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Best Time and Season to Visit Nepal: Complete Guide

Team AckoJan 31, 2024

Nepal is known for Mount Everest, mountaineering, and delicious momo dumplings. Travellers like Sir Edmund Hillary understood the potential of this magnificent tourist destination, which mesmerises thousands of adventurers to this day. Are you planning to travel to this wonderland with delicious smells, enchanting prayers, and adventure at every corner? If yes, then find out the best time to visit Nepal in this article!




Best time to visit Nepal

The best time to visit Nepal from India is from October to December, which is autumn and mid-winter. You can enjoy the clear blue skies, pleasant weather and breathtaking landscapes. Although the weather depends on where you're going in Nepal, January and February can be chilly, with cold nights averaging 6°C.

Best season to visit Nepal

Read ahead to find out the best season to visit Nepal, and plan your itinerary! 

Peak Season 

Tourists throng to this country from October to November, which is the best time to visit Nepal from India. This is peak season in Nepal when the weather is just right for outdoor adventures. Immerse yourself in a Nepali autumn with clear skies, trees shedding their autumnal hued leaves, and a nip in the air.

It's the perfect weather for exploring, making it a popular destination with adventure lovers in this peak season. Book well in advance to avoid the rush and expensive rates on flights and accommodation!

Peak season is the best time to travel to Nepal, especially if you have your sights set on conquering Everest! Even though it isn't raining this season, stay alert while driving across Kathmandu and Pokhara, the roads and conditions may be wet and slippery. 

Shoulder Season 

Nestled between bustling peak season and laid-back off-season is shoulder season that runs from March to May. This is a great time to visit Nepal, when you'll find cheaper flights and accommodation. You can explore a lot more peacefully since the surge of tourists has thinned out, but you'll still be able to enjoy outdoor activities like mountain climbing, hiking, or wandering through Nepali towns. 

Low or Off Season

If you enjoy travelling off the beaten path, then the low season from June to September is your sweet spot. Beat the crowds this season, which is also the cheapest time to visit Nepal when it comes to flights, accommodation, food, and attractions! 

Best Month to Visit Nepal

Delightful Nepal has something for everyone from January through December. 

Nepal in January 

January in Nepal is the coldest month of the year. 

  • Temperature 

    • 5° C (40°F) 

  • Events 

    • New Year's Day celebrations

    • 14th January, Maghe Sankranti

    • Sonam Losar

    • Saraswati Puja

  • Reason to visit 

    • Sightseeing in Kathmandu and Pokhara 

    • Everest View Trek, Ghorepani Trek, Mardi trek 

    • In the off-season, you will receive the best hospitality and attention in homestay and tea houses

Nepal in February

It's still winter in February yet the country is warmer than the previous month. Expect clear blue skies and pleasant temperatures throughout the day. As the days get warmer, you can explore the great outdoors and enjoy festivals that mark the beginning of spring next month. 

  • Temperature 

    • 5° C (40° F) 

  • Events 

    • February 5th, Sonam Lohar

    • Maha Shivaratri festival

Nepal in March

As the weather starts warming up across the country, locals start to set up shop, hosting outdoor markets and experiences for tourists like you. March is the beginning of spring in all its splendid glory in Nepal, as life blooms and blossoms across the landscape. White paths give way to green meadows and colourful flowers springing up. This is the unofficial start of the trekking season, even though some high-altitude routes are not open yet. Explore the Upper Mustang region around the Tibetan border which is suitable for trekkers and adventure tourists.

  • Temperature 

    • 20° C (70° F) 

  • Events 

    • March 4th, Maha Shivaratri

    • March 7th, Gyalpo Losar

    • March 17th, Festival of Horses

    • March 20th, Holi

  • Why should you visit during this month

    • Spring brings a splash of colour as the landscape comes back to life 

    • Beautiful flowers and plants blooming once again 

Nepal in April

April is spring in full bloom across Nepal. Soak in the greenery and colour this month, with pleasant weather and comfortable evenings. Picture-perfect landscapes from imposing mountains framed by majestic lakes give way to soft and verdant meadows and hillstation towns awash in colour and joy. Tourists flock to Nepal this shoulder season month making the iconic pilgrimage to the basecamp along Mount Everest. 

  • Temperature 

    • 25°C/75° F

  • Events 

    • April 14th, Nepali New Year 

    • Rato Machchendranath

    • Bisket Jatra

  • Why should you visit during this month

    • Nepal bursts with colour as flowers bloom and greenery stretches across the landscape 

    • Warm weather is perfect for exploring the mountains 

    • Good time to trek along several trails

Nepal in May

Nepal's summer starts to become hotter starting in May. May is the end of spring season. Unless you're venturing to the Himalayas, the weather is generally warm. It's still much cooler in the Himalayas and other mountainous regions. You can expect some rains this month, along with warm days and cool nights. 

  • Temperature 

    • 25°C (80°F) 

  • Events 

    • Buddha Jayanti 

    • May 28th, Day of the Republic of Nepal

  • Why should you visit during this month

    • May is when spring turns into summer

    • Indulge in outdoor activities and explore on sightseeing tours 

    • Trekking in lower elevations

Nepal in June

June is the start of the rainy monsoon season, as well as the travel low or off season. This is a great time to be in Nepal, because you can immerse yourself in cultural and trekking activities during this warmer summer month. 

  • Temperature 

    • 30°C (86° F) 

  • Events

    • June 5th, Ramjan Edul Fikra

  • Why should you visit during this month

    • If you enjoy warm weather for trekking and hiking, now's the time to visit

Nepal in July

July is Nepal's wettest month of the year, right in the middle of monsoon season. The rains are a welcome respite during the hotter parts of the day. July is the cheapest month to travel to Nepal, when the weather is ideal, a bit rainy, and no crowds. 

  • Temperature 

    • 22°C (70°F)

  • Events

    • Raksha Bandhan or the Feast of the Fraternity

  • Why should you visit during this month

    • Off-season for tourism

    • Explore without the crowds

    • Low costs

    • Pleasant weather in Pokhara

Nepal in August

August in Nepal is the height of peak summer when the weather is pleasant across the country. The monsoon rains continue into August, which will be the end of the rainy season. Monsoons make the landscape beautiful and verdant especially in the lush rice paddy fields. You may not be able to enjoy high altitude hiking this month. However, you can go on trails in the Mustang region dry. Enjoy outdoor sunshine with festivals, and for studying the culture minus the crowds. 

  • Temperature 

    • 30°C (80°F)

  • Why should you visit during this month

    • Low season 

    • Much less crowded, great for idyllic holidays 

Nepal in September

As summer makes way for autumn, the rainy monsoon season comes to an end in September. This is an ideal month to travel to Nepal.

  • Temperature 

    • 28°C (80°F)

  • Events

    • September 1st, Hartalika Teej

    • September 3rd, Rishi Panchami

  • Why you should travel during this month

    • Affordable hotel and travel prices 

    • Off-season is less crowded and you can find the best deals

Nepal in October

This Is a perfect time to go trekking! The weather averages 20°C and is pleasant and sunny. With the rainy season over, and the weather cooling down from summer heat to pleasant autumn, tourists start making their way during the peak season. Days are warm while evenings are cooler. 

  • Temperature 

    • 20°C (68°F)

  • Events 

    • October 8th, Dashain 

    • October 27th, Diwali

  • Why should you visit during this month

    • Nepal's autumn begins in October, a good time to travel! 

Nepal in November 

The best time of the year to visit Nepal is in November. Right in the peak season, November is a favoured month for the tourist influx, who travel to hit the slopes and achieve their Everest dreams! Expect mild weather in and around Kathmandu. 

  • Temperature 

    • 20°C (68°F)

  • Events 

    • Guru Nanak Jayanti

    • Tihar festival of lights

  • Why should you during visit this month

    • Ideal conditions

    • Mild weather

    • Spectacular and endless views of the mountains

    • Festival season

Nepal in December

It's the most magical time of the year in Nepal! A winter wonderland, Nepal is a picture perfect postcard destination. December is in the off season, so you can find great deals on flights, accommodation and more. Adventure seekers brave the cold winter and snow to climb Mount Everest and get to the summit. 

  • Temperature

    • 5°C (40°F) 

  • Events 

    • Kathmandu International Film Festival 

  • Why should you visit during this month

    • Plan your activities and itinerary around the weather

Cheapest time to Visit Nepal

Nepal's low season is from June to September and it is the cheapest time to visit Nepal. 

Expensive time to Visit Nepal

The most expensive time to visit Nepal is October and November. This is also its best time to visit, especially if you're travelling to scale Mount Everest or go trekking or hiking in the exhilarating Himalayas and other Nepali mountain ranges. However, you will need to book way in advance if you're trying to get flights or accommodation, especially in Kathmandu and around the Mount Everest base camps. 

More about the best time to go to Nepal

Here’s some more information regarding travelling to Nepal.

Best season to visit Nepal to experience snow

You can travel to Nepal in December if you want to experience snow. 

International tourist arrival in Nepal month by month

Since October and November are the months that comprise the peak tourist season, Nepal welcomes several international tourists during that time. Here’s a month-wise breakdown (till October 2022) of international tourist arrival in Nepal (approximate).

Month in 2022

International tourist arrivals (approximate)





















Note: The presented data comprises approximate numbers sourced from secondary online research.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here’s a list of common queries and their answers regarding the best time and season to visit Nepal.


Which is the hottest month in Nepal?

Although the temperature in Kathmandu is warm all year round, the hottest months are June, July, and August with maximums of 27℃ to 29℃. 

Which is the best time to visit Kathmandu? 

The best time to visit Kathmandu is in October, November and December, which falls between autumn and mid-winter. You can enjoy the clear blue skies, pleasant weather and breathtaking landscape. Book in advance to hold a reservation at accommodations in the peak season!  

Can I try yak butter and milk? 

Yes, you can try yak milk and butter made from this milk. 

Is Nepal known for momos? 

The delicious and famous Nepali dumpling can be eaten steamed, fried, baked, in soup, by itself, and with different types of fillings. Try momos in Nepal for a truly delectable experience.

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