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5 Reasons For Buying A Hatchback Car

Team AckoJan 4, 2022

The automobile industry is booming in today’s time. One of the main reasons for this industry to burgeon is a plethora of product options available. The automobile industry offers vehicles to all types of buyers, irrespective of their income. This is possible thanks to different categories of cars, for example, the luxurious sedans, the compact and affordable hatchbacks and of course the bulky Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV).

Reasons to Buying a Hatchback Car

In this article, we will be focusing on hatchback cars. These cars offer a combination of decent load-bearing capacity and can carry passengers comfortably. A hatchback can be distinguished with the help of its peculiar features like a hatch-type rear door that opens upwards, smaller size, five doors (including the rear hatch), and less number of pillars (A, B and C pillars).

Hatchback cars came into existence around the 1960s and became a sensation through the 1970s. A hatchback called ‘Countryman’ developed by The British Motor Corporation is considered to be one of the very first of its kind. However, modern cars have evolved and are not similar to this generation of hatchbacks.

Reasons for buying a hatchback car:

1. Compact design:

Hatchback cars offer space and convenience over the luxurious sedan cars. They offer the convenience of driving in narrow spaces where a usual sedan or SUV may not fit. For example, driving a hatchback on a traffic-laden road is easier as compared to driving larger models of other types of cars.

2. Basic controls:

It is easier to learn driving on a hatchback car as compared to a sedan or SUV. Sedans may have complex mechanisms like additional gears or complicated control panels. This is not the case with a hatchback. These cars consist of some of the most basic models. Thus they are considered to be the best for new drivers. If you have a learning driver in your family, you can consider buying a hatchback rather than choosing other types of cars.

3. Low maintenance cost:

India serves as a huge market for hatchback cars. Models like Maruti Wagon R are manufactured in the country. This is one of the main factors that contributed to the maintenance cost being lower as compared to other types of cars. The availability of spare parts is high when it comes to Indian automobile manufacturers. This not only speeds up the repair/replacement process but also lowers the final cost.

4. Enhanced boot space:

As mentioned earlier, a hatchback car is capable of carrying a decent amount of goods/load plus passengers. To serve this purpose, you will receive a large boot space in your hatchback car. This makes it an ideal fit for families with fewer members, singles, and people who travel alone and carry load. 

Nowadays, people prefer to change the fuel type of their car to CNG due to its affordability. The CNG kit mainly consists of a large cylinder filled with CNG fuel and control options. Enhanced boot space of hatchback cars serves as a perfect fit for installing the CNG kit, making this category of cars even more popular.

5. Affordability:

In India, buying a hatchback is cheaper than buying a sedan or SUV. We have numerous options like Maruti Alto, Maruti Wagon R, Tata Tiago, Hyundai Santro, and many more that cost less than 5 lakh rupees. As mentioned earlier, their maintenance cost is also low. 

Thus, a hatchback is a complete package consisting of useful features and low cost. Those who wish to avail more features can always opt for premium hatchback models. The above factors make hatchback cars a popular choice in the Indian market.

Buying insurance for hatchback cars:

One of the best methods to buy a new car insurance policy for your hatchback car is to go online. Buying car insurance online will not only help you get the best deal but also the most suitable policy. You will have to buy a new car insurance policy if you are buying a new car. 

Buying car insurance online also offers the advantage of car insurance comparison. With the help of car insurance comparison, you can understand the different features and services offered by various insurance companies. Remember that buying your car insurance online will allow you to review the coverage of your policy with each renewal and you can save even more money on your hatchback car.


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