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Hyundai Grand i10 Car Insurance

Hyundai Grand i10 Car Insurance

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Hyundai Grand i10 Car Insurance

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Insuring your Hyundai Grand i10 with a wide-ranging cover is a good choice. This way, you not only meet legal requirements but also ensure better insurance protection. You can opt for such coverage while buying or renewing car insurance. You can buy or renew Hyundai Grand i10 insurance online via ACKO’s website/app easily, quickly, and economically. Read ahead to know the details about car insurance online in India.

Why Choose Online Car Insurance for Hyundai Grand i10?
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Here’s why you should insure your four-wheeler online.

1. Paperless Insurance
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Digital-first insurers do not require you to fill lengthy forms or attach documents to your insurance application form. For example, you can insure your Hyundai Grand i10 from ACKO within minutes without such unnecessary documentation.

2. Complete Convenience
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You do not need to visit the insurance company’s office or meet agents to insure your car online. For example, at ACKO, the entire process is online, you can buy/renew car insurance online whenever you want as per your preferred time.

3. Total Transparency
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When it comes to the online insurance process, all the information is present in front of you. There’s total transparency concerning features, inclusions, and exclusions of the policy. This way, you can make an informed choice.

Types of Car Insurance Plans for Hyundai Grand i10
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There might be a variety of plans on offer for your Hyundai i10. However, they all stem from the following two basic types of four-wheeler insurance plans. Your Hyundai i10 insurance price depends upon the chosen cover.

1. Third-party Liability Policy
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This plan insures you against liabilities that might arise if you accidentally injure a third party or cause any kind of damage to their property while driving the insured four-wheeler. As this is a law-demanded cover, not buying it can lead to penalties. This policy does not insure your four-wheeler if it is damaged.

2. Comprehensive Policy
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This plan offers significant advantages over the Third-party Car Insurance Plan. It includes compulsory Third-party coverage and insures your vehicle against damages caused by accidents, fire, and calamities. It also offers insurance coverage against car theft. You can also pick suitable add-on covers with this plan.

What’s Covered in Hyundai Grand i10 Car Insurance? (Inclusions)
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Here are the inclusions of a Comprehensive Plan for your Hyundai Grand i10. Note that you will be required to purchase Personal Accident Coverage separately as it is not a part of this Hyundai i10 Car Insurance Plan.

What’s Not Covered in Hyundai Grand i10 Car Insurance? (Exclusions)
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You shall not be covered under the Hyundai Grand i10 Car Insurance cover for the following situations. The entire list of exclusions can be checked in the policy document. 

Add-on Covers for Hyundai Grand i10
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Car Insurance Add-on covers or additional coverages come at an extra cost but they do offer several benefits. You can purchase the following add-on covers to ensure that you have enhanced and well-rounded car insurance coverage. Pick only those additional coverages that will add value to your car’s insurance coverage.

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Read ahead to know why you should insure your four-wheeler with ACKO.

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Low Premium
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ACKO offers Comprehensive Car Insurance Plans at a price that is easy on your wallet. This is possible because of the tech-based infrastructure and no-commission model. These points along with low operational costs result in top plans at low costs.

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Everything Online
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Whether you want to know about a cover, purchase, renew, modify it or claim against it; everything can be done online. ACKO’s website and app are at your service 24x7. Besides, you can also visit our Customer Service page for all insurance-based queries.

Instant Claim Settlement

Smooth Claim Settlement
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Car damage? No worries. Simply call ACKO and your car will be picked up from the spot, repaired from a garage and delivered to your doorstep in three days. For minor damages, you have the option of instant claim settlement as well.

Claim Procedure
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It is super simple to raise a claim on ACKO’s website/app. Here’s how you can do so on the website.

Step 1: Log in to your ACKO Account using your mobile number

Step 2: Click Claim Now and share details about the reason for your claim

Step 3: Follow the process to settle the claim smoothly

Frequently Asked Questions
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Common queries about Hyundai Grand i10


Where can I insure my Hyundai Grand i10 online?

You can insure your vehicle online via ACKO’s website or the mobile application.

Do I have to pay money to know the car insurance quote for Hyundai Grand i10?

No, you can know the car insurance quote for free on

Does my Hyundai Grand i10’s mileage affect the insurance premium?

No, the car’s mileage does not affect the insurance premium of a Comprehensive Plan.

Do I need to insure my Hyundai Grand i10 if it has crossed ten years?

Yes, all cars, new and old, need to be insured if they are going to be driven on public roads in India.

Will my previous No Claim Bonus (NCB) be counted if I switch to ACKO for Hyundai Grand i10 insurance?

Yes, your previously accumulated No Claim Bonus shall be taken into consideration if you switch to ACKO.

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