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Hyundai Creta Car Insurance

Hyundai Creta Car Insurance

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Hyundai Creta Car Insurance

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The Creta is a popular choice for buying an SUV due to its high performance and safety features. It is one of the most selling cars of the segment with multi-fold growth in a short time. Creta car insurance offers the financial stability required for carrying out damage repair in case of accidents or other contingencies like fire or theft. Read ahead to know more about buying and renewing the Creta Car insurance policy.

Benefits of Buying Car Insurance Online from ACKO
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These days, everything from food to car insurance is available online. More and more people are relying on buying things online. The following reasons draw car owners to buy a policy online because of the following reasons as far as Creta insurance is concerned.

1. Convenience
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Buying new car insurance online is convenient. One can buy the policy from their comfortable space without the need to personally visit ACKO's office. They can choose the desired coverage by comparing insurance plans online and understanding what is offered by visiting ACKO’s website/app.

2. Instant Policy
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Buying car insurance online helps you get the policy instantly if you have been renewing the policy on time. You just need to make sure that the chosen car insurance plan is as per your requirements. A car insurance policy can be bought instantly as ACKO does not need physical documents.

3. No Agents Involved
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Agents can influence your decision to buy or drop a certain insurance cover. For example, you may not require another Personal Accident Add-on as you already have one, but the insurance agent is keen on making you buy it with car insurance. No agents are involved in the transaction while buying car insurance online from ACKO.

Types of Car Insurance Plans for Hyundai Creta
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It becomes easy to buy car insurance if you know what type of coverage will be the most suitable for your needs. Note that Creta insurance cost will change as per the plan type. Since buying Creta insurance is compulsory, you should know when an insurance plan will provide the most benefits.

Third-party Liability Insurance
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The most basic type of insurance policy offered by Indian insurers is the mandatory Third-party Car Insurance Policy. It provides coverage against third-party injuries, property damage, or death. This coverage also includes any legal liabilities that you face because of an accident with a third party.

Comprehensive Insurance
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As the name suggests, this policy is comprehensive in nature and provides more coverage as compared to the Third-party Liability Plan. A Comprehensive car insurance policy covers damages to your car as well as coverage for any add-on that you choose while buying the policy. Thus, you get a dual benefit with a Comprehensive plan.

What’s Covered in Creta Car Insurance Policy? (Inclusions)
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Inclusions define the extent of your car insurance policy. These are conditions in which you can ask or claim financial assistance, required to carry out repairs, from the car insurance company. Following are general inclusions of a Comprehensive policy.

  1. Third-party damages

  2. Damage from fire or explosions

  3. Coverage for Theft

  4. Damage due to a natural or man-made calamity

  5. Total loss i.e. when the car cannot be repaired 

  6. Personal Accident Cover Add-on (bought separately)

  7. Coverage under other applicable add-ons 

What’s Not Covered in Creta Car Insurance Policy? (Exclusions)
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Exclusions are a part of every car insurance policy. These ensure a fair claim and help the insurance company to provide insurance for helping people that abide by the law. The following list will give you an overview of general Creta insurance exclusions.

  1. Regular wear and tear

  2. Driving under the influence of alcohol

  3. Mechanical damage

  4. Electrical damage

  5. Driving without valid documents

  6. Intentional damage

  7. Consequential loss (driving a car after it has suffered damage)

  8. Making a claim against an inactive policy

Add-ons for Creta Car Insurance
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Add-ons or additional coverages are available with a Comprehensive car insurance policy. You need to buy each car insurance add-on separately and choose only those that add value to your car insurance policy. Note that Creta’s insurance price will increase with each add-on. Following add-ons are suitable with a comprehensive policy.

  1. Outstation Emergency Cover

  2. Consumables Cover

  3. Return to Invoice Cover

  4. Key Replacement Cover

  5. Personal Accident Cover for Passengers

  6. No Claim Bonus Protection

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ACKO is a digital-first general insurance company trusted by millions of people across India. You will find a hassle-free process and instant policies for your car on ACKO. Take a look at the following list of more reasons to buy from ACKO.

1. Free Experts Guidance
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Many people believe that car insurance is complex and ACKO understands that one may require expert help while buying the policy. You can get in touch with us when in need of help regarding your Creta insurance policy.

2. Tailor-made Plans
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You can customize your car insurance plans at ACKO with the available add-ons. These will help you get suitable coverage at a reasonable rate. For example, add-ons like Roadside Assistance will allow you to get help in case of a breakdown.

3. Paperless Process
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You can buy or renew car insurance online without any paperwork from ACKO. No confusing forms or complex terms and conditions. You can decide the type of coverage you need by selecting the policy online. All you need is a few details related to the car, your personal details, and previous policy details.

Claim Process
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You can easily raise a car insurance claim at ACKO without the use of physical documents. This is possible due to ACKO’s unique features of online claims. You will require claim-related details and an internet-enabled device to claim car insurance. Follow these steps to complete the process. Step 1 - Download ACKO’s mobile application or visit

Step 2 - Login to your profile and look for the car you want to claim against

Step 3 - Enter all the required information and click “Claim Now”

We will get in touch with you to know about your claim. Based on the situation, we may also request certain additional details to expedite the claim process.

Frequently Asked Questions
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After reading the above article, some questions might be buzzing in your head. Let us try to answer them.



My Hyundai Creta was damaged in the recent flood. Can I make an insurance claim?

Yes, you can if you have a Comprehensive car insurance policy because damage from natural calamities like floods is covered under this plan.

What is Total Loss?

The total loss of a car happens when it gets extremely damaged. Such a car cannot be repaired or the cost of repairs is more than its actual price.

Why should I consider buying Comprehensive insurance for my Hyundai Creta?

You should consider buying a Comprehensive cover because it offers much more coverage than a basic Third-party policy. Plus, it can be enhanced with suitable add-ons.

Can I adjust the Insured Declared Value (IDV) while buying from ACKO?

Yes, you can change the value of IDV while buying a comprehensive policy.

What is the minimum duration of a car insurance policy for Hyundai Creta?

The minimum duration of a Creta insurance policy for Hyundai Creta is one year.

Car Insurance for Other Hyundai Car Models/Variants
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