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Hyundai Verna Car Insurance

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Hyundai Verna Car Insurance

Vehicle insurance for your Hyundai Verna is mandatory to drive it on public roads. The Comprehensive Insurance Plan also protects you against losses arising due to accidental damages to your vehicle apart from coverage against theft and total loss. For more information about Hyundai Verna insurance, read ahead to learn more about insurance for Hyundai Verna and the benefits of buying online car insurance.

Importance of Buying Online Car Insurance for Hyundai Verna
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Listed below are the reasons why you should prefer to buy car insurance online over conventional offline car insurance:

1. Zero Paperwork
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You do not have to fill lengthy forms or submit documents to buy or renew your policy or even file a claim against your policy. Buying car insurance on ACKO is completely paperless, and it takes a few minutes to insure your Verna with no paperwork.

2. Quick and Fast
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You can buy or renew the policy online from anywhere and anytime through your internet-connected smartphone. Visit ACKO’s website or download the app for a quicker and faster experience.

3. Zero Commission
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Transact directly with ACKO. There are no agents or middlemen involved while purchasing or while renewing the plan. This helps in reducing the operating costs and the benefits are passed on as low-cost car insurance plans.

4. Superfast Claims
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With a paperless and easy online experience, raising claims with ACKO is a superfast and hassle-free process. Get instant on-account claim settlement for minor damages. For major claims, our claim team will pick your car, repair it at a professional garage of your choice and deliver it back to you in 3 days.

Comprehensive Vs Third Party Car Insurance:
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Coverage Comprehensive Bike Insurance Third-Party Bike Insurance
Injuries to Third-party injury or damages to their property
Accidental damages to the Verna
Damages/losses due to man-made disasters (riots, strikes, vandalism, etc.)
Damages/losses due to natural disasters (floods, cyclones, earthquakes, etc.)
Theft of the car No
Personal Accident cover (PA)  ✘ (But mandatory with either one of the plan) ✘ (But mandatory with either one of the plan)
Add-on Covers
Option to modify sum insured amount (Insured Declared Value) for the Hyundai Verna

What’s Covered in Hyundai Verna Insurance (Inclusions)?
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The Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan comes bundled with the law-mandated Third-Party Insurance Plan and the Own Damage cover. Here are the inclusions of the Hyundai Verna car insurance:

Also, note that the mandatory Personal Accident (PA) cover must be purchased either with the Third-Party or the Comprehensive Insurance Plan. You can buy the PA cover while buying or renewing the plan.

What’s Not Covered in Hyundai Verna Insurance (Exclusions)?
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Below are the damages or losses that are not covered under the Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan for the Hyundai Verna under the below circumstances:

Add-ons for Hyundai Verna Insurance
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Add-ons are small packages that are designed for specific coverage. You can buy them along with the Comprehensive Insurance Policy. Here are the car insurance add-ons that add value to the Comprehensive Plan:

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Here are the highlights of the ACKO car insurance policy for your Hyundai Verna.

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Hassle-Free Online Experience
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Be it the purchase or car insurance renewal of your insurance policy or filing a claim against your policy, access your account through or download the app to process your request. Enter a few details of your Verna & insure within few minutes.

Instant Claim Settlement

Easy Claims
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At ACKO, you can file a claim online, and you do not require any paperwork. Visit our website or app and log in to access your account. Upload the photos of the damaged vehicle and answer a few questions about the damages to raise your claim instantly.

Low Premium

Low-Cost Plans
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With a completely digital environment, you can transact directly with ACKO without the need for agents or middlemen. This has helped us reduce our operational costs. These savings are passed on to you as low-cost car insurance policies.

Claim Procedure
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Raising a claim against your car insurance policy with ACKO is simple and stress-free. With ACKO’s digital infrastructure, you can file a claim within minutes without any paperwork. Follow the steps below to file your claim:

Cashless Claim:
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Step 1: Visit ACKO’s website or smartphone app to access your account.

Step 2: Select the‘ Claim Now’ option.

Step 3: Answer a few questions about the damages and upload the photos of the damaged car.

Step 4: For minor damages, ACKO will settle the claim instant via the on-account fund transfer and in case of major damages, the claims team will pick your vehicle, fix it at the garage of your own choice and deliver it within 3 days (select cities).

Reimbursement Claim:
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Step 1: Inform ACKO immediately about the damages to your car.

Step 2: Our claims team will schedule an inspection, and you can then repair the damages.

Step 3: File for a reimbursement claim, upload the repair invoice and ACKO will deposit the approved settlement amount to your account.


Frequently Asked Questions
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Here are the answers to important questions about car insurance for your Hyundai Verna:



How to renew my Hyundai Verna insurance bought from ACKO?

Visit our website or mobile app to access your account. Select the policy and click on renew. Pay the renewal premium through the net banking facility or other payment gateways, and receive the Certificate of Insurance instantly.

What is the Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR) of ACKO for claims related to Hyundai Verna insurance?

The calculation of the CSR is based on the claims settled by the insurer in the financial year. It is difficult to separate the CSR for Hyundai Verna insurance. However, ACKO’s overall car CSR for fiscal 2019-20 was approx. 98%. For more information about ACKO’s CSR for car insurance, you can refer to our article on car CSR.

How to buy ACKO car insurance for my Hyundai Verna?

Visit our website or download our mobile app to buy a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy for your Hyundai Verna in a few minutes. All this without any paperwork or tedious documentation.

What documents does ACKO require to insure my car?

ACKO does not require any documentation to insure a car. The procedure is completely online. You can buy/renew the policy or raise a claim against your policy by visiting our website or by downloading the mobile app.

Which is the right car insurance for my Hyundai Verna?

An ideal motor insurance plan should cover losses or damages to your insured vehicle as well as third-party losses. The Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan covers both these losses. It comes bundled with the mandatory Third-Party Insurance and the Own Damage cover. You also have the benefit of including add-on covers to extend the coverage of the standard plan.

Car Insurance for Other Hyundai Car Models/Variants
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