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Honda WR-V Car Insurance

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Honda WR-V Car Insurance

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If you own a Honda WR-V or in the process of buying one, then do not think about a motor insurance policy as a non-productive expense. A good Honda WR-V Car Insurance Policy can help you comply with The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 as well as weave a financial safety net if the car needs repairs because of damage due to accidents, calamities, etc. Read ahead for more on this topic.

Why Choose Online Car Insurance for Honda WR-V?
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You can insure your Honda WR-V online or offline. This section is all about why picking online car insurance is good for you.

Convenient Way
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While driving, isn’t it obvious that you would pick the most convenient route? The same logic applies to online car insurance also. Why visit insurance offices or discuss with car dealers when you can purchase car insurance from ACKO at your preferred time and from anywhere?

Easy Way
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Online car insurance is like zipping through a toll plaza via the FASTag lane. With no agent interference, a simple purchase journey, and online payment, insuring your car via ACKO’s website/app is as easy as it can get.

Right Way
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The right way to buy any goods or a service is to have a complete understanding of the details so that you can make an informed purchase decision. With online car insurance, all the information is in front of you; visit ACKO’s website or use the app to know about the policy and then buy it instantly.

Types of Car Insurance Plans for Honda WR-V
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In India, you get to choose from the below-mentioned primary types of car insurance policies for your Honda WR-V. The Honda WR-V insurance price is directly related to the chosen policy.

Third-party Liability Policy
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Driving a car comes with its share of dangers. Unfortunately, an out-of-control car can injure (or kill) a person or damage their property. Here’s where a Third party Car Insurance Policy will come to your rescue by compensating the person (or their kin) for the damages on your behalf. This policy is law-mandated, and failing to buy/renew this plan can lead to legal hassles.

Comprehensive Plan
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While the Third-party Plan takes care of compensating others, it does not cover your vehicle. For that, you need a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy. It ticks two coverage boxes by offering the law-mandated Liability-only cover and by insuring your Honda WR-V against damages caused by fire, calamities, accidents, etc. It also offers a cover against car theft.

What’s Included in Honda WR-V Car Insurance? (Inclusions)
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If you buy a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy for your Honda WR-V, you will be insured against the following situations as per the policy’s terms and conditions. Note that a Personal Accident Cover is not a part of this coverage and needs to be bought separately.

What’s Not Included in Honda WR-V Car Insurance? (Exclusions)
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The situations mentioned in this section are not covered by a car insurance policy.

Add-on Covers for Honda WR-V
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You can choose from the following list of car insurance add-ons to boost your Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy while buying it online from ACKO’s website/app.

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Selecting ACKO as your car insurance provider comes with the following advantages.

Incredibly Low Premium

Low-cost Insurance
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ACKO’s tech-based infrastructure coupled with a Zero-commission approach results in low-cost plans. ACKO’s Comprehensive car insurance plans are easy on your wallet and do not compromise on the coverage or insurance-related services.

Go Paperless

Paperless Process
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You can insure your four-wheeler within minutes via ACKO’s website/app. This is possible because of the lack of form-filling and non-requirement of unnecessary documentation.


Smooth Claim Settlement
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With a tech-based claims process and features such as one-hour vehicle pick-up, instant repair & drop services (in select cities), settling claims at ACKO is hassle-free. For minor damages such as dents, you can settle claims even quickly.

ACKO’s Claim Process
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Here’s the process to initiate and settle a claim via ACKO.

Step 1: Log in to your account on ACKO’s website/app using OTP verification.

Step 2: Share claim details after clicking ‘Claim Now’.

Step 3: Follow the mentioned process for a no-trouble car insurance claims process. For instance, On-account settlement for minor claims.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Common queries about Honda WR-V Car Insurance.



Where can I buy an insurance policy for my Honda WR-V?

You can insure your Honda WR-V on ACKO’s website or the mobile app.

Which is the best Honda WR-V car insurance policy for me?

Ideally, it is best suited to buy a Comprehensive Plan with beneficial add-ons to ensure broad motor insurance coverage.

How much time does it take to buy insurance for Honda WR-V via ACKO’s website?

As there’s no paperwork needed to insure your car, you can complete the entire process within three minutes.

I sold my previous Honda car and purchased the new WR-V; will my No Claim Bonus continue?

Yes, your valid NCB shall be taken into consideration while insuring your Honda WR-V.   

Can I renew my Honda WR-V car insurance from the ACKO app without uploading documents?

Yes, buying insurance via the ACKO app is a paperless process; no uploading of documents is needed.

Car Insurance for Other Honda Car Models
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