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Hyundai Alcazar Car Insurance

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Hyundai Alcazar Car Insurance

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Hyundai Alcazar is an easy-to-drive 6/7-seater full-size SUV. This feature-loaded vehicle serves your requirements in the city and on long journeys as well. But before you get those wheels running, you must buy vehicle insurance for Hyundai Alcazar. This article offers a thorough understanding of Hyundai Alcazar insurance price, coverage and benefits.

Importance of buying online car insurance for Hyundai Alcazar
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Below are the reasons you should buy car insurance online for Hyundai Alcazar.

Compare policies
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It is easier to compare insurance for an Alcazar car via digital platforms due to instant access. You can find details about different types of policies and compare car insurance quotes from different insurers before making a purchase.

Easy purchase
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Apart from policy comparison, a digital platform also eases the process of buying car insurance. Instead of worrying about lengthy documentation, you can simply buy a policy by providing a few car details and previous policy information (if applicable) online.

24x7 services
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Once you buy a policy, the digital insurance platform helps to get policy-related services at your convenience. You can instantly raise claims online or opt for car insurance renewal when it is due.

Types of car insurance plans for Alcazar
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The Alcazar insurance price depends mainly on the type of policy you pick. Here are the two major kinds you can choose from.

Third-party Insurance Policy
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If you want to drive a car in India, a Third-party Insurance Policy is mandatory by law. This is the basic insurance plan every vehicle owner must buy to legally drive a vehicle in the country. The policy provides financial protection if your car causes any third-party injury/death or property damage. But the same policy can’t protect your vehicle beyond third-party liabilities.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy
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By selecting a Comprehensive Insurance Policy, you can extend your vehicle coverage beyond Third-party Car Insurance. It includes Third-party Liability coverage and Own Damage cover (OD). The OD cover of this policy protects you financially if your car gets damaged due to an accident, calamity (natural/man-made), a fire, an explosion, etc. Along with the basic OD coverage, you can also purchase add-ons to further enhance the coverage.

Note: With your insurance policy, you must purchase a PA or Personal Accident cover. This cover doesn’t come included in a basic plan but is mandatory by law. It takes care of financial safety in case of an accidental injury (permanent/temporary) or death of the policyholder. 

What’s covered in Alcazar car insurance? (Inclusions)
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You can buy Comprehensive Hyundai Alcazar insurance for the following coverages.

What’s not covered in the Alcazar car insurance? (Exclusions)
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Your Comprehensive Alcazar car insurance can’t offer coverage in the following conditions.

Add-ons for Hyundai Alcazar car insurance
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By adjusting the Hyundai Alcazar insurance price, you can include the following car insurance add-on covers in your policy. 

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Below are the advantages of buying vehicle insurance from ACKO.

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Budget-friendly plan
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ACKO keeps the policy premiums low without compromising on the quality of coverages. We follow a direct-to-customer model to avoid the involvement of middlemen. Plus, the digital infrastructure helps to maintain a low operating cost.

Go Paperless

Zero paperwork
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To purchase or renew a policy from ACKO, you don’t have to provide any physical documents. The online platform enables policy purchase by adding details of your Alcazar or information about your previous plan (if available).

Contactless Car Insurance

Pickup-and-drop service
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ACKO provides a pickup-and-drop facility in select cities for claims related to repairs. The insured car is picked up from your home address for repair. Once repaired, the car gets delivered to your location.

ACKO’s claim process
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Below are the steps you can follow to instantly raise a car insurance claim against your Hyundai Alcazar insurance. 

After the claim request, our support team will assist you further. They will initiate the claim settlement process. While the duration of claim settlement depends on the extent of damages, minor claims are settled within a few hours usually.

Frequently asked questions
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Here are the commonly asked questions answered to help you buy Alcazar car insurance from ACKO.


How can I renew car insurance online for my Alcazar from ACKO?

The car insurance renewal process is completely digital at ACKO. Enter the details of your car and previous insurance. You can get a motor insurance quote via the mobile app or website after choosing a policy type and add-ons. Once you are happy with the policy price and coverage, you can renew the policy right away.

What would be the cost of buying Hyundai Alcazar insurance from ACKO?

The Alcazar insurance price depends on multiple parameters such as the type of policy, add-ons you choose, etc. We encourage you to use ACKO’s mobile app or website to get a car insurance quote for your Alcazar.

Will I need insurance for a second-hand Alcazar?

It is always financially safer to buy suitable insurance for a vehicle, even if your car is second-hand. You can choose between Third-party Car Insurance or a Comprehensive Insurance Plan. However, a Comprehensive policy is more effective in protecting you financially in case your car gets damaged, lost or stolen.

Car Insurance for Other Hyundai Car Models/Variants
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