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Canada Visa for Indians

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If you are planning to visit Canada for leisure or business, getting a Canadian visa won’t be that hard, especially if you follow this guide. At ACKO, we can help you get a Canadian visa quickly and easily. We also assist you with end-to-end visa processing with doorstep documentation and tracking your visa in real time.

Read on to learn more about the fees and processing time involved and finally apply for a Canada visa from India.

Do Indians need a Canada visa from India?
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Yes, if you are an Indian citizen, you need a visa to enter Canada, regardless of the reason. To do this, you will need to fill out an online application, provide supporting documents, and attend an interview if required.

What are the different types of Canada visa for Indians?
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Depending on the purpose of the visit, there are different types of visas for Canada from India. Below is a list of the ones you can apply for on ACKO. 

Tourist Visa
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Tourist/visitor visas allow you to enter the country for tourist and leisure purposes only and stay for a predetermined time. With this visa, you can enter Canada multiple times for a stay of 180 days within the maximum span of 10 years.

Business Visa
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With this Canadian business permit, you can look for temporary work, attend business meetings, and make appointments in Canada. With this visa, you can enter Canada multiple times for a stay of 180 days within the maximum span of 10 years.

Validity of Different Types of Canada Visas for Indians
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The table below shows the validity of different types of Canada visas for Indians:

Types of Canada Visa


Tourist Visa

10 years

Business Visa

10 years

Canada Visa Processing Time in India 2024
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The Canada visa processing time usually takes about 160-170 days because of the high number of applications received. India alone has over 9 lakh applications annually for Canada. Therefore, applicants should be prepared for a somewhat lengthy processing time for both tourist and business visas. This duration also ensures that each application is given the attention it requires so any mistakes can lead to rejection and may make it more time consuming to start over.

Here are some tips you can follow to make your Canadian visa application strong:

Canada Visa Fees from India
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Type of Canada Visa

Length of Stay

Entry Type

Canada Visa Cost

Tourist Visa

180 days

Multiple Entry


Business Visa

180 days

Multiple Entry


*Note: The 'Final Price' mentioned in the table is inclusive of both the Embassy Fee/VFS Charge and the Service Charge. Also, note that these Canada visa fees are subject to change.

Why Choose ACKO to Apply Canada Visa Online?
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Worldwide Help with Visas
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We make it quick and easy to get visas for all the main countries in the world.


End-to-End Process
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From submitting documents to getting your visa in your email, we assist you with everything.


Pay As You Wish
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Select the desired payment method to pay for your visa fees.


Pick up and Delivery at Your Door
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We collect and deliver your documents to your doorstep.

Documents Required for Canada Visa for Indian Citizens - Requirements
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You need these documents along with your application form while you are applying for a Canada visa from India through ACKO:

To visit for tourism purposes, you need the following documents:

Apart from the above mentioned documents, for a Canada business visa you need:

How to apply Canada visa online?
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Acko makes it easier than ever to get a Canada visa application online. Just follow these simple steps-

Step 1: Click here and select Canada as the country of visit.

Step 2: Complete the online application form and upload all the required documents.

Step 3: Pay the visa fee through a debit/credit card or a mobile wallet.

Step 4: Once payment is made, the documents will be verified, and your Canada visa will be sent to your email address.

Canada Visa Eligibility Criteria for Indian Citizens 
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All Indian citizens who are planning to travel to Canada are required to apply for a Canada Visa. However, there are certain requirements you must meet in order to be eligible to apply for a Canada visa. These eligibility criteria include:

1. A valid Indian passport.

2.Do not have any health problems.

3.Do not have any criminal history.

4.Have sufficient proof of your intention to return to India.

5.Return tickets from Canada.

6.Have enough funds in your bank account.

Is Canada visa on arrival for Indian? 
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Unfortunately, Indian nationals do not have the option of obtaining a visa upon arrival in Canada. As per the current laws, it is mandatory for Indian passport holders to obtain a valid visa prior to their arrival in Canada.

Canada Visa and Travel Insurance
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Now that you are all set for your Canada experience, don't forget the most important thing- travel insurance. It’s always a good idea to consider travel insurance to safeguard your trip. The travel insurance covers medical care, hospitalisation and repatriation during your stay. 

So, take this extra step to ensure your trip is worry-free and unforgettable.

As always, have a great trip ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here’s a list of common questions and answers related to the Canada visa for Indians.


Is Canada visa open to Indians?

Yes, Canada's visa is open to Indians. Indian citizens can apply for various types of visas to Canada, including tourist visas, student visas, and work visas, and they can even settle down.

How much is Canadian visa fee in India?

The Canadian visa fee in India depends on the duration and type of visa you are applying for. At ACKO, you can get a multi-entry visa for Canada for just 15,000 INR for both tourism and business visas. However, these prices are subject to change.

Is a confirmed flight ticket required for my Canada visa application?

No, you are not required to confirm your tickets or hotel bookings before getting your Canada visa. At ACKO, we help with visa processing without making any reservations, so once the visa is approved, you can confirm the bookings. 

Do I need to come in person to submit my documents?

No, you can submit it online.

Is it a sticker or an E-visa?

Canada visa is a sticker visa.

How long does Canada visa take to be approved?

You can expect the Canada visa process to take anywhere from 2 to 4 months. Sometimes, your visa process may take longer if you haven't submitted the necessary documentation. Your Canadian visa begins to be processed only after we receive your complete application.

Does Canada give a 5 years visa?

Yes, Canada offers visas that can be valid for up to 5 years. If you want to extend your stay, you will need to apply for an extension and pay an additional fee.

Does Canada give a 10-year visa? 

Yes! You can get a super visa, which is a multi-entry visa. With this visa, you can enter the country multiple times over a 10-year period. 

Will I get a refund if my Canada visa application is rejected?

No, the application fee is not returnable. 

What happens after Canada visa is approved?

If your Canada application is approved, you'll get a notification from our side via your specified email ID. You can download the approval letter and show it to the airport authorities for the stamp.

Is biometrics mandatory for a Canada visa application?

Indeed, it is necessary for all applicants seeking a Canada visa from India to personally submit their biometrics, including fingerprints, palm prints, and live photos.

What is the next step after biometrics for Canada visa?

Once the biometrics are completed, immigration officials thoroughly review the application. This stage involves the verification of documents and the final decision regarding the visa. We will notify you of the result via email once the process is complete.

What documents are required for Canada biometric?

A valid passport or travel document with at least two blank pages on both sides, along with a printed copy of your Biometric Instruction Letter (BIL) and consent form.

What do I do if my Canada Visa gets rejected?

If the Canadian authorities refuse your visa application, you can apply again at any time. Just address the reasons carefully and include the correct information.

Can I enter Canada with a US visa?

No, Indians cannot travel to Canada with a US visa. People from the US can visit Canada for up to 180 days without a visa through the visa waiver programme, but India, on the other hand, is not part of it. This means that even if they are travelling from the US, they have to get a visa to enter Canada.

What will happen if I extend my stay beyond my visa's validity?

Overstaying your visa's expiration date may result in severe penalties, and you may also be denied entry into the country in the future.

How many months prior to the trip should I apply for a Canada visa?

You should apply at least 3 months before the date you want to travel to Canada.

Is it mandatory for Indians to get travel insurance for a Canada visa?

No, having travel insurance is not compulsory when applying for a Canada visa from India, but we highly recommend one. You can look at Acko Travel Insurance to find plans that fit your budget. 

Is Canada giving visas on arrival to Indians?

Not at this time. Current travel rules do not allow you, as an Indian, to apply for a Visa on Arrival in Canada. You need to apply for the appropriate Canada visa before travelling to Canada.