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Singapore Visa Photo Size

TeamAckoApr 29, 2024

Getting the right photo size for your Singapore visa application is crucial. It’s a simple detail, but getting it wrong can delay your application. This guide will answer all your questions about the Singapore visa photo size, making sure you get it right the first time.

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Singapore Visa Photo Size

The process of applying for a Singapore visa can be daunting, especially when it comes to meeting all the specific requirements, one of which is providing a photo of the correct size. 

Here are the key requirements regarding the photo size for Singapore visa:

  • Recently taken two colour photos the size of a passport.

  •  They should be 35 mm wide and 45 mm high, with no edges.

  • The face must occupy 80% of the whole picture.

  • The picture must not be blurred or pixelated.

  • The picture must have been taken recently—not less than 3 months.

  • The subject's full face must be clearly visible.

Singapore Visa Photo Background and Quality 

When applying for a Singapore visa, it's crucial to ensure your photo meets the specific background and quality requirements set by the authorities. 

Here are a few Singapore visa photo background specifications you need to follow:

  • The photographs must be taken against a plain white background. 

  • There should be no paintings, decorations or patterns on the wall.

  • There should be no one with the subject in the background. 

  • There must be good lighting in the picture. 

  • There should be no shadow in the background of the picture.

Singapore Visa Photo Attire Requirements

You can wear normal clothing—the ones you feel most comfortable in for your photo. To ensure your Singapore visa photo is accepted without issues, kindly follow these simple guidelines regarding your Singapore visa photo attire:

  • Pick an outfit that stands out against the white background. You should wear a dark dress. This will make your outfit stand out more.

  • Wear glasses in the Singapore visa photo if you normally do. Nevertheless, you must get rid of them if:

  • The glass's edge is thick.

  • There is a reflection on the glass.

  • There should be no shadows or coverings on your face if you wear a religious hat. 

  • You can wear hijabs, turbans, or other religious clothes as long as your face can be seen clearly.

  • Stay away from patterns and colours that are too bright.

  • Do not wear school or college uniforms.

  • Do not wear loose clothes; wear well-fitted business or casual clothing.

Facial Expression Requirement for the Photo of Singapore Visa

For the Singapore visa photo requirements, you should be directly looking into the camera and maintaining a neutral facial expression. Your eyes should be open, and your eyebrows should not be raised upward. Your full face must be visible, along with a little bit of shoulder. Your mouth and teeth should be closed. You can maintain a natural, relaxed face or keep a professional look or slight smile. Make sure that your hair does not get in the way of your face and that it does not fall into your eyes or on your eyebrows.

Singapore Visa Photo Requirements for Children 

There are no changes to the photo requirements for children applying for a Singapore visa. But to help you understand better, here are the most important things you should keep in mind:

  • Children should maintain a neutral expression on their faces or they can keep a slight smile.

  • Their eyes should be open and their mouths should be closed.

  • They should not be happy or sad in the picture.  

  • They need to be in the middle of the picture and look straight to the camera.

  • Kids should not be held by their parents. Keep them in a chair with support if you have to.

  • Nothing should be seen, including toys, objects or people's hands.

So there you have it—everything you need to know about getting your photo just right as per Singapore visa photo size requirements for Indians. Remember, the best way to get a photo that meets all the requirements is to go to a professional photo studio. Please do not take selfies, and keep those colourful lights for other occasions. Stick to these tips, and you'll have your visa photo sorted in no time. Safe travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered some of the commonly asked questions about the Singapore visa photo size. Please go through it carefully to get answers to all the questions.


What photo is rejected for a Singapore visa?

Your Singapore visa application requires a photo measuring 35mm x 45mm against a white background, ensuring 80% of your face is facing towards the camera, with hair tied back and ears visible, and a matte finish. If this doesn’t match, your application will be rejected due to incorrect photo specifications.

What are the rules for Singapore visa photos?

Your Singapore visa photo must be recent (within the last 3 months), in colour, 35mm wide by 45mm high without border, taken against a white background, and show the full face without headgear (religious headgear that does not cover the face is allowed).

Can I wear earrings for my passport photo for Singapore?

Yes, you can wear earrings while clicking passport-size pictures for Singapore visa but avoid big earrings.

What is the size of the photo for Singapore visa?

The visa photo size for Singapore should be 35 x 45 mm and your face should cover 70-80% of the area.

Is the Singapore visa size photo matte or glossy?

Your Singapore visa photo should be matte-finished, without a border.

How many mm is a Singapore passport photo?

A Singapore passport photo should be 35mm wide and 45mm high.

What is the background colour for a passport photo in Singapore?

The background colour for a passport photo in Singapore should be white.


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