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Best time to visit Switzerland: Complete Guide

Team AckoFeb 27, 2024

Switzerland has remained a dream destination for tourists from India who want to experience the romance and thrills the country has to offer. With 4 distinct seasons, Switzerland offers you beautiful occasions to explore Heidi's village, try Swiss cheese like Emmental, and visit the Swiss Alps. Read ahead to know when is the best time to visit Switzerland and other details.




Best time to visit Switzerland  

The best time to visit Switzerland  is during their summer, which is from June to August. While this is also the peak season, summer offers you pleasant weather to soak in experiences in the Swiss Alps, taste the finest chocolates, and indulge in the hospitality of the friendly locals.

Best season to visit Switzerland 

The best season to visit Switzerland can be their summer (June to August). However, with 4 distinct seasons, Switzerland is breathtaking year-round. Learn more about the best travel season here. 

Peak Season 

Swiss summers are sunshine and joy, from June through August. The weather is perfect, making it a seasonal favourite for tourists, which also means travel and accommodation may be expensive or booked well in advance!

Shoulder Season 

Shoulder season is the time of year, travel-wise, that occurs just between the peak and off-seasons. In Switzerland, shoulder season is from May to June, and an ideal time to travel if you enjoy holidaying off the beaten path, before winter hits! The weather is warm and pleasant, and you can take in the beauty of nature before peak season. 

Low or Off Season

Winter in Switzerland is beautiful, yet chilly, making it the low, or off, season. This season runs from  October all the way through March. If you're travelling during the low season, you can find affordable flight tickets and accommodation. However, skiing resorts and snow activities will be expensive at this time of year! 

Best Month to Visit Switzerland 

Read ahead to know month-wise travel details. 

Switzerland in January 

In January, Switzerland becomes a spellbinding winter wonderland! Although temperatures may vary depending on if you're up in the mountains, or at sea level, daytime averages are around 3°C (37°F). Expect snow the higher up you go, such as in the Swiss Alps, making it the perfect time for snowy winter activities. Skiing and snowboarding are popular tourist favourites in the winter. 

  • Average Temperature 

    • 3°C (37°F) 

  • Events 

    • January 1, New Year's Day

    • World Snow Festival, Grindelwald, featuring ice sculptures

    • International Hot-Air Balloon Festival, Château-d'Oex. 

  • Explore 

    • Skiing at 

      • St. Moritz, southeast 

      • Zermatt, southwest

    • Winter hiking

      • Upper Engadine

      • Lower Engadine

      • Upper Rhône

      • Matter Valleys

  • Reason to visit in January 

    • Most popular time to visit 

    • Snowy days to enjoy snowsports

    • Shorter days in winter 

Switzerland in February

Winter is still in full swing in February, with outdoor snow activities aplenty. If you enjoy, or want to learn, skiing or snowboarding, the snow capped peaks of the Alps are perfect in February. As the weather starts warming up for spring at the end of the month, enjoy Carnival festivities in cities such as Basel and Lucerne.

  • Average Temperature 

    • 4°C (39°F) 

  • Events 

    • Art on Ice Festival 

    • White Turf Festival 

    • Lucerne Carnival

  • Explore 

    • Victorinox - Swiss Army Knife factory in Ibach

  • Reasons to visit in February 

    • White wonderland in the Alps

    • Plenty of outdoor activities and festivals for tourists and locals 

Switzerland in March

March in Switzerland is when spring begins, lighting up the white landscape with busts of new green leaves and plants. Experience the beauty of the landscape changing from winter whites to the pastels and greens of spring. You can visit Heidi's iconic city, nestled in the Alps in March! 

  • Temperature 

    • 5°C (41°F)

  • Explore

    • Heidi's village in Maienfeld

    • Winter experience at Matterhorn 

    • Travel on the international St. Bernina Express train

  • Why to visit

    • Witness the snow give way to spring 

    • Shoulder season, lots to do but less crowds across the country 

    • Many activities and festivals as the weather warms up 

Switzerland in April

Spring is in full bloom in April. A Swiss spring is a quick break between snowy winters and summers that border on being hot. The Swiss Alps are still snowy, but tourists to this part of the country wane in spring. 

  • Temperature 

    • 13°C (56°F) 

  • Events 

    • Lucerne Festival, Lucerne

    • International Jazz Festival, Bern

    • Tulip Festival, Morges

    • Easter, nationwide

    • Festichoc

  • Explore 

    • Eat Emmental cheese in Emmental, canton of Bern

    • Picnic by the lakes 

      • Lucerne Lake 

      • Thun Lake 

    • Take a scenic train ride 

  • Why should you visit this month

    • You'll find the weather warm at sea level  

    • Breathtaking landscape across the country

    • Now is the travel shoulder season, when flight tickets and accommodation are cheap, and the country is less crowded 

Switzerland in May

Pleasant weather in May makes it the perfect time to marvel at yodelling in Appenzell. This small canton is in Eastern Switzerland, where the historical art of yodelling still happens today! The best time to visit Switzerland is definitely in May, with the weather being around 25 to 30 degrees. 

  • Temperature 

    • 20°C (68°F) 

  • Events 

    • Labor Day

    • Cheese Market in Gruyères

    • International Jazz Festival, Bern

    • Tulip Festival, Morges

  • Explore 

    • Yodelling in Appenzell 

    • Visit Jungfraujoch, the highest railway station

    • Paragliding, Interlaken

    • Hiking

      • Bernese Oberland

      • Valais

      • Graubünden 

  • Why should you visit this month

    • The weather is warming up and is great during the day and at night

    • Expect lots of outdoor events as the weather becomes pleasant

    • There are many cultural Swiss festivals you can enjoy in May 

Switzerland in June

June is the perfect time to visit Switzerland! It stops snowing so that you can enjoy the pleasant spring before summer. It's also the rainy season in June, so pack your umbrellas, rain boots, and raincoats. This month is shoulder season, so you can experience the warm weather and activities without much of a crowd, and better deals on flights and accommodation. 

  • Temperature 

    • 18°C (65°F) 

  • Events

    • Tellspiele, Interlaken is a William Tell performance

    • Street Artists Festival, Ascona

    • Corpus Christi Fête-Dieu

    • June 21, Fête de la Musique, Lausanne 

  • Explore 

    • Visit Lindt Home of Chocolate in Kilchberg 

    • Take the Funicular Ticket to Harder Kulm

  • Why should you visit this month

    • The low, off-season for travel means less crowds and cheaper hotel rates and flight tickets 

    • June is a relatively cheaper month to travel to Switzerland compared to the peak season 

Switzerland in July

July is smack in the middle of a Switzerland summer, and the perfect time for you to soak up Switzerland culture with outdoor entertainment, activities, and dining! Right in summer and the peak season, July in Switzerland is crowded as tourists love the weather and experiences the country has to offer. The days get longer, so expect around 7 hours of sun! It's also a rainy month, so be sure to take a raincoat or an umbrella.

  • Temperature 

    • 17°C (62°F) 

  • Events

    • Paléo Festival De Nyon

    • Montreux Jazz Festival

  • Explore

    • Visit Swiss watch factories in Geneva

  • Why should you visit this month

    • It's the low travel season in southern Switzerland 

    • And it's peak travel season in the Swiss mountains! 

Switzerland in August

August is the height of summer in Switzerland. It's also peak season, making flight tickets, accommodation, and activities more expensive. Book and plan ahead if you're travelling this month! You can indulge in outdoor activities in the pleasant weather this month, from hiking to paragliding and more! 

  • Temperature 

    • 13°C (55°F) 

  • Events

    • August 1, National Day 

    • Lucerne Summer Festival

    • Augustfeier Feldis Feldis / Veulden

  • Explore 

    • Milkmaid factory in Vevey

    • Swiss watch factories in Geneva

    • Lindt Home of Chocolate in Kilchberg 

    • Funicular Ticket to Harder Kulm

  • Why should you visit this month

    • Great weather, this is the month that tourists prefer to travel to Switzerland in 

    • Enjoy hiking, paragliding, cruises and more this month 

Switzerland in September

It's fall y'all! September is the start of autumn/fall, when the weather starts cooling off and there aren't as many tourists in this off-season. The weather is still relatively warm, so you can explore Swiss cities and nature. The Alps are still cold, but now snowing, so pack warmer if you're visiting. 

  • Temperature 

    • 16°C (60°F) 

  • Events

    • Zom Zuri Overland Pass

    • Agricultural fair of Chandon 

    • Knabenschiessen, a Tradition in Zurich

  • Explore 

    • Milkmaid factory in Vevey

    • Swiss watch factories in Geneva

    • Lindt Home of Chocolate in Kilchberg 

  • Why you should travel this month

    • Excellent weather for experiencing cultural events

    • Ideal month to explore the Alps, Swiss villages and cities 

Switzerland in October

It's still autumn in Switzerland, when the weather is pleasant and you can experience the outdoors in the daytime, while relaxing at cosy cafes in the evenings. This is also the low travel season, making it a perfect time to enjoy the quieter side of Switzerland, especially if you enjoy leisurely holidays. 

  • Temperature 

    • 13°C (56°F)

  • Events 

    • Festivity of Autumn, Lugano

    • Olma Swiss Fair for Agriculture & Food

    • Chestnut Festival, Ascona

    • Lucerne Cheese Festival

    • Lausanne Marathon

  • Explore 

    • Heidi's village in Maienfeld

    • Experience the Matterhorn 

    • Travel on the international St. Bernina Express train

  • Why should you visit this month

    • This is the low travel season

    • Ideal because you'll have less tourists and crowds, and if you enjoy quiet holidays, now's your chance 

    • Find cheap rates on tickets and accommodation across Switzerland 

Switzerland in November 

Autumn comes to a close in November, in the low travel season in Switzerland. This month is quieter before tourists flock to the country in winter. The weather becomes colder in preparation for the coldest and longest season of the year. 

  • Temperature 

    • 7.5°C (46°F) 

  • Events 

    • Geneva International Film Festival

    • Christmas markets 

      • Montreux - late November until Christmas Eve

      • Bern - late November to Christmas Eve

      • Basel - late November to 23rd December

  • Explore

    • Museum of Art and History

    • 16th-century St. Peter's Cathedral of Geneva

    • United Nations headquarters

    • Broken Chair sculpture

  • Why should you visit this month

    • Plenty of cultural activities

    • Weather is still relatively pleasant before winter

    • It's still the low travel season

    • Enjoy better rates on travel and accommodation 

Switzerland in December

It's the most magical time of the year in Switzerland, because it's winter! The country turns into a winter wonderland this month, as festivities and joy warm Switzerland this month. Snow appears across the countries, making the Alps a perfect yet crowded snow adventure destination. Your dream of snuggling up in a Swiss chalet can come true this holiday month! 

  • Temperature

    • -1°C to 4°C

  • Events 

    • Toboggan Fun Furi Zermatt

    • C'est l'Hiver! Morgins Festival, Morgins

    • Winter Opening Anzère

  • Explore 

    • The Jungfrau Region

    • Skiing in the Alps 

    • Iconic Swiss Chalet holiday

    • Snowboarding in the Alps

  • Why should you visit this month

    • Marvel as the country turns into a White Winter Wonderland!

    • Festive holiday spirit at events, festivals, and activities in Switzerland 

    • Beautiful Christmas markets

Cheapest Time to Visit Switzerland 

Autumn/fall is the cheapest time to visit Switzerland! Book your flight and accommodation during the months of October and November to indulge in your own Swiss holiday. You can explore the cities and mountains which are relatively crowd free, as peak season only starts in December. Enjoy free activities such as hiking, or visit beautiful historic museums and dine on some of the finest dishes in the world.

Expensive Time to Visit Switzerland 

The most expensive time to visit Switzerland is during winter. This is also the time that travellers visit to go skiing. Winter is from December to March, where ski and mountain resorts are at full capacity to cater to snow loving tourists. 

More About the Best Time to Visit Switzerland

Best Time for Honeymoon 

The best time to visit Switzerland for a honeymoon is in winter. A Swiss winter is romantic and the perfect time to cuddle up as you enjoy fine Swiss chocolates in your Swiss chalet. You can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the winter wonderland that is Switzerland, and take so many souvenirs home.

Best Season for Snowfall in Switzerland

The best time to visit Switzerland for snowfall is in winter, from November until March. Swiss Winters are spectacular and breathtaking with a coat of beautiful snow across the country. 

Best Time for Sightseeing 

If you want to explore Switzerland and its majestic natural and man-made destinations, we recommend going in the spring. However, this season moves by quickly, so the best time for sightseeing is in March and April. You can go hiking, visit Swiss chocolate and watch factories, and indulge in Swiss cheese and fine dining too! 

Best Time for Hiking 

The best time for hiking in Switzerland is in the summer. During summer, you can revel in Switzerland's natural beauty by hiking and enjoying outdoor activities. June to August is the ideal time to visit if you love hiking! 

Best Time to Visit Lakes in Switzerland

The best time to visit lakes in Switzerland is in the summer. You can marvel at the majestic wonder of Swiss lakes framed by the greenery of the trees and mighty Swiss Alps if you're lucky! Enjoy lakeside activities and cruises at Lucerne. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Here are some common questions and answers related to the best time to visit Switzerland.


How many days do you need in Switzerland

We recommend an itinerary of around 4 to 5 days for you to be able to experience most of what Switzerland offers.

Is Switzerland expensive to travel to? 

Getting around Switzerland, and dining may be expensive. But, if you plan and book accommodation and activities in advance, you'll be able to enjoy an affordable trip! 

What is Switzerland famous for? 

Switzerland is known for its natural landscapes, swiss watches and chocolate factories. Heidi of the children's book with the same name is also from Switzerland, as are the finest cheeses in the world, yodelling, and Ricola!

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