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Srinagar traffic e-Challan status online

TeamAckoMar 21, 2024

Amidst picturesque Srinagar, many motorists fail to maintain adherence to traffic regulations and face e-challans. So every time there's a misstep on your part, whether forgetting your seatbelt or breaking a signal—you'll find an e-challan winging its way towards you. 

Srinagar traffic e-Challan

This guide will discuss traffic regulations and fines in Srinagar, mainly e-challans. We’ll provide practical insights into understanding what an e-challan is, how to check your e-challan status online and even methods for making 'e-challan payment in Srinagar'. 



Understanding e-Challans

An e-challan is a digital version of a traffic fine ticket. It's issued by the traffic police to penalise drivers breaking the rules. Think of it like a wake-up call when you've skidded off the path of responsible driving. Promptly settling your e-challan payment in Srinagar is crucial for maintaining your driving record and ensuring your vehicle insurance remains unaffected. At ACKO, we encourage adherence to traffic rules as part of responsible vehicle ownership.

Penalties for Traffic Violations in Srinagar 

Here's a list of some common traffic violations in Srinagar and their corresponding penalties:

Traffic violation


Drunk Driving

₹10,000 for the first violation

 ₹15,000 for repeat offenders


₹1,000 to ₹2,000

License suspension for repeat offenders

Driving without a Seat Belt

₹1,000 to ₹2,000

Breaking Traffic Signals

₹1,000 and ₹5,000

Violating Pollution Rules

Up to ₹10,000

Driving without License


Driving without Permit

₹10,000 and likely imprisonment for six months

Using a Smartphone while Driving


Disclaimer: The above-mentioned fines and their conditions are subject to change at the discretion of the governing authorities.

In vehicle insurance, your risk profile is a crucial factor in influencing your premium. This risk assessment hinges on your driving record, wherein traffic violations highlighted by e challan 

Srinagar will paint a picture of careless or irresponsible driving behaviour. Consequently, this could boost your risk profile and cause an increase in your premium.

Hence, adopting responsible driving practices and strictly adhering to all traffic rules is not merely for your safety and the well-being of others. It also aids in keeping your auto insurance premiums affordable. By fostering good driving habits and diligently obeying traffic laws, you may even qualify for a reduced premium upon renewing your insurance with ACKO - recognised for its transparent processes and competitive pricing.

How to Check Your e-Challan Status

With the introduction of online platforms like the ACKO App and the Parivahan App, you can now check your Srinagar e challan status in a few minutes. 

Through ACKO App

1. Click here to download the ACKO app from Google Play Store or App Store.

2. Login using your registered mobile number or email ID.

3. Once logged in, click 'RTO Info' in the menu.

4. Under 'RTO Info', select 'e-challan status'.

5. Input your vehicle registration number in the designated field and tap on 'Search'.

6. The next page will display all pending and paid challans against your vehicle.

Through ACKO Website


1. On the right-hand side, you will find a challan widget.

2. Enter your car number.

3. Click on ‘Check Challan’ to know the status of your Srinagar e challan. 


1. Locate the ‘Check Challan’ button at the bottom of this article.

2. Click on the button and enter your car number.

3. Check your Srinagar police e challan status seamlessly. 

Through Parivahan App

1. Download the Parivahan app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

2. Log in and enter your vehicle registration number.

3. Click on 'Fetch Challan' to get the details of all traffic e-challans issued against your vehicle.

4. The app will now display a list of all the unpaid challans, with details such as challan number, violation type, and fine amount.

Through Srinagar e-Challan App

1. Download the Srinagar e challan app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

2. Log in and choose a suitable language for convenience.

3. On the home page, input your vehicle registration number in the designated field.

4. Click on 'Search' to view all unpaid and paid challans linked with your vehicle number.

How to Pay Your e-Challan 

Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can pay your challan on government websites:

On the Jammu And Kashmir Government's official web portal

  1. Visit the J&K e-challan website

  2. Click on the e-challan Parivahan link

  3. You will be redirected to the Parivahan website, 

  4. Enter your challan number/driving license number/vehicle number.

  5. Enter the Captcha code 

  6. Click on the e-challan from the displayed list and pay

  7. You will receive a confirmation and transaction ID on successful completion of e-challan payment. 

On the Parivahan e-challan website 

1. Visit the Parivahan e challan website

2. Enter your DL number, Challan number, or vehicle number

3. Fill in the Captcha code and tap on submit. 

4. Select the e-challan you wish to pay and proceed with the payment

Safety Rules You Must Follow to Avoid Challans

Here are a few important rules you must follow to avoid getting e-challans in Srinagar:

  1. Always maintain the permitted speed limit. Violating the speed limit is ominous and will lead to fines in Srinagar.

  2. Never forget to wear a helmet or put on a seatbelt. This can significantly reduce the risk of getting hurt and prevent receiving e-challans in Srinagar.

  3. Never indulge in drunken driving, emperiling your and others' lives. Alcohol consumption impairs driving abilities, escalating accident risks.

  4. Never use mobiles while driving. Road safety should be your top priority while driving your vehicle on roads.

How to Register a Complaint Against an e-Challan

Mistakes can happen and you may be issued an incorrect e-challan in Srinagar. Thankfully, there is a way to dispute it:

1. Visit the official e-challan website.

2. Click on 'Complaint'.

3. Go to the 'Grievance System' page.

4. Log in to your account.

5. Input your details and the number of your challan.

6. Upload proof that the e-challan was mistakenly issued.

7. Wait for a response from the traffic authorities.


Following traffic rules saves lives and ensures smooth commuting. The e challan Srinagar system promotes responsible driving and discourages reckless behaviour that puts everyone at risk. Similarly, ACKO's auto insurance policies echo the same ethos, promoting safe road behaviour and providing comprehensive protection when incidents occur. They cater to the unique requirements of every vehicle owner, offering tailor-made solutions at affordable rates. For more educational resources, visit the ACKO website where you'll find plenty of information that will empower you to make informed choices. Remember, responsible driving starts with you - drive safe and stay insured!

Frequently Asked Questions on Srinagar traffic e-Challan status online



Q1. How to fill challan online up?

To fill a challan online visit the Parivahan website. After that choose the challan number, DL number or vehicle number. Enter the required details along with the captcha. Click on 'get details'. Click on pay and you are done.

Q2. How to pay challan online in Jammu and Kashmir?

To pay online challan in Jammu and Kashmir, visit the Parivahan website. Therein enter your challan number, number, or vehicle number. Put the captcha code and make payment by selecting the e-challan from the list. You will receive a confirmation and transaction ID upon successful e-challan payment.

Q3. How can I check my challan in Srinagar?

To check your challan in Srinagar, visit the Parivahan e-challan website. You will have to enter your DL number, Challan number, or vehicle number. In the next step fill in the Captcha code and click the 'Submit' button. Your e-challan will be displayed.

Q4. How can I check my traffic fine online in India?

You can pay your traffic fine online using the Parivahan website. Visit the site, and click on e-challan System. You will be redirected to a new page. Input the registration number of your vehicle, followed by the last 5 digits of the chassis number or engine number. You will get the details of your e-challan. 


The information on this page is compiled from different websites and government sources, which may be updated from time to time. Please refer to the respective government websites and verify before making any RTO-related decisions.

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