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Hyundai Kona Car Insurance

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Hyundai Kona Car Insurance

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Hyundai is one of the popular automobile brands in India, and it has launched some exciting cars in the market. With the pollution going beyond safe levels, electric cars are said to be the future of mobility. On these lines, Hyundai launched the Kona electric SUV in India in 2019. Hyundai Kona is India’s first fully-electric SUV. If you own the Kona electric vehicle and are looking to buy a car insurance policy, then read on till the end. This article will provide all the information related to Hyundai Kona insurance cost.

Importance of Buying Online Car Insurance for Hyundai Kona Model
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Hyundai Kona is an electric SUV, and all the components and spare parts are expensive when compared to a conventional SUV. Buying car insurance for Hyundai Kona is crucial as repair costs can run very high. Hyundai Kona car insurance will also provide you with third-party liability. Car insurance also comes with several add-on benefits which expand the coverage. Below are the benefits of buying electric car insurance for Hyundai Kona.

Third-Party Liability Coverage
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A will cover you against damage to third-party property or life. The third-party policy will also cover the medical expenses of injured third-party. The comprehensive insurance plan also provides third-party coverage.

Own Damage Cover
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A comprehensive insurance policy will provide third-party and own damage cover. The insurance plan will cover damage to your car that occurred due to accident, fire, natural disaster and human-made disasters. The insurance plan also covers injuries to the driver. A comprehensive insurance policy for the Hyundai Kona will provide you with financial protection.

Additional Coverage Benefits
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When you buy a comprehensive car insurance policy for the Kona, you are eligible to purchase add-ons. You can expand the coverage benefits by purchasing add-ons such as depreciation cover, no claim bonus cover, invoice cover, roadside assistance cover, passenger cover, etc.

Car Insurance Plans for Hyundai Kona
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There are two types of car insurance plans for Hyundai Kona: Third-Party and Comprehensive insurance. Below are the coverage benefits of both the insurance plans.

Third-Party Car Insurance
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Third-party car insurance provides coverage against damage to third-party property or life. If you own a car, third-party liability insurance is mandatory as per law.

Comprehensive Car Insurance
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The comprehensive insurance plan provides additional coverage along with third-party damage cover. Comprehensive car insurance will cover damage to your vehicle and injury to the driver/accidental death of the driver. You can also purchase add-ons to expand the coverage benefits.

What’s Covered in Hyundai Kona Insurance (Inclusions):
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Hyundai Kona car insurance policy will cover you against the following:

(Note: Only a comprehensive car insurance policy provides own damage cover)

Exclusions of Hyundai Kona Car Insurance:
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Hyundai Kona insurance will not cover you against the following:

Add-ons for Hyundai Kona Car Insurance:
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You can buy add-ons if you opt for comprehensive car insurance. Below are the add-ons for Hyundai Kona insurance:

Benefits of Buying Acko Car Insurance Policy for your Hyundai Kona Car
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Below are the benefits of buying Acko car insurance for your Hyundai Kona.

Zero Paperwork
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You can buy/renew car insurance and also apply for claims online. All the processes are online and there is zero paperwork.

Quick Claim Settlements
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You can make a claim online, and depending on the nature of the damage the claim will be settled. If the damage is minor, the claims are instantly settled.

Best Deal
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Acko will provide you with the best car insurance price online by suggesting you the optimum IDV for your car. You can also compare the third-party and comprehensive plan and available add-ons.

Expert Advice
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You will get expert advice related to car insurance. Trained professionals will assist you in buying/renewing car insurance or while making a claim.

Claim Procedure:
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Follow the below steps to apply for a claim at Acko General Insurance:

(Note: Vehicle pickup/drop and repair service is available in select cities)

Frequently Asked Questions
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Below are the common queries related to Hyundai Kona electric car insurance.



From where can I get the best price for Hyundai Kona car insurance?

You can go for online car insurance if you are looking for the best price. Buying car insurance online allows you to compare insurances and make the right choice. Usually, online insurance companies will provide you with the best price as there is no middleman and also no paperwork involved.

I am buying the Hyundai Kona SUV. Is insurance expensive for electric vehicles?

The cost of insurance depends on the value of the vehicle, it doesn’t matter if it’s an electric or internal combustion vehicle. The insurance premium will depend on the condition and the purchase value of the car.

Can I buy add-ons for Hyundai Kona car insurance?

Yes, you can purchase add-ons for Kona car insurance, provided you have a comprehensive insurance policy. You can buy add-ons such as no claim bonus cover, depreciation cost cover, roadside assistance cover, consumables cover, passenger cover and invoice cover.

My Hyundai Kona car insurance is about to expire. Which documents do I need to submit for renewal of insurance?

You will require the following document to renew Hyundai Kona insurance: >Registration Certificate >The previous insurance policy certificate >Pollution Under control (PUC) certificate

How much will it take for claim settlement for Hyundai Kona?

The time taken for claim settlement for Hyundai Kona depends on the insurance company. Usually, online insurance companies will offer quick claim settlement as there is zero paperwork, and the entire process can be completed online.

Car Insurance for Other Hyundai Car Models/Variants
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