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New Traffic Rules in Tamil Nadu: List of Rules and Fines for Violations

Team AckoJul 27, 2023

Tamil Nadu is a vibrant state in the southern part of India. It is the sixth-largest state by population in the country.

It also has the second-largest economy in India and is one of the most urbanised Indian states.

Rapid industrial development has led to more people visiting this location, resulting in more vehicles on the road. 

The unfortunate result of this is increased traffic violations (like driving/riding without valid car/bike insurance).

The authorities have introduced new traffic rules and fines to curb traffic-related violations. Read on to learn more about new traffic rules and fines in Tamil Nadu.




Updated List of Traffic Violations and Fines in Tamil Nadu

Vehicle owners and drivers in Tamil Nadu should adhere to traffic rules and regulations for the safety of road users and to facilitate smooth traffic flow across the state. But with the ever-increasing number of vehicles, the authorities are finding it hard to curb the rising traffic violations. The Indian government passed an amendment to The Motor Vehicles Act 2019 to mitigate this issue. The amendment resulted in increased traffic fines and new rules and regulations.

The same rules came into effect in Tamil Nadu as well. However, the authorities made some recommendations to reduce the burden on road users. Traffic fines for some severe offences remain the same, whereas fines for other violations were modified. 

The following table lists the updated Tamil Nadu traffic police fines, including the new rules and regulations.

Traffic violation

Vehicle type

Penalty (in Rs.)

Driving/riding a vehicle without a valid Driving Licence (DL)

All vehicles


Driving/riding a vehicle without valid insurance

All vehicles


Riding (rider/pillion) without helmet


1,000 and 3 months DL ban

Driving a vehicle without wearing seatbelts


1,000 and/or community service

Driving/riding a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substances

All vehicles

10,000 and/or imprisonment of 6 months (15,000 and/or imprisonment of 2 years for repeat offence)

Driving/riding a vehicle without a valid Registration Certificate (RC)

All vehicles


Not obeying the instructions of traffic police

All vehicles


Driving a vehicle even after the cancellation of DL

All vehicles


Overloading of two-wheelers (triple riding)


2,000 and DL ban for 3 months

Offences committed by juveniles

All vehicles

25,000 and imprisonment of up to 3 years

Driving a vehicle without a valid permit

All vehicles


Violations related to licence conditions

All vehicles

25,000 to 1 lakh

Negligent or rash driving/riding

All vehicles


Offences related to road rules and regulations

All vehicles


General traffic offences

All vehicles


Driving a vehicle in a no-entry zone

All vehicles

2,000 to 5,000

Reckless driving that may cause harm to public

All vehicles



All vehicles


Excessive overspeeding

All vehicles


Driving a vehicle in a physically/mentally unfit state

All vehicles


Usage of illegal or harmful fuel in vehicles

All vehicles


Offences related to air pollution norms

All vehicles


Driving a vehicle without paying the road tax

All vehicles

300 (600 for repeat offence)

Driving a vehicle in pedestrian-only zone

All vehicles

300 to 600

Violating rules related to Learner’s Licence (LL)

All vehicles


Offences related to noise pollution norms

All vehicles


Driving a oversized vehicle

Four-wheeler/other vehicles


New Traffic Rules in Tamil Nadu

The updated traffic rules and fines were introduced in Tamil Nadu to curb violations and spread awareness about following traffic rules. Vehicle drivers, cyclists and pedestrians need to adhere to these rules to make roads safe for everyone. In this section, we highlight the rules that need to be followed by two-wheeler and four-wheeler drivers in Tamil Nadu.

Traffic rules for four-wheeler drivers in Tamil Nadu

  • Fasten your seatbelts when driving a car or four-wheeler. It is an important safety rule that can save your life in case of an accident. Not adhering to this rule may attract Tamil Nadu e-challan.

  • Do not overspeed when driving, as it could lead to loss of control, resulting in an accident. Overspeeding can lead to severe accidents. Flouting this rule can result in hefty traffic fines in Tamil Nadu.

  • Never drive a vehicle when under the influence. It can be fatal to you and other road users. Do not get behind the wheel if you are in an inebriated state. Not following this rule can attract harsh penalties.

  • Drive a vehicle only if you are qualified to do so and hold all the necessary driver-related documents. You may be asked to produce those documents during an inspection. Failing to produce those documents can lead to hefty traffic fines.

  • Follow lane discipline when driving a car or any other vehicle. Do not drive in a zig-zag pattern, do not change lanes without indication, and always drive in the correct lane. Disregarding this rule can result in Tamil Nadu traffic challans.

Traffic rules for two-wheeler riders in Tamil Nadu

  • Wear a proper head protective gear (helmet) when riding a two-wheeler. It can save you from severe head injuries in case of a crash. Ignoring this rule can result in hefty traffic fines.

  • Do not ride your bike/scooter/moped with more than one passenger (pillion). Overloading of two-wheelers can lead to loss of control and cause accidents. Flouting this rule can result in Tamil Nadu Traffic Police fines.

  • Never overspeed, ride aggressively and get involved in road racing while riding a two-wheeler. Doing so can endanger other road users’ safety and cause accidents. You can face severe penalties for disregarding this rule.

  • Do not ride your two-wheeler without valid insurance (at least third-party). Riding an uninsured vehicle is illegal and can result in harsh penalties in Tamil Nadu.

  • Carry the vehicle and driver-related documents whenever you ride your two-wheeler. The authorities may ask for those documents during a general inspection and you should be able to produce them. Failure to do so can result in traffic fines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers related to traffic fines and rules and regulations in Tamil Nadu.


How can I check the Tamil Nadu Traffic Police fine online?

You can log onto the Parivahan E-challan portal to check traffic fines in Tamil Nadu. Alternatively, you can also download the ACKO app to check Tamil Nadu e-challans.

Do I need to wear a seatbelt while driving my car in Tamil Nadu?

Fastening your seatbelt is a must to drive your car in Tamil Nadu. Not following this rule can result in traffic challans in Tamil Nadu.

What is the traffic fine for driving an uninsured vehicle in Tamil Nadu?

The traffic fine for driving a vehicle without valid insurance in Tamil Nadu stands at Rs. 2,000.

Is it mandatory to carry vehicle and driver-related documents in Tamil Nadu?

You should carry all the mandatory documents while driving or riding a vehicle in Tamil Nadu. The authorities may demand those documents during an inspection, and you should be able to produce them. Failing to do so can result in traffic penalties.

How can I pay Tamil Nadu traffic e-challans online?

For Tamil Nadu traffic fine online payment, you can visit the E-challan portal (Parivahan) to pay traffic fines in Tamil Nadu. You can enter the vehicle/challan number to check, verify, and pay traffic fines. You can pay the fine amount through the available online payment options.

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Disclaimer: The information mentioned on this page is sourced from government websites and other platforms on the internet. They are subject to change depending on government notifications.


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