapse:

Your insurance company will not entertain your claim request if it is raised against a lapsed policy. Insurers cover your bike only during the policy period. Therefore, it is suggested to renew your policy before it expires so that you can benefit from continuous two wheeler insurance coverage.

No Coverage

You cannot claim for ‘Own Damages’ if you only have a Third-party Liability policy. Your claim will be rejected as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

Riding Without Valid Licence

Your bike insurance company might not accept your claim request if it is found that you were riding the bike without a valid driving licence at the time of the accident.

Drunk Riding

Drinking alcohol and riding a bike is never a good combination. Accidents caused in such a state can be lethal. Drunk riding is often included in the list of exclusions in a bike insurance policy. Your bike insurance company will reject a claim associated with drunk riding.

Fraudulent Claims

Insurance is not a money-making venture for policyholders. Its benefits shouldn’t be misused by raising fraudulent claims. Insurance companies conduct thorough research during claim settlement. If it is found that a claim has been raised with fraudulent intent, the guilty policyholder might face legal charges as well.

Delay in Raising Claim Request

It is suggested to raise a claim request at the earliest. Different insurers have different deadlines before which they expect the claim to be initiated. For example, if you raise a claim one month after the accident, insurance companies will often reject your claim citing delay in raising claim request. This is because lapsed time can be used to plant or distort evidence, especially in cases where the First Information Report (FIR) is required.

Non-transfer of Ownership

If you have purchased a second-hand bike, you need to make sure that the bike’s insurance policy is transferred from the previous owner to your name. Not doing so will mean that there is no policy in your name. And no policy means no scope for raising a claim.


Some bike riders tend to modify their bikes so much so that it is difficult to trace them back to their original model. If you are someone who likes to jazz up your bike, make sure to inform your insurer about the same. Certain modifications can enhance your bike insurance premium. Therefore, insurers can reject a claim if they are raised for a modified bike, considering the modifications were not disclosed earlier.

Commercial Usage

A private two-wheeler shouldn’t be used for commercial purposes. There is a separate policy for commercial vehicles. Thus, if a private bike gets damaged while it was used as a commercial vehicle, the insurance company will not accept the claim request.

Illegal Usage

Insurance companies will reject bike insurance claims if it is found that the insured two-wheeler was damaged because it was used for illegal purposes such as bike racing.

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Documents Required While Raising a Bike Insurance Claim:

The exact documents required while raising a bike insurance claim will vary based on the circumstances at the time of damage. Here’s an overview of the documents that are important while raising a claim.

  • Bike’s Registration Certificate

  • Driving Licence

  • Insurance Policy

  • FIR report

Frequently Asked Questions about Bike Insurance Claim Rejections:

Will the insurance company accept my claim if it is raised one day after my bike insurance policy has expired?


Technically, the bike insurance company will reject your bike insurance claim as it has been raised after the expiry period.

How to ensure a smooth claim settlement process and avoid bike insurance claim rejection?


Every claim is different because every person raising the claim is different. The best way to ensure a smooth claim settlement is to be aware of your policy’s exclusions, raise the claim at the earliest, and comply with the insurer’s claim inspector.

What is the ‘negligent acts’ point in claim settlement?


Negligent acts pertain to instances where there has been negligence on the part of the bike owner. For example, leaving the bike’s key inside the ignition and keeping the two-wheeler unattended is a negligent act as it increases the chances of the bike being stolen. Claims pertaining to such negligent acts will not be considered for settlement by the insurance companies.

Apart from the ten reasons mentioned above, are there more reasons why bike insurance claims get rejected?


There can be several reasons leading to two-wheeler insurance claim denial. The ones mentioned above are just common reasons why insurance claims are rejected.

Is an FIR report mandatory while raising bike insurance claims?


Whether an FIR report is mandatory or not depends upon the situation. For example, it is essential in case of a third-party liability claim or a bike theft claim. It is not necessary in case of damage due to flooding. If you have any doubts regarding claim settlement, reach out to your insurance company and get them cleared.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on industry experience and several secondary sources on the internet; and is subject to changes. Please go through the applicable policy wordings for updated ACKO-centric content and before making any insurance-related decisions. Explore More:


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